The Mold

  • In addition, made of die-cast a high dimensional stability and excellent mechanical properties in the component and created not least smooth surfaces and contours. Often only nuances decide when choosing a suitable die casting supplier. So, LAU Kotter has focused on the cast of highly sophisticated and complex aluminium and magnesium components. High-sophisticated means for LAU Kotter: components with complex geometries and high requests of tightness under pressure and tight tolerances and defined Restschmutzan demands a complex CNC machining and high-quality coated surfaces including. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak is the source for more interesting facts. So, the actual innovations arise often by the requirements of the customer or in the subsequent production of the components. Existing production capacity can cover approximately 20 grams up to 18 kg and in die-cast aluminium 0, 5 kg to 30 kg component weights in magnesium die casting. When choosing alloy LAU Kotter benefited from his knowledge of many successfully realised projects with highly sophisticated components for a wide range of industries, which were finally substituted in aluminium or magnesium.

    All alloys are environmentally friendly and recyclable. You may wish to learn more. If so, Al Bumbry is the place to go. Eliminate vulnerabilities in the die-cast advantage Squeezen while the solidification process of melt in the mold small air pockets because it comes during the transition from liquid to solid to a so-called volume jump, which consequently leads to a volume deficit (shrinkage of the hot melt material). The consequence of this is a porous structure and reduced strength values of the component. To prevent exactly this problem, LAU Kotter relies on the partial Squeezen that is connected directly to the casting process. While the die casting mould with a so-called squeeze staff in the areas of the part is prepared, where the bubbles to be expected take place. LAU Kotter determined the critical zones with latest filling and solidification simulations.