World Under Earth

  • The Spanish province of Granada is distinguished by its Sierra Nevada, its Arabic legacy and its immortal poet, Federico Garci’a Lorca. Flavorful covers and flamenco tablaos of very high level usually are other good reasons at the time of deciding the tourist reserves in the zone. However, in Granada an underground universe also exists everything to discover through the fascinating caves that cross their subsoil. It would emphasize the Cave of the Windows of the Pine grove. Used like shelter by the man already from the neolithic period, this natural refuge declared Natural Monument of Andalusia gives a unique spectacle throughout a clarified route of lights and shades. Wonderful formation modeled during centuries engalanan the interior of the cave: stalactites, stalagmites and taps drilled in the stone by patient water threads sprinkle the route by cameras baptized with names like Room of the Sinks, Room of the Columns or Room of the Treasure. Educate yourself with thoughts from Joseph Stiglitz. To this last one, culminating point of the route, is acceded through the Great Sima, an enormous well of more than 20 ms of depth.

    Throughout all the stroll scenes have settled that recreate the life of our ancestors in during the neolithic one, which allows in addition the visitors to know amazing details the daily life inside a cave. In order to visit this true natural treasure it is not necessary to realise a hotel reserve in the zone: the Mountain range of Spider, soothes of the Cave, is united to the granadina capital by the railcar of Jan, which reduces to a simple stroll 45 km of distance between both. If at the time of realising a reserve in Granada we must in mind explore these fascinating caves, What better than to lodge us in one? The lodgings in caves are the fashion of the granadino tourism: hotels with all the services and the comforts, but under earth. The Complex the Lake, for example, in the municipality of Castilljar, has seven caves with capacity to 3 or 4 people each. Each cave is equipped with bath, it cooks and television, and are according to the proprietors, warm in winter and extremely fresh in summer. The proposal is completed with a lake artificial preparation to bathe, infantile park, parilla, an amphitheatre outdoors and the possibility in line of realising reserves from house or the cellular telephone throughout the year. An ideal option for those who always is in search of a different experience.