Professional Tennis

  • Features are often in the shadows and show only shy to the human eye. That it certainly is not at the odhof in terms of tennis to a rookie, know not only the staff, but now the House has opted for the Professional League and puts in the framework of which in particular to the value behind the facade. Rightly, the sport – and wellness hotel odhof is proud that is Markus Hantschk continue will be honored as a tennis coach in the House. After all, the term professional tennis is so not only justified, but is good especially the high level. Haidar has become in terms of experience has truly earned the professional designation. After all, he played in the final of the Pforzheim tennis tournament. There was the tennis coach from the secure odhof the 27 gold City Cup Cup, which took place from 6 to 11 July 2009 in Pforzheim in the tennis tournament at the BMW with compelling services and a more than just slick game. Already last year, Markus Hantschk could claim up to the quarter-finals.

    Although the main focus of his dedicated tennis work not responding Competitions, but is located on his Manager career, he could shine 2009 with significant improvements. He has can thus not only maintain the rays in his eyes and above all personal ambition, but he brings him to the correct positions for use. The BMW Cup in Pforzheim is however by no means unfamiliar names of sport gave the honor. Including world ranking players were so part of the game. Succeeded Hantsck as a coach in the odhof also beat some players in the top 100 in Germany.

    He proved his skills against the South Americans Garcia route. These tournaments are the ideal preparation for the upcoming Bundesliga for Markus Hantschk itself. In the second Federal League he represented this year the Green Red Willow. But not only Markus Hantschk himself is pleased with his improvements, also the odhof is proud of the tennis instructor of the House. After all, the odhof as outstanding tennis hotel is known and enthusiastic tennis holiday certainly not only with the two seats in the Hall and the two Outdoor courts, which are at the disposal of the guests.