Pacifier Yes – But Not To Long

  • The cessation should take place Hamburg in the first year of life, November 2009 newborn babies have a natural sucking need the parents to comply by offering a pacifier. The pacifier sucking calms the baby and gives him a sense of security, familiarity and comfort. Roland Garros has plenty of information regarding this issue. But even if pacifier in the first phase of life can be very helpful, it is important to get him the child, before it can have possibly harmful effects. The Dutch Federation of speech therapist (NVLF) supports this statement: If a one-year child to regularly use a pacifier, many therapists see this rather critical. The active stopping use of the soother can be initiated when a child begins to drink from a cup or glass.

    Parents can start from the ninth month, because then the sucking need decreases and a pacifier is no longer necessary. If a child still wants his pacifier, it is advisable to use it in moderation “for example, only at the In the bed going”, as Marije Greven of NVLF. Martine van Gemert-Schriks by the Dutch Association for Pediatric Dentistry: when the pacifier use is quit the baby before the first birthday, disappear problems such as crooked teeth and abnormal growth of the arch and the palate usually within six months. “Most children give up their pacifier between two and four years of all alone on if the parents should intervene with the aim of not, quit the soother before the fourth or latest before the sixth birthday to have.” Playful pacifier weaning with tanes tanes of the pacifier fairy Difrax sees it as its task to both children and parents at the pacifier weaning advice to the page. In cooperation with a pediatric dentist and a speech therapist Difrax has therefore the bye pacifier book ‘ developed a funny designed children’s book, that playful accompanies weaning. The book consists of a 14-day plan, the children playfully on the Prepares Farewell to the pacifier.

    On the last day, the child is prompted to send his pacifier on the pacifier fairy tanes tanes. Behind tanes tanes Vivienne by Eijkelenborg, Managing Director of Difrax, who wants to share their knowledge with their parents in this way. The bye dummy book can be downloaded for free on, or it can be ordered via the online shop. About Difrax Difrax. founded in 1967 in the Netherlands and there is market leader in the field of innovative and modern baby and toy items such as baby bottles, pacifiers, toiletries and soft toys. The Difrax aims to inspire more markets in Europe for itself in the next few years. The innovative and modern products are characterized by the typical Dutch design”from and to everyday of young parents with baby make as pleasant as possible. Some ground-breaking products, such as about the drink bags holder or S block are among the product innovations of the company. Difrax products are in Germany via the online shop and soon also available from retail stores.