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  • Last Days Of Summer In Peniscola

    In order to enjoy the last days of summer and holiday, Peniscola is one of the best options since apart from having incredible beaches, a single urban centre and activities for all ages, it has with the option of a rental apartment Peniscola you’ll not find elsewhere and the scope of the possibilities around the world. If you come with your friends don’t worry, that although the family tourism which is more customary in the municipality, no need go far away to enjoy the latest summer nights since on the promenade and the old town you can find a wide range of nightlife. Peniscola has a variety of pubs and discos where able to dance until dawn. (Source: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak). And so even in the morning are you forces and you want to keep moving the body, you can do activities on the beach such as aerobics, pilates, tai chi, etc free! On the contrary, if you come with your families and your children also enjoy, since at night on the beach you can enjoy lying in the sand with your family while you enjoy a film of summer under the stars. And in addition to playing with the sand with the little ones, you can soak them the culture of the city with the visit of the most emblematic monument, the castle of Papa Luna. If you’ve been one of the many people that you’ve not been able to enjoy a well deserved holiday don’t worry! Advantage and visit Peniscola a couple of days, the weekend is very long and goes a long way and you can enjoy the city in 48 hours also! You will have time to visit the Sierra de Irta, a walk through the old town enjoying the city’s history, dinner in the light of the Moon and go you the shops to buy some souvenirs and remember those days forever. Still thinking what you? Peniscola has everything to spend some unforgettable days Descrubelo yourself, do not stay disappointed!

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