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  • In my student life I know the concept of private tuition, often partners with math help with chemistry. We used to study for a test and always end up explaining the exercises and methodology. When I was in college earn some money with the tutorials in math and engineer and being left in my first year of practice. But life again I had prepared the way of teaching and still teaches programming, help my physics students free of charge and it was a very supportive promotion and charisma created was to help-help. Whenever the idea was to help students to reason, so asked them to respond and begin to understand the approach and repeatedly told them: “those kinds of questions you should ask yourself when you are reading the problems,” Now I’m in the mathematics classroom I meet many students who face exercises to make them prefer not to take them to your tutor. And I wonder: What does the teacher particular? Could it be that no new or exercises may put the student prefers to bring the teacher assigned the classroom, thinking it will pass the next test? One student replied when asked, “Is that your teacher does not teach you to think? Of course, if taught me, “then replied:” Then prove it now by this problem. ” In the various social strata, who have been teaching I have seen teachers who enrich teaching when their students who fail in schools. However, there are students who have money pay for private tutors four hours a week during the school year. Roland Garros often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

    Some students have become used to tutor students throughout their lives, leaving behind the part of research, read, interpret, understand. It seems that today Venezuelan textbooks are very few used by the teacher to foster research and understanding, some students buy books other resources have not, as some have a private teacher and are not able to challenge themselves to study or solve problems alone. This same thought I had all my life, but the money covers many needs, if you have a soul as an educator, teach them to learn and the student always to remember the good teacher you were. The number of people that I found on the Internet, seeking information indicates that having a tutor in the time available, with costs per hour in the city you live, every day becomes more difficult. The Internet offers millions of pages that you speak of mathematics and where you can search for exercises done, ah! But it must be able to understand what is written to be applicable in the particular problem or if you are looking for video where you can see and hear the explanation as if you were in class generates an understanding and analysis process as if you were in class, depends on strategies implemented by the teacher the ability to understand and comprehend the subject.