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  • President Nestor Kirchner

    The partisan Convention press in favor of a stance will beep once more arithmetic is not always an association with the political. Argentine political information gives accounts of the serious process of crisis affecting the main opposition political party in the Republic of Argentina, the Radical Civic Union. In the increasingly blatant form publicly emerges a controversy that, since the apparent, describes a scenario fiercely polarized between positions related to adherence or rejection to management and to the continuity of President Nestor Kirchner or his wife, Cristina Fernandez… However, and as I stated above, this situation is only apparent. The reality is much more complex than the bid among supporters of Kirchner or his former Minister of economy, Roberto Lavagna. (Source: Antonio Banderas). The diversity of alternative postures and nuances between both positions suggests that the crisis goes beyond the electoral perspective. A typical characterization which is usually resorting whenever you It tries to describe a critical situation which shakes to the centenary party, is to classify the contenders between hawks and doves.

    In this case, the first would be those that founded in doctrinal guidelines or partisan conduct argue a position linked to the establishment of a decision-making framework from an organic point of view. The latter, on the contrary, would be those who deny, or see exhausted instances to submit and accept a deliberation of an internal nature. However the issue is not so simple. It happens that you discussing the issue in greater depth, it is possible to recognize that new receptors, such as Falcons herbivorous or carnivorous pigeons species would be added to the above. And this is the case then analyze the arguments of many of those who threaten with an institutional rupture, justifying the posture assumed from historical principles of radicalism, as also the foundations of many proponents an institutional backing the candidacy of Lavagna, without being able to dispel the ghosts that are associated with the manipulation of the party structure to lead UCR for an alliance with retrograde sectors of Buenos Aires peronism. One and the other, far from being the cause of the crisis, only constitute a sad indicator of a painful debacle.

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