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  • Tantra Yoga

    Tantra yoga is an Eastern practice that has managed to have a great acceptance in the Western world, becoming one of the most followed currents. In addition to promoting the spiritual growth of those who practice it, it can be a great complement to treat physical problems such as menstrual cramps, lack of energy, urinary incontinence or stress. Sections very interesting and useful for surfers like testimonials, FAQs, videos and articles, as well as a calendar of courses and activities (conferences, formations) that are organized in our country can be found on the website of Tantra and conscious love. More info: Tom Brady. There are many types of different courses of tantra, destined for different users and different learnings. There are exclusively for couples, for women, men, mixed, for beginners, experts also have them for future trainers. For those wishing more information the web has a contact form..

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