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  • Michael Jordan

    The majority of people avoid risks; He only seeks retribution. Every great athlete, own business, vendor or professional knows that the secret of success is taking risks and learn how to mitigate them, (minimize them or protect them). In other words, the problem is not the risk of taking the stage and make a mistake, but what you have planned, practiced, investigating and experienced before entering the field or go up to the stage of business, money, relationships and life. Here’s offer some steps to help you succeed in the hour of truth. PRACTICE! Position yourself at the front and give the face most of the time you can practice. A good suggestion: put you in critical situations with all the frequency that you can, with this you aumentaras your emotional strength and confidence.

    Imagine how it would look and feel if you had success in your next challenge. Veil, feel it and creates a movie in your mind of what will happen. Repeat the film over and over again in mind until you really feel it. It recalls a time when you overcome a challenge equal or similar and do it again. Remember that dress, you heard and felt and reviews the scene from beginning to end one and once again you have to feel it. Breathe slow and imagine that you’re like one of those great heroes in the hour of truth as Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. Still practicing! The only big risk is stay without doing nothing and being just a spectator.

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