Tourist Class

  • /EP Is a frequent upheaval in the people with circulatory problems that travel in airplane for more than six hours. In those flights duplicate the risk of undergoing thrombosis venous. Obese and also embarrassed they run greater risk. The information and the awareness have reduced their incidence. The syndrome of the tourist class is a frequent upheaval in the people with circulatory problems that travel in airplane for more than six hours. This syndrome supposes the appearance of embolia even pulmonary thrombosis venous and in the most serious cases. Luckyly, these complications are beginning to be less frequent.

    According to the World-wide Organization of the Health, in the trips of more than six hours of duration duplicate in risk of undergoing thrombosis venous, given to the immobility of the members inferiors and the reduction of the pressure during the flight. This risk is much more frequent in those people with a factor of previous risk related to some circulatory problem, like varices, or an upheaval of the coagulation of the blood (with increase excessive of the red corpuscles or plaquetas). Also, the people with obesity or the pregnant women also are within this group of risk. Nevertheless, one more an informed society has caused than any citizen who is between these groups of risk takes the necessary measures and prevents his appearance. Until the point from which the incidence does not arrive at the one percent. Five advice In any case, these are the recommendations to follow: To go to a specialist before traveling. In case of presenting/displaying some venous vascular problem it is possible to be prescribed to him heparina to avoid these thrombosis. To avoid lengths periods of immobility of the extremities inferiors.

    To realise circles with the ankle, flexions of feet each 15-20 minutes, to raise the knees and, mainly, to walk each or two hours. To drink water to avoid dehydrations. To wear to comfortable clothes and footwear. The co-director of the Unit of Surgery Laser of Varices of the Medical Center Teknon of Barcelona, Xavier Puncernau, assures that of not following these recommendations they are possible to be produced swelling by thrombosis venous " that they can happen desapercibidas" and, in a 5% of these cases, embolia pulmonary, whose more frequent symptoms are " sensation of breathlessness or pain in the later part espalda". Puncernau recognizes that " although before cases were seen more and more, the population more and more is brought back to consciousness and informed, which causes that the consultations and complications by this sndrome&quot fall;. The term syndrome of the tourist class was coined in years 90. Then, the problem was related to the reduced space between seats of the airplanes in tourist class. Later one has demonstrated that is not all the problem, but the lack of ejercitacin of the legs in a prolonged time. Source of the news: How to avoid the syndrome of the tourist class in long flights