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  • Thorny Path – 20 Years In The Ashram

    20 years in the Ashram – a thorny path – exciting like a butterfly she flew from flower to flower and tried everything. The Ashram was probably the only thing missing in her collection…, commented on the project of his niece Horst Jaedicke, former television Director of the southern radio Stuttgart, film director, author, and especially favorite uncle of writer Mahadevi, 20 years ago. It was her irrepressible curiosity about everything spiritual, which was the divine machinery in motion. There were no more actors, painting no longer interested them, even job and husband were suspended at the time the symbolic nail. She had met the person that piecemeal told her about life in an Ashram, but especially by a master of the highest God-realisation. Took three years the personal preparation time, until finally the door to the Ashram it was open. Until then, she practiced for several hours a day meditating and read only the works of the master. The morning newspaper over coffee and cigarette was abolished, the Evening movie on TV as a unnecessary waste of time also.

    And she dabbled as a vegetarian. Everything from pure joy about the new adventure that was waiting for them. Only the duck for Christmas, which was still on the table… The eagerly awaited entry into the Ashram was however soon to the questionable venture, because the victims not enough was done long ago. A thousand little waited for them to moderate policies. A joyless existence loomed the senses not a glass of wine or like. She fought half bravely, half desperate by the many provisions and prohibitions and took, only for times a year to watch the whole thing. The mystical school is the hardest… you told her, for no luck the Earth would reach but even close the State of bliss, which one seeks in the Ashram. For this highest level of enlightenment, scrubbed and cleaned, and suffered in all areas, until it finally one day would have completed this eternal cleaning process.

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  • Lazy Matthes Straetmans

    The Aachen innovation artist of Matthes Straetmans. Get more background information with materials from Joseph Stiglitz. Sunday, February 7, 1965 in Aachen was born Lazy65 real name Macdonald Straetmans. He is an Aachen innovation graffiti artist. He completed his studies in design at the Aachen University of applied sciences. His thesis is Throbbing Hood. Lazy become the Aachen graffiti Prince. In the Richard Street, a legal graffiti space, a graffiti Hall of Fame, one of his early works is located on the left wall.

    Its activities include the creation of Web sites. As an innovative artist he creates new expressive possibilities in graffiti. in 2002, he builds a tapestry in this art form, 2009 a series of stickers graffiti, another from LEGO pieces, with his soldering iron and is on his portable PlayStation style to the weapon. Lazys are mostly readable letter. He has also experimented as in anything. A wild style is hard to decipher for lay people. In the style the individual letters of the artist manifests itself. He carries his signature and characterizes the personality, if sprayed in ink or in varied forms.

    Natural graffiti Lazy65 2003 created a new style: nature graffiti. The aerosol spray paint he used natural objects. Created works of art in graffiti-style are the result of natural objects. These works of art belong to the land art style. Lazy: I said my Bay to the personal free air Studio, collecting shells and experiences at every piece. To be later as it was not possible to me for months, on the coast, I was carrying this idea in the forest in and around our Aachener Dreilandereck.” In the summer of 2003, he created his white shell Gallery-project on the beach of Colijnsplaat. The artist designs his works on the beach of the island Noord-Beveland in Colijnsplaat. He created a Pajamas for two”real objects, logos, styles, and film scenes like the clown fish from the cinema classics.

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  • Vietnamese Stars

    The Vietnamese Star Dam Vinh Hung says at the beginning of the show to Berlin/Hamburg on Saturday, the world premiere of the new show series of Viet Nam by night begins April 10, 2010 on time 20:00 “in the RBB broadcasting Hall in Berlin, as well as on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 in the Laeiszhalle in Hamburg. The first big stars from Viet Nam, United States and Europe occur together after a new show concept in Germany, to entertain the audience. Cult leader Phan Anh moderated the evening and looking forward to the emotional show, which moves to help with stars. The first big stars from Viet Nam, United States and Europe occur together Berlin/Hamburg after a new show concept in Germany, to entertain the audience. Cult leader Phan Anh moderated the evening and looking forward to the emotional show, which moves to help with stars. It will have say to a true firework of stars in Berlin, great singers, place, and show starter.

    With? the v? nh H? ng, one has the biggest stars Vietnam for Viet Nam by night “exclusive pledged and the audience with his” Thrill show. You will take a piece of musical home to Germany: NH? Qu? nh loves the traditional music of Vietnam and carries her emotional and soulful after Berlin and Hamburg. He is one of the special artists in Vietnam, which thrills his fans successfully for years in the United States: D?NG Tri? u V? enlivened the show featuring top pop and musical songs. Comedy in Viet Nam by night: where it crosses to conquer the hearts of the audience: Thuy NGA & Le Tin are versatile and provide great enthusiasm with their jokes and spontaneous wit. Succeed in the whole bandwidth of humor: funny situations to pointed descriptions of stories from everyday life.

    This is lots of fun and lots of joke for the whole family. Her voice can move mountains and provides for heart palpitations: Thanh House the United States that will enchant the audience with their soulful classic pop ballads. Her name is melodically: M? Linh is one of the big stars. With her romantic voice, she gives her audience an unforgettable experience. It counts too the few artists of Vietnam has published the most and most successful albums. The Englishman Lee Kirby is a special surprise. He did it within a very short time, to inspire a large audience on the Internet because he sings fluent Vietnamese. His appearance in Berlin is a European premiere. Also, in future, have a firm place in Viet Nam by night “: the show Starter Michael Tr? n and tr? ng Hi? u from Germany, as well as Le Linh from France arrive in Hamburg.” MC Phan Anh is looking forward to Germany. The celebrated TV presenter not only say the artist will provide for fun and conversation on the sofa of his talk with the stars. The net proceeds of “Viet Nam by night” goes directly to needy people, the urgent financial support to individual life deal with need. Cards are the free hotline 0800 / 20 10 900 or on the Internet at to reserve. Arne bald

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  • Scientology Church Spain

    The activities to promote the universality of the Scientology Church Spain Ministry of economy has now been by Spanish and taxes recognized as “social charity” is granted, after proof of fulfilment of all conditions for the exemption from VAT in accordance with the Spanish VAT Act (Act 37 of 1992) is provided. Thus Scientology is free church in Spain from the collection of sales tax on the donations for their religious and charitable services, which brings to its members and interested people. The representative of Scientology Church Spain, Ivan Arjona, in Madrid, stated: “we now have a very good relationship with the Spanish authorities. We are very happy that they now have recognised our activities than what they really are: that activities that promote the public good and to the society as a whole, by helping the people, their true spiritual Self to find.” The Scientology religion was already in the late 1960s after Spain. The first Scientology Church of Spain opened up in 1980 in Madrid their goals. A year later joined another Church in Barcelona. Today there are 12 Scientology churches, missions and groups and also different in Spain of the Scientology church sponsored charitable associations.

    Worldwide there are Scientology churches, missions and groups in 165 countries more than 8300. A variety of Scientologists in Spain and around the world devote much time and energy of promoting the public programs including the drug education project “say no to drugs, say yes to life”. Other initiatives are dedicated to the promotion of the Universal Declaration of human rights or the fight against human rights abuses in the area of Psychiatry. The Scientology Church Spain was registered in the year 2007 by the Spanish Ministry of Justice as a bona fide religious community in the State Register of religious communities. Which preceded the recognition were Charitable status of Scientology churches in Portugal and South Africa also in 2007, followed by the recognition in Argentina in December 2008. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL. 089-38607-145, FAX. 089-38607-109,

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  • Tai Chi

    Its conclusions in this regard were the following: those who are exercised appropriately sick less often and retard aging. One should know to identify with the energy which favours him in everything that where acts, be attentive in our behaviour, management of emotions, in the form in which we we behave, in addition, as we manage our energy in such a way that we don’t waste it. In every movement we make energy is acting and mixed with other energy fields that we must know to control, especially in regard to emotions, feelings, which can give way to a negative energy, as also positive use, depends on with him handling, as faced passions, desires, everything what can discourage it and give way to sufferingwear, energy falls. Has been written about the importance of energy, its use, use that will keep in mind also, if Chi circulation is not adequate or is locked there is an energy imbalance, if that imbalance is not corrected can give place over time to an illness the sages of antiquity believed that static meditation and breathing was enough only to regulate the body and the mind. After the medics and Chinese physicists said that to increase energy in addition to meditate circulation had to be moved. They discovered that obtain peace of mind was as important as moving and that specific movements such as those conducted in Tai Chi or Chi Kung techniques could increase vital energy, or Chi in certain organs. Its conclusions were as follows: those who are exercised appropriately sick less often and retard aging. Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming points out: must learn to regulate before the body, mind and breath, only then will be clear enough mind to perceive how distributed Chi in the body and understand as ajustarloDefinitivamente, as cited by tobacco.org e, chi is also known as the breath of the Dragon, is the energy that is and flows in our body and everything what surrounds us, including our homes.The Chi flows through our body through acupuncture meridians.

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  • Your Ideal Body

    The disadvantage of this type of exercises is that the amounts of calories that are burned are minimal and therefore had been but time to reach the objectives to lose weight. Nevertheless, for people who have taken a life little activates and that they have much overweight is essential that the exercise is slow and easy to allow the body to adapt. Probably, one of the best exercises to lose weight is to walk. Many people with overweight can do it without difficulty reason why serious a good point to begin with. When you exercise yourself to become thin, anyone is the chosen exercise must begin of slow way and gradually to increase to the intensity in the course of the weeks and the months. this aid to improve the physical state and allows the body to exercise at levels majors and to continue burning greasy. The key, nevertheless, and to obtain the best results in your program to lose weight is to combine a good feeding next to a routine of exercises that includes so much the anaerobic exercises as the aerobic exercises.

    This way you would obtain results healthful expresses and. If you need more advice to lose weight and to change the composition of your body through routines of healthful exercises and to your measurement, I recommend to you that you read Your Ideal Body. With Your Ideal Body, an alternative exists heals and safe to use the science of the nutrition to your favor and to begin to obtain the changes that you wish in your body, of permanent way.

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  • Cycling For Health

    More and more people are crossing to the bicycles like transport means. The question is What bicycle is better for you? Or you are a boy or an adult, are many types of ready bicycles for his use. The first type of bicycle is the one of dirt. This is huge, obvious for the cyclists who walk in the dirt, but also for the small children who as soon as they are learning on the cycling. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak has much to offer in this field. Generally they do not have gears, and some require to pedalear backwards to restrain. They are very basic bicycles that can be used for from a place to another one easily. Once the children grow or any adult, there are basically two main types of bicycles. They are the mountain bicycles with great tires, or a bicycle of highway with thin tires.

    If you want moverte fast by the city, is recommendable the highway bicycle. These things fly, and are done for the pavement. Nevertheless, if you want to walk in bicycle outside the pavement or prefer one more a more robust bicycle, mountain bicycles are the best option. Any bicycle that you choose will make more healthful, in addition he will be but cheap since the bicycles do not require any type of fuel. During the difficult times of the economy that we are having at this moment, you must find the forms to reduce costs. What better way of not only saving money, but also to be a healthful person the more? It looks for the type of bicycle that is adapted for you and later to buy one following the budget. Original author and source of the article.

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  • Home Gyms

    A considerable number of people exists who want to put themselves in form, but that they do not like to do it in public. Then, if your you belong to this group to perhaps count on a gymnasium in house is your more viable alternative. In fact, one of the pillars of your family future gym will be a bank of exercises. One is a relatively economic alternative that easily can comply and concentrate in means of your family gymnasium. By all means that when forming central part of your training one must have certain considerations.

    To buy something that the quality level fails when giving us and comfort which you need simply will be one complete loss of money. There is a small variety of styles or types of banks available for its purchase online or in specialized warehouses that fall in four categories: banoc flat, the vertical, inclined and the declined one. If you have read about Doug McMillon already – you may have come to the same conclusion. To choose the appropriate one is fundamental to avoid possible injuries and to secure an effective training at the same time. Probably most common of all it is the flat bank. As to his it indicates it name the flat bank is a surface flat, simple, it releases and it narrows. This type of bank is special to make press of bank to exercise the pectoral ones with bar or manuerna.

    The type of vertical bank is a species of bank with endorsement that helps to who is exercising itself to hold the position correct when exercises become of shoulders or biceps for example. The support for the back is fundamental. Soon it is the declined bank. This it is a great alternative especially for those who wants to exercise the part inferior of the pectoral ones but also to realise different types from abdominal exercises. The declined bank is one in which usually the legs and the knees will be to a height superior that the head. We could say that it has an inclination of 45 degrees but where we were head down. Finally we have the inclined bank that seemingly is similar to the flat bank and several flat banks even can become one inclined one. Generalemente the inclination can adjust for the exercise that is being realised. This function will allow you to attack muscles or certain specific parts of muscle. As conclusion we can say that each bank has its posivito and negative side. But in terms of practicidad personally eligira a flat bank with the option to recline and to secure an inclined bank, and of to be possible that one becomes vertical bank to remove the maximum benefit from your purchase and ahorrarte valuable space in your next family gymnasium. Soon other purchases will come that you will have to do, but a bank, a bar, a pair of mancuernas is the basic thing, and you can only make literally hundreds of exercises with that equipment.

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  • Santo Domingo

    A day before, the same day of the accident, the forgetful journalist of mostacho promoted all the Santo Domingo the first fruit. That not you they count it! , it waits for until the night and it walks dusting your Cds so that you remember of whom I am going to speak to you. Larry David shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. To the following weekend, the others were united magazines dominical nocturnes. Clearly, if Lcar had more than 20 points, now it touches to me. If they realize, the holders of Chinese promote day to day history of Jhonny Orosco and its clan. Covers show photos of group, whereas alongside superior left images of fotonovelas like Adviser by day, loving at night turn aside cautious If, already we know that they were like brothers, that ate of the same plate, which they were humble, that they gave money to him to the traveling comedians, who suffered, that cried, that began down from If then, we know now it, now tell us when no longer they are; history never to finish. The attention calls much once again to me that identification and indicated popular feeling.

    Now the miracles and requests come. The curve of the devil, in Commas, was illuminated. The put salary a photo in its windshield and the salary dreamed about Jhonny, it saved the life to him to a driver who lost the control of his combi while he listened to the songs of the group. 1 But no, did not explode. While they fall chichis to him to Francis in the theater, SAYS SAN OROSCO. continues pilgrimage to sanctuary of singer of Nectar 2 and outside the sanctuary of Collique – and by all sides flowers with their respective rain are not sold necessarily; they are sold like hot bread DVDs, poles, caps, posters, song books, etc.

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