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  • After Graduaoem Inclusive Education

    The work to follow will make a briefing has rescued of the contents and reflections carried through in the text ‘ ‘ Verbal problems of Learning and Not Verbais’ ‘ , written for Clayton professor Dos Reis You mark of the course of After Graduaoem Inclusive Education, of the University Center of Araraquara. The main boarded points for the author as for the difficulties faced for the students in learning definitive contents will be told, thus some deficiencies related to the reading will be specified, writing and to the mathematical calculations, as well as, the relations that these syndromes play with the cerebral functions. Still which will be argued are the symptoms of the Upheaval of Deficit of Hiperatividade Attention and some aspects important to be considered in the classroom. Finally, they will be carried through some final consideraes on the subject, standing out the importance of the work of the different specialists for precocious identification and adequate treatment to the pupils with learning difficulties. CEO of e-commerce understood the implications. 2.

    Difficulties of Learning: The author initiates the text pointing that recently an understanding regarding the reasons that take intent children, engaged and intelligent exists to fail in the verbal and not verbal learning. It standes out that the process of education and learning does not depend only on the comprometimento of the professor, but also of the efficient participation of the pupil and, to the one coming across in them with situations where all the stages of the process are adjusted (such as, the devotion of the involved people, an appropriate content, functional and healthful familiar structure, emotional questions decided, social matters and exempt politics of influence on the problem) e, exactly thus, the positive result not to appear, many times, can be a case of learning riot. What he is sufficiently delicate in if treating to the formal education, a time that this problem does not present causes directly you observed and so clear consequncias..

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