• RULES ORTOGRAFICAS and the truth when he was a child had created my own alphabet with symbols that embraced all the lyrics and suppressing the consonants B, C, H J, and this I served to write in my journal in secret in the presence of all, until my teacher is realized in such a way that forbade me fully and slowly against my will I was learning the alphabet correctly today I have written two books: 1. The blind speak what they see. Daughter mia, please understand, the Arriero-style is not concerned about certain rules 2. A story-like reality also had in their hands some flyers of colleges at secondary level but what he most admired were the brochures of universities. _ Look at children, at universities ask certain requirements for example this education program is aimed at certain persons and for that they have to comply with some requirements as original departure from birth, certified copy of document identity, copy legalized completed studies, photographs, and in some cases membership of such institution to achieve certain discounts or privileges, these University studies has its final and dictate classes in established schedules, they deliver diplomas, certificates, even there are some very closed universities, if in the last cycle of studies disapprove only a subject expelled it without giving proof certificate of their studies. The expelled student, by a diploma is released from the scientific knowledge that he learned of the approved subjects? The papers are signed with fingers to seal side and knowledge is grown with the senses in the brain. But everything is different in the prosperous Valley the evolution of man is not in an MTS Centre by man, occurs within yes same; in educational institutions, you will learn how to write bee with b, but I can tell you something more controversial: _ avejas them (with v) we will supply of honey, we always let’s the flowers because water is the source of life don’t you believe that ideas and positive results are more important than spelling rules? What outside flowers if they are extinct, would mind writing bee with b, Ruffles would cease to be built? Now you can already understand, that not impurifica humans bad spelling but maleficent interpretation of the thinking of others, in itself, the words are tiny to interpret the great truths. .