White Printing Solution

  • New Ricoh: Aficio MP 6001SP/MP 7001SP/MP 8001SP/MP 9001SP productivity, ease of use and versatility these attributes draw the new Aficio MP 6001SP, Aficio MP 7001SP, Aficio MP 8001SP and Aficio MP 9001SP Ricoh out. The multi function systems present print and copy speeds of up to 60, 70, 80 or 90 black and white pages per minute in duplex mode. The powerful black and white solutions especially for larger workgroups and entire departments are suitable. In addition to print, copy and scan the Aficio models do 6001SP 7001SP MP, MP, MP 8001SP and MP 9001SP optionally fax jobs. Three different finishers offer automated and professional final processing capabilities. The simple control options of the systems are also pluses. The new multi function range is now available from specialist retailers. With the Aficio MP 6001SP, Aficio MP 7001SP and Aficio MP 8001SP launches Ricoh is a new generation of systems, which the proven predecessors Aficio MP 6000SP, MP 7000SP and MP 8000SP replaces.

    Ricoh product family 9001SP also extended through the 90-page system Aficio MP, to offer a more intensive production system organizations with lower volume. The systems Aficio MP 8001SP and Aficio MP are 9001SP for volume of 50,000 or 70,000 to maximum 150,000 pages per month laid out, while Aficio MP 6001SP and Aficio MP 7001SP between a recommended usage volume of 25,000-30,000 pages move. With a power consumption of under 1,95 KW in operation the new systems also show energy-saving and cost-conscious. Faster color scan with duplex function a highlight of new solutions is the color scan function: images and documents can be scanned full color using duplex document feeder in a single operation. The color scanner works with a speed of up to 55 frames per minute with single-sided printed documents and 90 images per minute in duplex printing templates. The TWAIN driver offers a resolution of 1,200 dpi and a color depth of 4 bits.