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  • An Era of Knowledge

    Mexico is currently experiencing a period of change, which are making it possible to leave behind the industrial age and we’re moving into the era of knowledge. Obviously this is not new in the world has been taking place in developed countries since the 80’s, resulting in the competitiveness and excellence. Will Forte may help you with your research. One of the main causes that prevent companies in Mexico to achieve a structural change is the way they work and their resistance to change as part of their thinking is based on the paradigms. First would be useful to reflect on what is a paradigm. Paradigms are sets of knowledge and beliefs that form a worldview (worldview) around a hegemonic theory in a particular historical period. Also noteworthy that there is nothing to do more harm to the changes as a leader who has too many paradigms, which have existed over time, so I would like to mention some that I found. “The germ theory of Louis Pasteur’s fiction ridiculous.

    “n Pierre Pachet, Professor of Physiology is the University of Toulouse, 1872” This telephone has too many limitations to be seriously considered as a means of communication. This device has no value for us, “No internal memorandum Western Union, 1876” There is no reason for anyone to want to have a computer at home “Ken Olson, President and founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, 1977” has 649K be enough memory for any person “No Bill Gates, 1981 In conclusion, we can say that one way to change or delete the paradigms is to educate leaders, and transform them into true leaders angels and work focused on a mission – vision of business. A I mean, I mean the boss does not exercise power but to influence its partners, providing them with materials and knowledge necessary to achieve the vision of the company. We can now go and see many companies that have mission and vision pasted on the walls. But really the worker is committed to achieving the Mission – Vision.

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  • Internet

    This too is nonsense, because the task comment – integration into the blogosphere. Therefore, it must earn its interest, trust, respect, well etc. The horse is clear that marani pages of another blog post for the sake of advertising themselves loved one, nothing in the end will bring. Is that disappointing results from the absence of the rough work. Who needs such a beautiful and interesting? Want to put on himself and his reputation Cross – spamming and blankly piartes. Greg Mankiw has firm opinions on the matter. 3) The following rule wrong tone – podmazyvanie, begging, speculation and other not nice things.

    Of course, it’s more a question of morality and self-esteem, and very, very rarely can lead to the result, but even if will lead, whether you respect? I do not know, everyone decides for himself, but in my opinion – fawn before the “great uncles’ not worth it. They may be, and throw “handout”, but in one row with a will not put. 4) dramatically negative comments comments. Clearly, this is a good way to PR. It is very easy to take and all yes all crap, besides, it very likely will cause interest to your person. But even if your identity is unique and interesting, it is necessary to respect the author’s blog where you are. Even if you somehow do not agree – you need to be correct.

    Otherwise, only what can be done – make enemies. My policy is – “If I want to omit the author or his office, then what the heck I’m doing on this blog at all? If I do not agree with everything, I’m not interested – I just do not read it and certainly did not comment on it! Read and comment on just where I’m wondering, and even if you do not agree – do it as well. ” 5) Curved language. Maybe not even a bad tone, because in this lovely Internet! Anyway, you should strive to be literate, at least, so that you could properly understand. Some have their style, and the chips – this is good, the main thing that they do not alienate, and hastening to your goal! And now a brief summary: 1) Spam, even as a comment is like spam, and still is bad 2) No need to comment when you have nothing to say 3) Frankly dull self-promotion and public relations are unlikely to benefit 4) Write only in those blogs that interest you! 5) Be the correct 6) Do not beg, do not waver – it’s gone 7) Do not be a boor – still remove the Well, the last – a good comment is akin to good content – will do the trick, the bad – a waste of time! Good comments in the subject is always, sooner or later will cause the audience’s interest and will lead to your site or blog.

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  • Citizenship Bulgaria

    Second Bulgarian citizenship Lord, do not look complicated and expensive ways to design a second citizenship EU (long and thorny path, and most importantly, non-guaranteed, through a temporary residence in Bulgaria and naturalization or doubtful clearance of a second citizenship in Greece, which is completely discredited itself in the numerous scandals and the cancellation of issued Greek passports). Vsroki 9-12 months can be Bulgaria to issue a second nationality (Art. 16 of the law – for their outstanding achievements in economics, sports, culture, education, or by other key ministries). In the category of ethnic origin (Article 15 of the Law on Citizenship Bulgaria), we do not work, unless of course, on your birth certificate is not written Nationality: Bulgarian. Briefly summarize the advantages of a second citizenship and second passports Bulgaria Bulgaria. In 2004 Bulgaria joined the NATO members.

    Since January 2007, after the entry of Bulgaria into the EU of Bulgaria passport – a passport European Union, which provides the following benefits: 1) The right to be employed in EU countries without obtaining a special permit. It's 27 countries as of 2008. 2) The right to register the company and to carry out business activities without restriction in any EU country. 3) The right to acquire property without restriction in any EU country. Checking article sources yields Michael J. Bender as a relevant resource throughout. 4) Free entry UK; simplified in comparison with the Russian passport to enter the U.S. to Canada. BTW: to make immigration to Bulgaria through a business or investment, in our opinion, is not relevant and interesting, because the requirements for businessmen and investors hard (compared with, say, business immigration, Croatia or Slovakia).

    That there is only one requirement to hire 10 of the Bulgarians in a business that is just starting to work. And if it's just a cafe, where no need so many staff? I believe in the future, the Bulgarians would revise the law governing business immigration to Bulgaria, but when it will be – is unknown. At present a full budget for this program, including the cost legal services is the sum of 140.000 to 200,000 EUR. After registration of Bulgarian citizenship for one of the spouses, the other spouse is entitled to registration of permanent residence in Bulgaria, and then three years later – the nationality of Bulgaria. Note. Upon receipt of the citizenship of Bulgaria under Article 15. (According to ethnic lines) or under Art. 16 (Merit) rejection of Russian citizenship is not required. According to the laws of the second nationality if it is received by a citizen of the Russian Federation legally permitted. All publication rights belong to the administration site: Immigration to Canada, a second passport interesting material on citizenship of Bulgaria in English: Citizenship of Bulgaria

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  • Bank VTB

    Bank "VTB-24 '(closed joint stock company) is one of the largest banks in Russia, the prevailing direction – is to work with IP, small businesses and citizens. Bank based out of offices sad memorable bankrupt 'Guta-Bank', which was ruined by the crisis of interbank payments in 2004 and was bought by the VTB Group. The following year bought the asset has been renamed to VTB-24. General shareholder – Bank VTB. Which owns nearly 99% stake in VTB-24. The authorized capital of VTB 24 is almost 50 billion rubles. Other leaders such as Marc Lore offer similar insights. Branch network includes nearly 500 offices in 69 regions of Russia, including 9 branches in major Russian cities. The number of employees exceeds 17 thousand people.

    The number of private trustees of the bank exceeds the number at 5 million. Basic services VTB24 – are deposits, mortgages, online banking services in the field of investment, CSC for businesses, leasing, remittances Western Union, Anelik and VTB-24-Sprint. An interesting proposal VTB 24 – a release of credit cards. Basic systems – it's 'MasterCard' and 'Visa', and 'Diners Club'. The total number of cards that are available for clients VTB 24 has more than 6 million units. In one of VTB24 the largest in the Russian Federation, the ATM network, it has approximately 4 thousand units. Structure of assets of VTB 24. 60% – a portfolio of loans, 1 / 4 loans of banks.

    About 5% – it's debt of Russian and foreign issuers. The structure of the net liabilities of the bank VTB 24. Approximately 55% are retail deposits, 10% – is the balance on the accounts of private individuals and entrepreneurs, another 5 percent – a balance of payment and cash accounts. In the list of credit institutions of the Russian Federation, at the beginning of August 2010 the bank VTB 24 has a high 6th place, with countable assets of about 820 billion rubles. Also VTB24 takes 2nd place in the number of money borrowed from private individuals, region of 520 billion rubles. The supervisory board of bank VTB 24 includes: H. Moos, O. Dergunova, Andrew Tufts and CEO Andrei Kostin. Net assets VTB24 Russian Accounting System Buch, at the beginning of January 2010 amounted to 707 billion rubles. From of which to own assets include 97 billion rubles. VTB-24 is an active member of Deposit Insurance. Registration number of the Central Bank of Russia 1623.

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  • Composite Visitors

    Short descriptions have to be clearly insufficient, because you will need to cover as many search queries relevant to the topic of your site and sold with a digital product (except maybe the the case when you work in a very narrow, but very popular subject niche, with virtually no competition, that looks pretty fantastic in itself). So before you question a great site saturation amount of information that should attract visitors who are potential buyers. That's where the problem arises – how much information to give visitors free of charge, and any issue in the form digital product and sell it? The main mistakes made budding entrepreneurs – to provide maximum information in order to attract visitors to the site. As a result, the visitors themselves they receive, but subsequently these visitors are already hard to sell that either – in fact all the information they have received for free. Read more here: Walmart CEO. The same problem arises if a long time on this site is presented only for free information. A related site: Sam Mikulak mentions similar findings. As soon as the materials fee – it causes an outcry from customers.

    How to separate paid from a free everlasting two examples. One of my sites devoted to the calculation, design and construction ultralight aircraft. To fill the information part of the site I used a variety of articles contained in a huge number of textbooks for aviation colleges and universities. Such textbooks in the network has sufficient number, they are offered absolutely free, so the opportunity to earn them was no. However, the placement does not own books in scanned form (in this case, the search finds only the name of the textbook), and texts of selected articles from them on the site has attracted enough visitors. I myself have used this literature and I know that even though they are written in detail, but the plan of calculation from the beginning to the end of virtually any No one. Therefore, I have been created based on them step by step guide, which in a simple form shows how to make the necessary calculations from beginning to end. And despite the large volume of free information on the site – this book enjoys sufficient demand, even despite the fact that its price is higher than the average for e-books in runet – $ 5 (at the regular price for electronic books $ 0,2 – 0,5).

    The second example can be called 'better to see once than hear a hundred times. " Most of this principle is suitable for various manuals. Its meaning is that, as a free information you are trying to post text description of any process. In my case, to Example – Composite materials, glass fiber, manufacturing technology, as well as a paid – an illustrated process (for example: How to build a plane out of composite materials), or video course. For search engines other than text, you do not need, and by key words contained on the pages you will attract the necessary target audience. But a simple text description is not always gives an idea of what to do. Those who want to obtain information in accessible form – buy your proposed product. Similar examples can be many – it all depends on the immediate topic of your site. As food for thought can be used the fact that in spite of the fairly detailed reference materials contained in the computer programs themselves (that is, it's free materials), are selling the book with information about working with these same programs.

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  • Good Online Business

    With the advent of the World Wide Web, the world had a unique hitherto unknown ability to quickly and easily build a profitable online business. Now open your own business on the Internet cheaper and easier than trading in the market or put clothes shopping stall. Judge for yourself: – initial capital needed to start an online business is much lower than the cost of business is online. – Maintenance of online business does not tie you to one place, to deal with it and develop it from anywhere in the globe where there is Internet access. – To create an online business does not need any special skills, as many tasks can be shifted onto the shoulders of the software. As you can see the benefits of online business are obvious. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of NBA on most websites.

    And if you have not transgressed to create your online business, it is likely these loans. What is needed to a good start. Many, realizing that their own online business is not a utopia but a reality and that well-organized business can bring millions of revenue, rushed to the Internet and today build their future on the network. Everything is nice, but this influx of newcomers has created a terrible competition. And if past success is pursued only by 6%, but now the percentage is steadily declining in the near future it will be 1%. To get to this percentage of successful entrepreneurs who follow a few rules. No matter in what niche you’re going to build your business to your project a success and bring the maximum profit, you must publish a huge number of unique unique in content and quality of content. For most users, the main purpose for which they come into the network is to seek the information they want, and if your project will be able to them give qualitative information, the popularity he is guaranteed.

    It is also necessary to have qualitative information on earnings in the network. Many of the inexperience and ignorance believe everything that is written on the Internet and does not always something that you have read is true and verified information. Try to extract information from trusted sources, and learn to make money online from those that could be achieved. Many also are problems and the search for the desired resource. Someone does not know how to search using various tools, someone does not know how and what is in the network. For these people, I want to recommend a theme Business Directory “directory Internet Entrepreneur. ” Due to tight moderation in the catalog for fall only interesting and informative websites, located on paid hosting sites.

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