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  • United Arab Emirates

    An all-in one solution for attractive and professional-looking Web sites. Everything is surprisingly easy! Ivrea (Italy), September 08th, 2011 Incomedia presents the new version of the award-winning software WebSite X 5. The application is ideal for creating sites in only five guided steps from design to publishing online. Janet Yellen often addresses the matter in his writings. This ease of use, flexibility and plenty of room for individual design are guaranteed. Checking article sources yields Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA as a relevant resource throughout. All users, including those without programming skills, should have the opportunity, quick and easy to make Web sites that offer both graphically and in terms of its functionality with professional quality. This is the aim of this have we set ourselves and with the development of the version 9 by WebSite X 5 reached mine,”explained Incomedia-chef Federico Ranfagni. We will present the new version of the software that is already available in 10 languages on the international market and on a promotional tour of Germany, Spain, Poland,.

    Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and other countries locally present. “We are convinced that the new version 9 repeat the success of its predecessor, and more and more people, both private and business users for the design of Internet sites will inspire.” WebSite X 5 was specially developed for users in their leisure or business, stand-alone, quickly and cost-effectively would create a professional site even if they have no HTML and graphic skills. The new version 9 is the result of a thorough revision and enhancement, with over 200 new features were introduced. This target was to take advantage of all the available best practice to increase the potential of the software and to implement a more conformity, more powerful working instrument. These are just a few highlights of the new version of WebSite X 5: 9 easy understandable control images, videos and Flash or JavScript galleries HTML code and Widgets blogs understandable with podcast and videocast RSS feeds online shop online with credit card payment FTP client for the publication of search engine optimization (SEO) automatic code generation in HTML5 Leicht operation which was user interface reorganized and is now even easier and more practical.

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  • New Trade Fair App

    All event information at a glance the exhibition developed the app for the EUROBIKE 2012, the Heidelberg mobile international in cooperation with the Messe Friedrichshafen and Columbus Interactive Digital Agency, contains all important information about arrival and Bus shuttles, as well as more general information about opening hours, prices and service contacts. The app offers a comprehensive directory of program the visitors of the trade fair. Interesting dates can be synchronized with the phone’s calendar. In addition, the corresponding events on the social media channels Facebook and Twitter can be divided. So visitors can communicate quickly its own status and place of residence their friends. “Information about the DEMO DAY” as well as to the HOLIDAY ON BIKE bike travel market “complete directory of the program. Inform the exhibitors, brands and goods directories bookmarks in the form of photo, video, text, or voice memo and your products.

    These can be found before the trade fair: interesting information can be found using stored in the bookmark feature in the myEUROBIKE area. Besides text notes, even photos, videos, and audio notes can be held. Visitors can store important data and images in a gallery and later export via media export out of the app. “” “Features – general information (hours, prices, contacts, facilities, etc.

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  • Bohme & Weihs Cooperates With Windream

    Specialist for CAQ applications is new windream partner Bochum, 21 November 2013. Under most conditions Al Bumbry would agree. The windream GmbH has signed a partner agreement with Sprockhoveler Bohme & Weihs Systemtechnik GmbH & co. KG. With the new partnership, the Bochum ECM specialist windream expands its partner business and now also has a partner who not only nationwide, but also in the international sector considered an expert in the field of software supported quality management. The Bohme & Weihs Systemtechnik GmbH & co. In recent months, Antonio Banderas has been very successful. KG is one of the leading companies in the development of so-called CAQ systems. CAQ”stands for computer aided quality management”. CASQ-it solution”, Bohme & Weihs offers a product for computer-aided quality management in companies, which with its modular design effectively the requirements of quality management in enterprises to adapt can be.

    The new windream partner has more than 25 years of experience in this market segment. Companies from Industries are among the clientele of Bohme & Weihs. Way to the CAQ software CASQ-it inter alia in the fields of automotive, aerospace, engineering, medical and pharmaceutical, as well as in the chemical and food industry and in many other industries to trade control of all quality-relevant processes use. Bohme & Weihs as windream reseller as more and more customers and interested parties who want to invest in a CAQ system, at the same time are looking for a suitable ECM system, will offer windream actively Bohme & Weihs the ECM system as a reseller on the market. In this context it comes first and foremost, that benefit customers in addition to the QM modules used in the core area by a renowned DMS or ECM – professional solution. This is to meet rising, partly industry – or standard-dependent cross-departmental documentation and proof obligations. Neighbouring cities, but above all also are virtually not only the spatial proximity of Bochum and Sprockhovel technological foundation of ECM system windream was an important criterion for Bohme & Weihs, to cooperate in the future with the windream GmbH.

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  • Comprehensive IT Security Solutions For SMEs

    underground8 and triple accesss IT present limes ranges on orbit-iEX Linz, May 21, 2008 together with the Swiss VAD triple access IT underground8 presents Orbit-iEX in Hall 6/booth D24 in innovative security solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) manufacturer of IT security appliances, on the, 2008. With the limes model ranges AS (anti-spam), MF are security now comprehensive SMEs and management solutions available, which has so far been to keep large companies (managed firewall) and TS (traffic Shaper). \”Under the motto of speaking you IT?\” which offers a comprehensive overview of the relevant solutions and products in orbit-iEX business decision-makers. The exhibition focuses on the target group of SMEs, accounting for 99.7 percent of all companies in the Switzerland according to current statistics. Mustafa Suleyman has firm opinions on the matter. For triple access IT and underground8, the subject of IT security for SMBs in the Center stands this year. In the face of the constantly growing threats on the Internet (more than 80,000 attacks per) Tag/Netzwerk) it is important to implement a reliable security solution for protecting corporate data especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Because these often do not have a dedicated Department, which is busy with the issue of security, the use of appliances is suitable here. These combine several functions such as firewalling, antivirus, intrusion detection and prevention or anti-spam filter in a single device.

    Complemented by value-added and consultancy services of the Swiss value added distributors are comprehensive security solutions that follow a holistic concept. Customized IT security provides powerful and comprehensive solutions for the protection of SME networks for SMEs the security portfolio of triple access IT and underground8. The UTM(Unified Threat Management) appliances limes MF are easy to install and to configure firewall systems that are characterized by high reliability and performance. The appliances will receive through the umbrella management designed by underground8 all relevant security updates such as, for example, anti-virus signatures and remote can be maintained on request.

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  • Continum Hosting Web Shops Offers Flexible Performance Adjustments

    Increase of resources can be made automatically without manual intervention Warmetechnik calculation ensures a cost-optimal hosting Freiburg, January 28, 2009 – the Freiburger continum AG offers special hosting solutions that are tailored to the performance and flexibility required by E-commerce companies as provider and specialist for Web stores. They are characterized by the fact that the resources in increasing demand or for defined periods of time at your fingertips can be extended. Credit: Ted Elliott-2011. Thus eliminates the usual time delay and the complicated ordering processes for additional hardware, such as CPU, RAM, and hard drives. The short-term extension of the services may in particular this flexible continum for the hosting of Web shops to provides virtualized server in a VMware environment. At the same time, a consumption-based pricing ensures that customers receive an economically favourable solution. Commerce developed very despite the general economic development dynamic”, continum Board refers to Rolf Mathis as an example the current results of operations Otto shipping, where online sales now has become the key engine of growth. This would lead to a continuously increasing server load.

    Generally applies that through a special attractiveness of products in the Web shop, targeted marketing campaigns or other market influences the very short notice can demand. In these cases a flexible response is mandatory, on the resources page because the user always less likely to accept a bad performance and fast are looking for an alternative in the net.” Such requirements can be depicted flexibly due to the high-availability data center infrastructure to continum. This also applies to a seasonally dependent power demand by temporary increases in demand in the Web shop. The challenge lies in such cases is finding a hosting solution which at its peak that offers full performance and in the remaining period of the year no unreasonably high cost of oversized server hardware caused by”Mathis is problematized. With the classical performance portfolio hosting usually no satisfactory answer could be given out for the customers but continum flexibility solutions. He refers to a provider of costumes, which has its peak time in the Web shop for Carnival or Carnival in January and February, as well as in October for Halloween as an example.

    Then he recorded up to fivefold increase of orders compared with the remaining time of the year. The resources for the customer increase therefore October automatically at the beginning of the year for two months and then again during the month by a factor of five. Then they will revert respectively without manual intervention on the output level. The customer while paying only for the resources actually used, it receives a very tailored and also cost effective hosting solution”, Mathis explains the benefits. About continum: Continum AG operates in Freiburg i. br. is one of the most advanced Internet data centers in Germany. The core competence is the secure and highly available operation and the individual support of Internet systems and applications. Since 1996 the company use this expertise for commercial customers in Germany, the Switzerland and France operates successfully. Agency think tank Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth Wilfried Heinrich Tel.: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71

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  • Consulting

    Nord-soft solution does not distinguish whether a performance fee arises from product sales or consulting services investment protection regardless of the future spread of the Commission independent advice on financial products Horst / 03.04.2009 – the honorary advice due to political intervention of the legislator should be or due to changes in consumer behavior soon stronger than so far prevail, the fees the Commission payroll system staff can be depicted C / S of Nord-soft GmbH. Because this software especially in the financial sector makes no difference in results, whether a performance fee from the sale of a product or a consultancy. The discussion on the honorary Advisory is been nourished in particular through a study of the consumer Ministry. It says, that quality problems in the financial intermediation are the most efficient way to remove if the conflict of interest will resolved by consulting and product sales. The honorary Consulting was also evident in other countries widespread as in Germany, there is stronger also. For the users of the Commission system bar C / S nothing changes but, because also these income categories can be calculated and attributed to the appropriate people or partners. Is the modern functional approach of the solution evident”, says Peter of Hanna, sales manager of Nord-soft.

    Regardless of, the issue fee advice soon will evolve, customers would benefit from the high investment security of the Commission software. Rod C / S has its origins among financial service providers and serves the structured calculation and distribution of provider claims. The solution allows the management of free and tenured employees, agents, franchisees, distributors, third party distributors and tipsters in unlimited tree depth and width. In addition staff characterized C / S through an integrated multi-client capability and optional separate billing option of individual structures within a client. The Commission accounting system has more than 130 additional functions of Nord-soft, which can be activated by the users via an unlock code in promptly to adjust Rod C / S on the individual needs of the customer. The provided with calculation core contains the currently most powerful formula editor, which can be purchased on the German market. Interfaces for the import and export provide the low-cost integration of the solution into a heterogeneous system environment.

    About Nord-soft: The company was founded over 20 years ago. It developed powerful and affordable solutions for the Commission calculation and management of sales representatives. Its customers include companies such as LBS, SEB, OVB, savings banks, etc. Through partnerships with leading manufacturers such as IBM and Fujitsu-Siemens is Nord-soft in the location, even the most complex projects from analysis, conception, the development of software to hardware sales, financing, installation, training and follow-up-support to achieve professionally.

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  • Company

    Partial receipt of workers and use of training applies during parental leave In the wake of the increasing lack of skilled workers to keep the best employees in the company at any price. This can be used to profitably while the parents very effective and for all involved. ollow. At the latest when the long-awaited junior announced, it applies to the parents to decide who takes the parents time for now. Also at the present time, there are mainly the women who give up their jobs during the parental leave. At the end of the parental leave the question say the professional return inevitably after the re-entry into the job. (As opposed to Ben Bernanke). Those employees who have interrupted their professional activity for at least a year are considered professional returnees. The bulk of job returnees is can, have an existing employment contract with the former employer which claim to reinstatement on equivalent instead. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Vicky Jenson and gain more knowledge..

    This is reflected often, that the technical knowledge of job returnees is no longer up to date. Can be however effectively countered this problem. Optimal way keeps workers during parental leave contact with the employer, for example, by holiday or disease agents are taken over and / or but he insists if possible the participation of internal training and further training measures. Here, the federal child-raising allowance Act comes to good workers. From a size of 15 employees the federal child-raising allowance Act provides for the possibility, that a worker already resumes his activity during the parental leave on a reduced scale with his old employer. In addition to the aspect of part-time work, many companies have already recognized the advantage of training the employer during the parental leave. So the visited training immensely facilitate re-entry of workers generally. Specifically with regard to the increasing shortage of more and more small and medium-sized found Company supporters if not even enthusiastic supporters of continuing education in the parental and appropriately respond to the training needs of workers.

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  • SAP Work Framework

    To enable a most flexible and user-friendly forms in SAP, the product has developed conarum smile Office. Are you correspondence challenge looking for a flexible forms processing? You place great value on corporate design in the correspondence with your customers and can achieve with SAP is difficult this script? You use a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word for creating your documents and forms? Solution that is output of documents and messages and the maintenance of the SAP Scriptformulare in the SAP R / 3 standard solved very rigid. Adjustments and changes of the forms are very time consuming and expensive. For example, when contracts are-depending on the award amount and of the scope of the project various forms and attachments sent. Usually, it is also necessary to customize this and adapt. Your benefits centralized form management no separate system call, the individual care and the archiving of all forms is done directly in the SAP R / 3 simple Connection of the forms to the SAP system field contents of the SAP R / 3 system automatically to the appropriate word processor passed the connection of the word processor corporate design without any additional effort is correspondence can be extended to an individual corporate design is form templates ensures traceability and versioning of the issued documents in a central document management of printed forms and documents are centrally filed related to the object in the SAP R/3 and managed. “With the help of the SAP standard function services to the object” documents can again R / 3 possibility of manual revision and customization are shown azentrale document management versioned storage of documents in the SAP way individual post processing of the expression is design flexibility smile Office on all SAP R / 3 components expandable implementations:-MM: orders/contracts – QM: q message – FI: individual reminders; Invoices – PM: maintenance notification – RE: lease technical Requirements of SAP R / 3 release 4.6C or higher MS Word 98 or higher interested? Gladly we inform you without obligation about our range of services with friendly greeting Michaela Lehner conarum GmbH & co.

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  • GEDYS IntraWare

    GEDYS IntrWare is IBM as one of the best in the field of innovation in social business application development. Every year to demonstrate their innovative strength IBM business partners from all over the world and compete with intelligent solutions to the coveted IBM awards. Better cooperation, more effective work networks, more communication and cloud capability are requirements for software at these awards, they are for companies in all industries that is becoming increasingly important. To meet this steady trend solutions the GEDYS IntrWare are optimized for these criteria for quite some time. They enable easy and effective work in the cloud and on Smartphones and Tablet PCs. sales representatives are not cut off from the company, if they are on a business trip. The Web solution maintains contact with the company. The award-winning product suite GEDYS IntrWare 8 indicates field staff the freedom and mobility to take advantage of a full-fledged CRM system anywhere.

    With Smartphone, laptop, and even private computer – any Browser or a native app. Among the many international candidates of the IBM collaboration solution Awards 2013 received the predicate IBM GEDYS IntrWare finalist. Mobility, ease of use, reduced costs by up to 50%, quick reaction to customer requests by improved work processes, these are only a few a few properties that convinced the jury. Also managing director Ralf Geisha user was pleased again to the tip to include: we are not tired to improve our products, to integrate new technologies and to create innovations. We appreciate the renewed recognition of IBM for our work.” Honoring the finalists and winner, held 2013 United States in Orlando, on the connect.

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  • Convention Center Schloss Schonbrunn

    At the year’s celumsummit revolves around the ABC of marketing (car mate, boost, Cust costs) on May 21 in Vienna. Linz. /a>). With the dramatically increased use of new media and social media platforms marketing and communication experts, on the one hand are confronted with new requirements for the management of this media data, on the other hand, the marketing budget is under enormous cost pressures. Celum solutions get the media flood control and automation, contribute to acceleration and cost reduction in marketing, shows the celum GmbH at their annual event for customers, partners and prospects. An interesting program awaits the visitor of celumsummit2010: in his keynote speech, Michael J. Kraftner, CEO celum GmbH, gives an overview of current issues and trends in digital asset management.

    The renowned Linz advocate Dr. Peter Burgstaller informs about pitfalls in license -, media – and watch Jack law. Hear from experts in the field like Martin Neil Baily for a more varied view. The participants learn in the dialog with celum users, employees and partners, how automating processes in communications, marketing and sales, accelerate and can save on costs while at the same time. Staff report on concrete results of celum customers, for example, the Austrian federal railways and the German agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS. The event provides also current information about the products of the software provider. Summarizes Michael J. Kraftner, CEO celum GmbH: automate, accelerate, and cost saving are topics where there is no stopping in times of scarce marketing and communications budgets.

    We want to provide the participants of the celumsummit2010 of practice tips immediately in their company efficiency and can achieve cost reduction. And we look to the future. How can companies do already today a flexible, scalable infrastructure for the management and control of continuously increasing corporate contributions in social media, YouTube, Flickr, iTunes etc.?” In the accompanying exhibition, visitors of celumsummit2010 have the opportunity, find out about products and solutions of celum partner brix cross media, catalysts to inform communicode, hubris, Infowerk ag, PREMEDIA and WOODWING. The celumsummit2010 will take place on April 21, 2010 at the Convention Center Schloss Schonbrunn in Vienna. The participation is free of charge. More information and registration at. Celum celum delivers a technology to automate marketing and sales processes in communication with his celum enterprise digital asset management product family. The company was founded in 1999 and currently employs 42 employees at its headquarters in Linz and at offices in Vienna and food. More than 370 customers in 27 countries with over 300.

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