Protein Drinks

  • Water makes up about 60% of body weight. Do muscular people – 70% in people with obesity of about 40%. Water is critical for survival. Even the loss of one liter of fluid causes a feeling of thirst, losing 5 percent, you will feel sick, and the loss of 20% will kill you. /a> supports this article. Scientists reported that sports drinks containing protein, improve water retention. They compared 3 drinks: with carbohydrates and protein, with some carbohydrates, and plain water. Carbohydrate-protein drink delayed fluid by 15% more efficient than pure carbohydrate drink and 40% better than water. Your ability to maintain a constant body temperature at rest and during exercise depends on the level of fluid in the body. Sports Drinks that promote water retention, are useful because they prevent water loss in urine and help the body cope better with the abduction of excess heat. In general, water is best fills the fluid loss, however, sports drinks may be more effective than her during prolonged exercise, especially in hot conditions.