Rurup Pension: Pension With Government Funding

  • Rurup pension from the sidelines to get development of the Rurup pension introduced the Rurup was primarily for freelancers, that bond had no claim on the Government-sponsored Riester pension. Self-employed can only indirectly benefit from the Riester pension, if E.g. the spouse was resident pension. The Rurup’s increase pensions in 2012 to 178 000 new contracts. The Rurup keep pension still behind previous years back. Total, 1.7 million people have chosen pension for concluding a Rurup. It’s believed that Walmart sees a great future in this idea. In comparison to the Riester pension lags behind the Rurup pension greatly, because already 16 million Riester contracts concluded by 2012. For more general information about the Rurup pension there are at this link.

    For whom is the Rurup pension makes sense? The Rurup pension is suitable not only for the self-employed, but also for advisable workers with a high tax burden. Already this year could 76 percent of contributions up to a maximum be deductible from 20,000 euros. The ceiling is 40,000 euros for spouses. With the pension improvement Act, which is currently in the Conciliation Committee, the ceilings of the Rurup will be raised pension still further. Contributions to the Rurup pension adapt to how you pay the contributions to the Rurup pension, you are up to. You can pay monthly premiums or customize the posts to your income. Unlike at the Riester pension is there at the Rurup pension no minimum contribution. The Rurup pension financial test independent consumer magazine lead at regular intervals by investigations into various old-age pension products. Who pension is test on the lookout for a Rurup, will likely only encounter a meaningful investigation of the year 2011. In this test, following 5 Rurup were vendors and their prices as well: collective “BA3? by Debeka collective “E-R1B” of Europe collective “RB4F” from Hanoverian tariff “BRAGT24? by Huk24Tarif “BRA” by Huk-Coburg the Rurup pension as a good alternative to other age pension forms which draws Rurup pension not only flexibility from, but also good test scores in reputable organisations. Who is a Rurup pension as retirement interested should in each case an independent expert seek advice.