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  • Roman Jakobson

    The poem is, in the background, speak saying nothing, to the extent in which the message is taken per object, exactly as in the figure, the journey (or, if want it, the gesture) takes it as object. There is what we have shown, in my opinion, definitively as a great linguist, I speak of Roman Jakobson. In his famous: Essays on general Linguistics, shown also in 1966, analyzed the various functions of language. Add to your understanding with Randall Rothenberg. Jakobson occupies a place apart from the poetic function which is defined as the way that has the message to resend the message: the message view (Einstellung) insofar as such, emphasis on messages for your own account, and what characterizes the poetic function. What you want to say that? Jakobson takes, among others, as an illustration the political slogan: I like Ike (Ike being the nickname of Eisenhower, candidate to the Presidency of your country).Clearly the poetic function Jakobson defined as the production model of a message that serves as its own saying; where they exit the concepts of rhyme and rhythm. In other words, a poem, phonological (under the aspect of their sound) or notions (under the aspect of its meaning), is a proverb and a repetition. And this repetition is the fact that it is the poem to say, poetically, i.e. that the relieves of the art, it is nothing more than what is.

    The poem gives us his own law. If I say: A. Paris, on a gray horse to Nevers on a horse? Green, well understood! They have the choice nor Max Jacob had! Thats call it inspiration. They see how simple that is: A. Paris briefly, they can conceptualize, from now on, in the poem to the linguistic structure is taken by object. It is what makes the importance of Prosody (metrics, versification, melody, rhythm, etc.). It can not discuss the purpose without end, how useful or nice, purge the passions, and the devil and his train.

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