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  • Munchen

    and Mrs. Maier have paid rent already about 340,000 euros until now. For that money, you get a very ordinary 4-room flat in most regions in Germany! The frightening this number is but not that Mr. and Mrs. Maier easily for this money right large apartment had to buy, but that they will continue to pay rent in the future. Tend to be even more than before. Mr. and Mrs.

    Schmidt, however, have paid monthly slightly more over the last 30 years as Mr. and Mrs. Maier, proud owner of a 4-room apartment paid off are now just in time for the pension. This means that they must pay rent ever again. Also they can inherit their children a real estate which is still neatly put in time with the highest likelihood value.

    Of the 3-room apartment in the 200 m Villa? A very important mission statement should be mentioned here: buy only the property, you could also rent! Many people who are hard pressed with the decision for their own property, justify this with sentences as if I buy something, but then, what neat please!”or I buy but no 3-room apartment!”. ” But exactly this is fatal. If a worker with an average income of 2,500 Euro gross in a 70 sq m apartment for rent for 600 euro rent lives, so he will afford no semi-detached house with 150 sqm of living space in its current situation. But is it bad? Rather he should buy the apartment he now rents, instead of 65 years still on the right”to wait only to be disappointed to know that you will never get a big house like a for the same money real estate 70 square meter apartment. Therefore: rather with free live in a perhaps slightly smaller apartment than every month anyway too low pension at the age must pay even rent! The own four walls offer clearance home ownership is the probably most effective and at the same time most beautiful kind of pensions. Besides the fact that you pay each month into your own pocket as apartment or house owner instead of to the landlord’s own real estate offers also the freedom to design the home according to your needs, a rental property usually does not. You want the attic Expand their house? Then you just do it. You want different tiles of the bathroom and replace the tub? No one will hold you as the owner thereof except maybe you / s partner. In own home or the home you invested too much prefer something more money than in a rented apartment it is still someone else. To avoid conclusion to the poverty in old age and to their own quality of life also in the long period before the pension significantly increasing, every one of us should consider thoroughly, if and when the desire for the own residential property is feasible.

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  • Retirement Savings

    Who does something for the age, should start as early as possible with the pension and insurance products carefully check Berlin – who wants to provide for old age, stands in front of a huge offer. Occupational pensions, Riester – and Rurup pensions as well as life and pension insurance have become a profitable business, from which each insurer, any bank would like to get something. The comparison portal for financial and insurance Banktip.de advises: when old-age provision, consumer remember five simple rules. Rather today than tomorrow provide the sooner you put back money for the age, the greater the savings are later. Who does nothing, reduced his chances of a good retirement. But prevention is better at any age than to do nothing at all. In the benefit are those who start at a young age with the retirement: they reach a good supplementary pension over the long term with small amounts.

    Priorities that retirement is one of the most important protections. Of course you should the here and now off first, then secure the future. However, many citizens are over-insured or too expensive insurance, or both. All insurance, you should check whether you really need them. The editors of Bank tip helps in the current Advisor when choosing the right insurance. The newspapers mentioned Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media not as a source, but as a related topic. At the remaining insurance worth a regular comparison. Many euros can be save – and pay for retirement with a favorable contract. Retirement should blow up not the own budget can never be put aside enough for the age.

    And yet you can put too much back. Who will pay 13 percent interest because he leads his account permanently into the credit, needs to invest no money to 2 percent in fixed-term deposits. In such cases, you should balance the current account and borrow only, if it is really necessary. Therefore advises Banktip.de: you should put back only the amount of the pension which you can spare. Just as savers avoid unnecessary interest charges, because the Budget money is running out. Avoid risks in retirement it comes that money there is, when you need it one day. The pension should be securely attached. Savers with the money that remains when one has prepared well for the age can play. Cost benefits In contrast to the day money account contributions to the retirement savings of the tax can be removed. Who provides for the age, should benefit from such costs. Banktip.de recommends: in the selection of old-age provision products you should always asking for the charges. Basically, each investment can serve as a pension. But if savers heed the above five golden rules for retirement savings, remain essentially only those products that are summarized in the current online guide by Banktip.de:..

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