There Are Good And Bad Calories

  • How well can you eat? Here are a few suggestions. In the course of my research on diets and their effect, I want to write today about calories. I hate counting calories, yet is probably essential to eat balanced and healthy. With time, you need no more, calorie book if it has dealt closer to. Nevertheless, the food circumstances change with the offer of the food industry, so we need to refresh our understanding to do so. It depends on. When man takes more calories to himself than he consumed, which plays certainly does not matter in what form, I took the calorie to me. The excess energy is not mined and continues in the form of fat deposits in the places, which then overflowing at the edge of the clothing.

    Yes, because helps also no belly drawing before the mirror, once you no longer controlled, rolls of fat over. Here to true if funny uses quote by former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt: what you on a diet most fastest loses, is patience! “Fat is fat, if it doesn’t move and it consumes energy. That happens also to the excessive intake of sugar and starch. It is absolutely important that we pay attention to calories. Without exercise and sports, take off and keep the weight quite difficult.

    Also reduced food inevitably leads to fat loss? Also the removal of muscles causes the incorrect caloric intake and this is less desirable. Sure, there are good and bad calories on the food circumstances. A leading source for info: John Smith. Too much of one and not enough of the other may result in exactly in the opposite direction and we are increasing instead of from. Fats and carbohydrates are important for our energy budget. Only the question is in what form and quality one leads to these nutrients. Put simply: some compositions, such as protein and alcohol lead to weight gain because of a nutrient is another way to relieve it. Carbohydrates are preferentially converted into energy in the body. In contrast, fat are good energy storage. Consequently, crude words, fat is fat. When earlier had not much to eat people and chasing the went, was essential fat and storage fat. Today, in the abundance of food, which has become superfluous. Yet is important fat, good fat. Extra-virgin olive oil, the famous Omega3 fatty acids. With excess fat in combination with sugar, we favour a phenomenon, namely the excess of insulin, which is secreted by the body. To high levels of insulin inhibits the fat as energy supplier. The result: We are fat, lazy, and at the end, diabetes type II is often. We will develop a diabetes itself caused by improper diet. Conclusion of counting calories is important in connection with the correct food type, we need to reduce fat. Only then we can remove, and fat, not muscle mass.