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  • Cross Trainer

    Simple fitness workout without gym since the 1980s rolls the fitness wave through the Western world. Gyms were shooting out of the ground like mushrooms. The cult of the body a fantastic comeback celebrated 50 years after his perversion in the Third Reich. Many people want to train but, but have objections to the fitness studios. They cost some not too close, the sanitary conditions are in some places at best dubious or they are simply too far from next door. Fitness Workout without gym but also the Studio rings can be helped. You can complete an effective training without membership in a sports club.

    Previously, it is important to clarify some things: what training level is? Beginners must reduced work, speak with a doctor about their plans, adjust their diet and prove much patience. Advanced can, however, work on their priorities. This leads to the next question: what is to be achieved? Endurance or muscular strength? Endurance training is that the cheapest option Jogging. Rain can be with a trampoline (highly recommended), a Cross Trainer (recommended) and an Ergometer (not recommended) then be. Time and intensity should be increased gradually. The maximum heart rate (220 minus age, of which about 65 percent) should not be exceeded.

    Strength training who wants to work on his muscular system, should reflect on a weight bench. The investment in a chin-up bar is also very useful. This allows the training of various muscle groups, such as arms. Biceps, abdomen and back. A chin-up bar is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Just beginners should start however reluctant and slow approach in various exercises. It is for endurance training, to provide its bodies, with enough nutrients, vitamins and liquid strength training requires other additions. In particular the regular protein intake should be guaranteed, because it is central to the muscle.

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  • GmbH Muscle

    News from the fitness hotline GmbH that very popular supplement hardcore athletes are protein X-core it off immediately in resealable 500 g bags in flavors vanilla toffee and chocolate. First-class proteins are the best dietary supplements for a targeted muscle. In addition to a balanced diet, high protein shakes can help athletes build muscle quickly and effectively. This is repeatedly confirmed also by leading fitness trainers and sports physicians. The high quality muscle building product contains over 18 important substances that can positively affect muscle building. Best body nutrition – hardcore protein X-core has a 80% protein content, made circa 40% whey protein, 32% milk protein and 8% egg protein is composed. Furthermore, many important vitamins and calcium, magnesium, creatine, BCAAs, so branched-chain amino acids, are prone to the X-core. The contained zinc is an important activator for a number of enzymes that interfere with metabolism.

    It is important for an actively functioning immune system. Chrome can promote the transport of amino acids into the cells of the heart and liver. The used Macapulver can cause an increased production of testosterone. This is very interesting especially for athletes and bodybuilders who want to build muscles fast. The body’s own production of the hormone goes back under sustained loads.

    This is essential for muscle growth. To know more about this subject visit ian cole. Also, maca should provide for a better blood circulation and lower the blood pressure at the same time even. Oxygen and nutrients are transported this better to the muscles which increase the pumping effect, exercise performance, and finally the muscle growth. Hardcore protein X-core of best body nutrition is as 30 g sachets, 1,900 g Tin and newly re-sealable 500 g zip bags in flavours: vanilla fudge and chocolate in numerous fitness studios and available on the market. All nutritional supplements best body nutrition are available on. More Information about the best brand body are nutrition on the Internet at available. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/fitnesshotline contact for questions regarding this press rel

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  • After The Training Protein Powder With High BCCA Content

    This can be for example whey protein in form of protein powder. The powder is mixed with water or milk and drinking a protein drink. The sports body of the athlete will be charged in addition and therefore the nutritional deficiencies with proper nutrition and appropriate nutritional supplements should be covered. This is true especially for athletes who do muscle building exercises. Daily diet of the people of course contains many important nutrients and minerals, because such products such as: milk, eggs, cheese, meat and fish, nuts, cereals have what the human body needs. These are both animal and vegetable foods that contain protein. Because daily diet contains too little protein, the deficits with protein concentrates should be covered. Where is protein of great importance not only for the development of the muscles, but also for their preservation and regeneration.

    Protein deficiency can in the human body to deficiency symptoms and to reduce of the muscles come. So the athletes have to eat too much and doing not too much on the fats and carbohydrates need to be careful there are just supplements, whose main component is protein. This can be for example whey protein in form of protein powder with high BCAA proportion. The powder is mixed with water or milk and drinking a protein drink. With such shake, the necessary proteins delivered the body of the athlete and compensate for the deficits incurred during training. One must note one: everyone should eat approximately 0.7 to 1.8 g protein per kilo of weight.

    So if it weighs 70 pounds, the amount of about 60 g of protein would be ideal on the day. As it was already mentioned, the common foods contain much fat, many carbohydrates and much cholesterol, which harm the human body. So if you want to prevent the harmful effects of unhealthy diet, you should consume rather proteins in the form of shakes. So it supplies the body with only the substances, the are really necessary. Such protein concentrates are nearly all fitness shops to buy in, so as where sports nutrition, muscle building products and BCAA are offered. At the time of purchase, one should pay attention to the quality of the product. Is best if the product in Germany is made. High efficiency is possible, should be also high biological value there.

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  • We Ride Berlin, Berlin – Berlin.

    Leverkusen country band Mavericks 04 Cup anthem plays Bayer Leverkusen Olympic Stadium – it comes in the DFB Cup final at the sold-out Olympic Stadium in Berlin on May 30 to the about crucial showdown: Bayer against Werder, Eagle against meadow, helmet against Pizarro, all against Diego all country music to do what has? Answer: A lot! Because shortly before the kickoff of the football final match there in the capital city to a duel”between Cowboys Leverkusen and Bremen town musicians. BBs makes it possible the DFB, giving both clubs in the opening act of the big game the opportunity to show their best side. “” The bosses of Bayer 04 put it on their “Leverkusen country band Mavericks”. The urban Cowboys drew Leverkusen for the successful new Club song”responsible. To, bandleader Dirk Maverick produced the catchiness of the Bayer 04 Cup anthem for the football finals. And so two big winners are now a foregone conclusion: the Mavericks, as well as the entire German country scene.

    Because when country was last out Germany via TV the world broadcast live in 149 countries? For the Mavericks, this fantastic appearance represents the culmination of their stage anniversary. 25 years the dedicated Leverkusen underdogs in the service of their music already travel through Germany and Europe. While the band had over 500,000 kilometers. Among other things in Kosovo and to Sarajevo, where they played for German soldiers to country. Now the five Cowboys riding to Berlin, to the most colossal gig of their history. At the DFB Cup final being the biggest is not only for the players, we as a band are looking forward to already powerful our presence,”explains Dirk Maverick. “And asks bright: who can occur before 80,000 spectators at the sold-out Olympic Stadium?” Help the Mavericks can – and want to team and fans with her anthem of Bayer and a great performance on the sacred grass “to get into the right mood. “Or as the singer and Ober-cowboy Dirk Maverick puts it: we give the Werkself fire!”

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  • Murat Densiz

    Particularly surprised he his opponent with avoiding movements and an immediate counterattack. Kaya put away a lot of hard hits and could adjust better to Abhi. Although it is in the 3rd round for Arslan has been tight Kaya was dangerous, could finish his experience sure the last round Abhi and emerged as the winner from the battle. In kick boxing met over 4 x 2 minutes Murat Densiz (Chinese boxing Academy) and Adrian Sobek (Hara Chi do Cologne) together. This fight was also a rematch fight. Last year the two faced ever and emy secured a victory at that time.

    Accordingly, Sobek was motviert to make up for the defeat of that time. When the judges gave the fight free, attacked Sobek with kicks and opts for more kicks. Emy has worked with a compact cover and responded with massive fists. Sobek had to put away in round 1 hard punches and was some times brought by the force of the blows of the legs. Also the later rounds were similar. Sobek operates with strong kicks and emy was the decisive blow.

    Since both well knew each other, no one read the other correctly to the course come. Although emy not as desired could beat combinations, he had always a couple Fists inside and ended the fight after 4 rounds as a winner. After a long absence was Franco Caferra (Chinese boxing Academy) back into the ring. His opponent Erkan Julfa (Fightclub Offenbach) had, however, not so long paused and stood still last in April of this year in the ring. Julfa and Caferra turned it on in round 1, Cafarrea was the more complete fighter who brought good Lowkicks to use his fists. The second round was Caferra, who made a lot of pressure. Julfa proved good stoically, but he tried to close the gap in the final round, which could prevent Caferra with his precise actions.

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  • Training Plan

    Ideally, you train 2-3 times a week according to this plan. You fill your training plan now: for a total body workout, all muscle groups are trained in one day. Build a therefore exercises for legs, chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, stomach and back. Usually be tempted large muscle groups such as the leg muscles with several exercises. Choose the weight so that you the prescribed number of repetitions (approx. 10-12 repetitions per exercise) can comfortably afford. This is too easy, so you can increase the weight of each unit by up to 10%. At the beginning of the training, completing 5 abdominal exercises.

    Make sure that you each plan an exercises for the various regions of the abdomen (upper straight stomach muscles, just lower abdominal muscles, oblique abdominal muscles, etc.). The abdominal exercises are completed at the beginning of the circuit training, because here are still the full power reserves available to the body. Absovliert you the exercises, however, only at the end of a training session, increases the risk it weakens that the exercises or even completely fall away. The abdominal exercises are completed in a row without a break. This guarantees a maximum stimulation of the abdominal muscles and promotes the Sixpack. After the abdominal exercises, the exercises are 6-14 made. After each exercise you should be no longer than 30 seconds break yourself.

    The exercises in the training plan to apply, on a leg exercise (E.g. squats), followed by a chest exercise (such as the bench press). Completed the exercises 6-14, insert a break of 2-3 minutes. Then repeat the exercises 6-14. Success complete package be accompanied by four pre-built training plans the Sixpack success training program tailored exactly to the six-pack. You can start immediately with this finished training plan. The exercises are chosen so that you both in the gym and at home can complete your workout.

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  • Body Weight

    Are protein-containing foods: nuts, low-fat cottage cheese, tuna, egg, cottage cheese, Turkey Breast, etc. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak: the source for more info. Just after the workout Sporler should eat protein. Food supplements be recommended, such as for example shakes with whey protein. Carbohydrates, the so-called fuel are part number two of a proper diet”of the body. During digestion, carbohydrates converted into glucose, which enters the bloodstream. Thus arises the blood sugar levels.

    Carbohydrates are so important, so that the muscles are preserved. The relationship between carbohydrates, protein and fat should look the following way: 50% carbohydrates 30% protein, 20% fat long time was bold as fattening foods number one. However, nutrition experts found out that there are good and bad fats. The good ones are called unsaturated fatty acids, which occur for example in olive or canola oil. The essential fatty acids are Polyunsaturated fatty acids, so Omega-3 and Omega-6. The Omega-3 fatty acids are the best that can be found in fish, flaxseed or canola oil. The daily requirement is 1.5 to 2 grams. The basic components of a balanced food should be eaten at the right time.

    Soon a daily schedule looks the following way: protein should be taken to spread over the whole day carbohydrates especially for breakfast and after training and fat in turn distributed over the whole day, but not immediately before or within 2 hours after your workout. 3 liters of water per day are recommended for very active athletes. A muscle or six pack training is of course even more effective when you have counselor professional step for step, one explain exactly what to do and greatly improves the training success.

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  • Successful Team Sopur

    Sportswoman Silke Pan from July 2013 new first caused in the team which until then unknown Silke Pan with her surprising victory at the 28 Haspa hand Bike Marathon in April of this year conversation piece. Now, she strengthened the team Sopur as hand. Silke Pan, 2012 in the hand bike sport actively, lives in Switzerland, where she grew up as a sporting and musical all-rounder. Her passion was the artistry for you 18jahrig came to the training at the renowned State Ballet School and school of artistry Berlin. After successfully completing training, she lived her dream.

    “Silke Pan was solo artist, the both as a snake woman” as also with its Trapeze Arts very successfully travelled through the world. After many years of solo, she worked from 2003 with her life partner Didier Dvorak as artist duo in various amusement parks in Italy and France. the turning point came in 2008. In a tragic accident during rehearsals for her next appearance of the pair she missed themselves with her partner by inches. Further details can be found at kellee marlow sf, an internet resource. Silke Pan crashed. Paraplegic since then. Silke Pan with Didier Dvorak a new existence as a balloon and decorative artist built up and finds her balance in the hand bike sports. The Handbiken had already discovered them in the rehabilitation clinic as a sport in itself.

    Despite all the changes in my life me is the love of the sport. “It was important to realize that I too with my new body” am capable of athletic performance. “I am pleased that in my hand bike Sopur shark RS and using my new sponsor Sunrise medical to explore my limits”, Pan at the signing in the Baden radiates Malsch. No question, Silke is a sporty exceptional talent “, Caroline also team Sopur Manager Errol Ma5rsters, is pleased to becomes your way of life, to encourage and to inspire more women to the hand bike sports. Silke fits just fine into the philosophy of our team Sopur.” There is more information about Silke Pan on their website and on about the team Sopur for over 25 years, the company Sunrise Medical (formerly SOPUR) supports the international successful hand bike team team Sopur”. It was founded in 1987 to advance the wheelchair sports and the development of technical equipment needed. Started racing wheelchairs today are hand bikes which compete athletes of the team in international competitions. Under the direction of the multiple Paralympics champion Errol Caroline Ma5rsters, Sunrise medical, will the team today in cooperation with Audi driving AIDS and the company swallow promoted and Caroline Ma5rsters itself, or current Vico taught over time many well-known athletes out so Errol Maheshwari, world record holder in the marathon, multiple German Champion and silver medal winner the Paralympics in London in 2012.

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  • Club Team

    The team of messebausiehr motor sport for the first time on the slopes. The first official weekend is located behind the teams of the GTC and what last year a cock much, the race weekend on water from the sky now lay in the form of snow in the run-off areas. Before it started headed cock of messebausiehr Motorsport team last Saturday, yet a date at their new main sponsor of Messebau Siehr GmbH at their headquarters in Bergisch Gladbach on the plan. Because in time the new team apparel has been delivered to the first official appearance of the team. With logo and name, softshell embroider jackets that can withstand wind and water and of course tshirts and caps. You should be of course proudly presents the management.

    Following continued to the Hunsruck ring. There was already by the service team CV-racing the messebausiehr Motorsport this year serve all prepared. Michael J. Bender is the source for more interesting facts. The first impression of the track was unusual, because instead of the other green or red and white curbs, a several inches high snow cover marked the edge of the road. This impression should but the planned test program for the time being do not affect. Follow others, such as Samuel “Sam” Mikulak, and add to your knowledge base. The first engine was been retracted already the day before, so the driver directly at full power could move from driving hibernation at the limit of approach. Long turns were not possible because at just above freezing hands in normal Kart gloves quickly cooled off. When screwing in the marquee team, however, thanks to a diesel burner not threatened. It was a position to find, more shifting the rider’s weight on the rear axle and everyone feels comfortable task.

    After adjusting the seat, all drivers were already times convenient. After everyone had shot a few rounds was clear, however, so you can deny any long distance race. The most arms of the driver just so ranged to the steering wheel. The position of the steering wheel had to be changed also. After a few dry runs, it then again went on the slope. The balance of the Kart is now much improved, making the driving behaviour is neutral, the driver declared unanimously. The lap times were also close, who were very good compared to the other teams. As a result, the team could finish the day with a positive feeling. In the evening the legendary GTC annual winner Villa into the Paddock rose Club after a lush buffet were honoured in all scores the winner and runners-up last season. Messebausiehr Motorsport was still under your last name Haq racing team as the fifth of the ADAC trophy called rating on the podium. That’s even more motivation for the upcoming season. Sunday, however, was slightly different than originally planned. There was snow in the night and the line was partially covered with snow which made a trial impossible. Actually, the second engine of the team should be retracted Sunday. Now, an alternative date must be found before the first race.

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  • Gyms – Vibration Training

    \”FOR ME DO course concept ‘ a healthy back with Galileo FOR ME DO course concept a healthy back with Galileo\” In the context of 20 para 1 and 2 SGB V have the opportunity through appropriate measures for primary prevention and specific diseases and thus their costs to improve the general health status of the population to avoid the health insurance companies. An analysis of the available literature shows a special needs currently including in the area of diseases of the skeleton, muscles and connective tissue, especially back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis and incontinence. \”\” The common and uniform action fields and criteria of the leading associations of sickness funds for the implementation of article 20 par. Read additional details here: Kellee Marlow San Francisco. 1 and 2 SGB V 1 recommends accordingly following intervention approaches: prevention of injuries and strengthen the muscles (see statistical Federal Office, 1998) described needs is a healthy back with Galileo the measures \”the field of action of movement\” and the principle of prevention Prevention and reduction of specific health risks through appropriate behavior and health-oriented exercise programmes\”to associate what is vibration training in the 1990s developed a device to whole-body vibration the Novotec GmbH the Galileo. The Galileo consists of a plate as rocker generated sinusoidal upward and downward movements and thus mimics the physiological movements of the human response. If the practitioner beidbeinig on the rocker and puts your feet right and left of the axis, a leg is alternately pushed upwards due to the vibration of the plate. To read more click here: John Marlow sf. This movement generated by so-called stretch reflexes page alternating reflex \”on the spinal cord muscular contractions in the left and right body half here especially in the leg, pelvic and trunk muscles. Without this stretch reflexes, the body on the vibration platform would uncontrollably back and forth swinging. The adjustable training frequency determines the number of stretch reflexes per second.

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