Tourist Activity

  • the tourism in if treating to an activity, is not only distinguished for its position in the current world-wide economic conjuncture, but for its capacity to mobilize highest flows of exchange of socioeconmicos values between the emission regions and reception of tourist. To diverse they define it authors as a set of phenomena and relations proceeding from the human displacement, and has as peculiarity the return to the place of origin after at least one spends the night. The event unchains a series of social effect and economic, that in certain way pluralizam the culture, these effect in turn are called as impacts of the tourism, can be of positive or negative nature and still to present different levels and intensity. The present work has as objective to analyze the teia complex of phenomena and relations proceeding from the human displacement and social and economic consequences, ahead of a perspective of sustainable development, thus minimizing the impacts caused for the same. The study it ahead involved the stages of economy conceptualization and tourism of the society and its possible impacts, survey, recognition, identification and classification of the same ones, for such it carried through if one analyzes qualitative of the same ones, and bibliographical research. In consequence, it can be concluded that so that the tourist activity positively contributes for the rise and stability of job of the income, the municipal prescription and mainly for the improvement of conditions of life of the receiving communities the integration is basic and the planning on the part of the sectors, I publish and private and of the local population in favor of a sustainable development..