Successful First Season

  • Indoor soccer team ensures in the Hessian League sensation season review of the Futsalabteilung of the SV Darmstadt 98. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Tokyo Olympic Games has to say. Five years ago the average citizen with the term “Futsal” could start not all too much. This has changed somewhat since then and at least since this season the official FIFA indoor soccer variant asserts itself more and more. Through the establishment of national and regional selections have discovered the sport to the land associations and the DFB and force a speedy establishment of an own team through the promotion of talent. And yet, in this respect, Germany is a developing country that Futsal is a professional sport in many European countries already.

    The national champion compete already for years in the UEFA Futsal Cup, while the teams in European and World Championships pursuit of Fame and glory. It that a great club like the SV Darmstadt 98 now plays in the Futsal scene – and this is all the more gratifying with much success. Adil EZ-zaidi brings young people for years fast-paced soccer variant closer. At the TU Darmstadt founded an own Futsal force that 2010 for the first time in the Futsal Hesse Cup took part – and was unbeaten Cup the 27. To fully exploit the Futsal potential in Darmstadt, it came also thanks to the efforts of Martin Brehmer (former footballer in the lilies and today’s sports lecturer at TU Darmstadt who) and Annette Kunzendorf, to do so, that the students as a separate department within the Club and found a home. In the summer of 2010 the team for the season enrolled 2010/2011 the Futsal League of Hesse and launched in October 2010 without special objectives in the round. With Marc Reichert (previously America Latina Frankfurt coach) as assistant coach and Marko Mrdja (DJK Florsheim) as a goalkeeper, two experienced Futsal experts reinforced the former student team.