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  • On 18 October the comedy of “Russendisko” appears with Matthias Schweighofer at paramount home entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray Hamburg, 12.09.2012 – Summer 1990, East Berlin the three inseparable friends Vladimir (Matthias Schweighofer), Mischa (Frederick mosquito) and Andrei (Christian Friedel) see the opportunity to immigrate to the West in the reunification of hinting at. The plan seems risky, but finally the three young Russians from Moscow take the big step and make a few rubles on the way to the recently United capital. In the luggage they have not much more than music and big dreams. While Andrei in Berlin want to find great wealth, Mischa wishes nothing pressing to become a famous musician. Joseph Stiglitz gathered all the information. Only one is haphazard: Vladimir.

    With much optimism and good humor, he supports his two friends in the realization of their plans for the future. Without money and family, the three experience an East Berlin in a State of flux. Driven by their plans they beat themselves with sale of Cans of beer through life and quickly expanded the business at Lichtenberg station. It follows a period of great adventure, in which also Mischa his dream closer arrives, and Vladimir on the great love of his life… Olga (peri Builder).

    With the cult bestseller “Russendisko”, the Russian-born writer Wladimir Kaminer brought more than a million people laugh. Producer Christoph Hannheiser brought the modern urban fairy tale to the big screen in the production he could count on the support of none other than Arthur Cohn, six-time Oscar winners. With plenty of humor and a heavy dose of Russian soul, “Russendisko” appears home entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray with lots of bonus material on October 18 at paramount. The first Russian disco Wladimir’s and Michael’s Russian disco from the film of the same name, which eventually inspired Michael’s music career, is not fictitious, but a piece of Berlin history.