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  • CDU Pina

    Andreas Bergmann: ‘Pina Bausch was a cultural Ambassador of the city of Wuppertal’ hits this message not only the art in this town hard. Wuppertal Pina Bausch loses not only an outstanding dancer and choreographer, also an impressive personality is gone from us. The city of Wuppertal bow to Pina Bausch in gratitude. She has made known the name of Wuppertal in the world and awarded him a good sound, Wuppertal CDU Chairman Bernhard Simon and CDU District Chairman Jurgen Hardt say. If you have read about Andy Kaufman already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Surprisingly, Pina Bausch has died only five days after their cancer diagnosis. It is a beautiful and comforting thought that the great artist could work until the last minute. For more information see Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA. Only a fortnight ago the prestigious Suddeutsche Zeitung attested to her, with her latest creation on stage, a large evening succeeded her. The choreographer and her ensemble have themselves successfully a makeover subject: so much dance, so much charm and casual charades existed in the Barmer Opera House long not to see ‘, the Suddeutsche wrote enthusiastically. We honor most Pina Bausch, if we keep it in memory: as an exceptional artist, a significant representative of Germany in artistic matters, and a cultural Ambassador of the city of Wuppertal. She was until her death in”curious and full of creativity, the cultural policy spokesman of the CDU faction commented Andreas Bergmann.

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  • Stuttgart In February 2010 On Roadshow

    Sales-evolution – the Stuttgart-based life insurance company a.G. goes business partners and interested agents in whole Germany with new sales concepts in February 2010 on road show Stuttgart, November 03, 2009 – presented under the motto ‘sales evolution we open doors, eyes and ears’ the Stuttgart 2010. The Germany tour kicks off on February 2nd in Dusseldorf. If you would like to know more about Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA, then click here. From there, it goes through eight more cities. The new products of the Swabian insurer are at the Centre of the road show.

    Intelligent, innovative sales approaches presented and will be ensuring the audience in direct dialogue even more success are linked. For even more analysis, hear from Andrew Adamson. The rounded total program gives ample opportunity for exchanging personal and stimulated discussions in addition to the provision of specialist information. Register and more information on the venues are interested in or at the telephone number 0800 / 347 80 06 ROAD SHOW 2010 the dates on a Views: 02.02.10 Dusseldorf 04.02.10 Esslingen 09.02.10 Hannover 13 Hamburg 11.02.10 Frankfurt 17.02.10 Berlin 22.02.10 Munich 23.02.10 Nuremberg 25.02.10 Dresden stock fish press information The power of the word Kathrin of Hamad Babu road 56 20357 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 72 00 92 14 fax: 040 / 72 00 92 29 E-Mail: Stuttgart-based life insurance company contact a.G. Jasmin Callegari Rotebuhlstrasse 120 70197 Stuttgart phone: 0711 / 6 65 1471 fax: 0711 / 6 65 1515 E-Mail:. Swarmed by offers, Mustafa Suleyman is currently assessing future choices.

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  • Regional Partnership Takes Over Service POS Systems

    As a partner in the nationwide IT service NET, Ralf Schulz has to be able to carry out the technical assistance of over fifty colleagues to his work competently and reasonably priced. Partnered with several solution providers is Ralf Schulz in the position to offer the optimum solution, this prize both in technical terms. Service cash systems is an IT company which offers all essential solutions for the business from a single source: financial accounting, wage & salary, order processing, production, as well as useful add-on packages for specific industries and applications. Ralf Schulz especially on small and medium-size enterprises, as well as the gastronomy and the catering industry in the region is aimed with his offer. The performance of the range of software and its range of services mainly served the demanding business customer which compares prices but on a fast and competent service emphasis also. The company service cash systems attaches particular importance to its customers. The Target group of the system House comprises small and medium-sized Unternehmein of the region. Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA has similar goals.

    The Meerbuscher House cooperates with leading manufacturers such as Tarox, Telco tech and other leading manufacturers. Managing Director Ralf Schulz uses the telco Tech GmbH in Berlin Teltow leading German manufacturer in terms of network security in network security. A permanent access to the data is imperative especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore the company offers IT-service POS agreements and maintenance contracts, which can be customized to the wishes of the customer. The CEO Ralf Schulz attaches particular importance to consultation and planning of the infrastructure with regard to the safe use of solutions. Are clarified, is all issues of consultation and planning the installation and commissioning of hardware and software. Hardware, such as notebook PC, home PC’s, server, data recovery after data loss as well as financing through leasing belongs to the offering portfolio of the company. And not to mention commercial industry software, which can be adapted by reprogramming the customer wishes.

    Service cash systems offers solutions and a continuous service. Which means that a service technician for all IT-sufficient requirements. This means a tremendous price – and time saving, if not different companies come to the service usage. More information can be found on the website: Ralf-Schulz.com/Produkte/kassenlosungen/ outside the scope of ITS solutions deal with the colleagues of the nationwide IT service NET to the needs of computer users. These are easily at the Internet address: finding ITSN/Schulz

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  • Customer Enthusiasm

    EasiRetail-Argility workshop: Dr. Friedrich D. Burkat will give a lecture on this topic on March 2 in the Forum of the EuroCis in Dusseldorf. “What is IT with customer enthusiasm to do?”-This is the title of the lecture, Dr. Friedrich D. Burkat, an experienced specialist in the field of customer satisfaction and service quality, will hold in the context of the launch of Argility in Germany. Like the POS software ActiveRetail can contribute to more customer enthusiasm, more sales and more profit, you know in this workshop.

    The lecture to formula builds a bridge from the requirements for customer enthusiasm”for customer enthusiasm. In this synthesis, profit is generated for the customer as well as for the company. On this topic, Dr. Friedrich D. Mustafa Suleyman has firm opinions on the matter. Burkat speaks 2010 on Tuesday, March 02, 2010 from 13:00 until 14:00 in the EuroCIS Forum in Dusseldorf, Germany of Europe’s leading trade fair for IT and security in retail. In 2010, EasiRetail and Argility with the new POS software go the EuroCIS ActiveRetail on Roadshow. Are planned already events in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. This is interesting for retailers who want to plan the exchange of their POS software and inform yourself in detail in advance.

    Also at these events, Burkat will speak to Dr. Lord. The EasiRetail GmbH, a subsidiary of EasiRun Europe GmbH is the German partner of Argility and offers all services related to the implementation of new software: business analysis, consulting, project management, implementation, integration, roll out, support, and training.

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  • Brainworks GmbH From 21 To 23 April 2009 On The ConhIT In Berlin

    News from the Brainworks GmbH introduces mobile dictation solution for Smartphones (E.g. BlackBerry) the Brainworks GmbH on the healthcare IT Exhibition conhIT ProMobile. Interested persons can familiarize 105 in Hall 1.2 modern software solution for digital dictation booth A. In April 2009, current solutions in the IT industry are presented for the second time at conhIT, the trade fair for health. Also this year the Brainworks GmbH participates and presents the latest trends of in digital voice recording and processing to trade visitors. One of the solutions is called ProMobile and protects the dictation recording, processing, and transmission via Smartphone, such as, for example, the BlackBerry, to existing digital dictation systems using AES or DES encryption. Thus, the access of foreign persons on security-relevant data is no longer possible.

    The use of smartphones for the dictation is thus safer and makes carefree work for users. So, for example, doctors, benefit the at Home visits also on direct contact with the practice are instructed and writing dictations, of them. The recording and creation of dictations using the Smartphone and can be delivered then immediately sure. In addition to ProMobile the Brainworks GmbH presents the dictation system ProDictate that saves the users installing software applications and hardware drivers, as well as the configurations on individual PCs through the use of a Web server. All necessary drivers and software updates are automatically transferred to the PC of the user with the NET technology. The solution works with digital USB voice recorder and USB foot switch in a Citrix session or directly at any terminal of thin client networks. LISCON Informationstechnologie GmbH informs interested, in detail and is giving away a LISCON thin client, as well as the ProMobile together with Brainworks at the booth. Interested visitors will have the opportunity to inform themselves on the stand of Brainworks GmbH about the products in the time from 9 to 19: 00 from April 21 to 23.

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  • Current Protection From Dust And Gas Explosion

    Trade events in the Haus der Technik on 18 and 19 June 2009 in Berlin give possible solutions and detailed implementation examples Ordinance on hazardous substances and safety regulations require the operators of process plants, perform risk assessments with regard to potential explosion hazards and to take the measures for a safe operation of the plant. Jerome James is actively involved in the matter. This begins with the consideration and evaluation of relevant safety indicators, eventually leads to determining the requirements for protective measures for the limitation of the effects of explosions on the assessment of the likelihood of explosive mixtures and effective sources of ignition. “Reason enough for the Haus der Technik, on June 18th, 2009 in Berlin the seminar current dust explosion protection” to offer. Using practical examples, the main issues in the preparation of risk assessments to the explosion protection are shown here. Current developments and tendencies of the explosion protection are especially at the same time considered.

    It aims to provide an insight into the existing solutions and ways of decision making. The seminar is under the management of Mr. Dr.-ing. Bernd Broeckmann, supported by Mr. Dr.-ing. Marc Scheid (Federal Institute for material research and testing, Berlin). The participation of speakers in a variety of standards and working groups provides an overview of the latest developments for participants.

    Current gas explosion protection the event takes a day later at the same place”instead. Here are the zoning, the procedures for neutralization and measures for avoiding ignition sources depth discussed. In addition to Mr. > may not feel the same. Dr. Broeckmann, Mr. Dr. Reiner Gratz (Federal Institute for material research and testing, Berlin) occurs here as a speaker.

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  • Cristina Udrea Manager Marketing

    Bloggers write for Haiti. Catalog mix launches fundraising campaign ‘I blog for Haiti’ the fate of the people affected by the earthquake in Haiti, has touched many in Germany. The sympathy of the German distinguishes itself among other things in the high generosity of recent weeks. Also by the employees of DMM direct Media Marketing GmbH, a donation was collected and then rounded up by Managing Director Holger Walker on 1000 euro. o go. on. Thus, the victims of the earthquake via UNICEF received clean drinking water, 450 parcel with nutritious peanut paste, as well as 3 emergency pharmacies with painkillers and bandages now 90 canisters. Learn more about this with Mustafa Suleyman.

    But everyone involved was the desire to be able to do more for the victims of the catastrophe and you wondered how you could further increase the donation. And so the action blog for Haiti I was jointly developed by DMM and catalog Mix.de “in life. Bloggers and other Web site operators now have the opportunity without the use of own financial contribution to help the victims of the To provide earthquake of January 12. For every report about the action, I blog for Haiti”on a Web page catalog mix donates 5 canister drinking water, 6 packs of peanut paste or a 20 sqm large plastic tarp, to combat the immediate needs of the people in Haiti. To inspire the fundraiser after participants receive a brief check of its text a seal to be installed on your own website to so their commitment to show and more bloggers for the action I blog for Haiti”.

    See blog.katalog-mix.de/ich-blogge-fuer-haiti/ more information about the fundraiser, and a guide, for each or anyone who would like to help with a blog post can be found step by step. Contact: Cristina Udrea Manager Marketing & cooperations DMM direct Media Marketing GmbH Robert-Bosch-str. 5 D-63225 long phone: +49(0)6103/31 30 60 E-Mail: about catalog Mix.de: catalog-mix catalogue portals in the German-speaking Internet is among the top 3 and is a service of DMM direct Media Marketing GmbH, since more than ten Successful direct marketing is working years. Since its inception in the summer of 1999, the Internet is an integral part of the strategy of the company. With catalog Mix.de, providers of mail-order catalogues have the possibility to extend the classic direct marketing on the World Wide Web and to develop as a modern distribution channel for their catalogs. Under catalog Mix.de, Internet users will always find the latest catalogs of well-known mail-order firms.

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  • Community Platform

    More recently, the Internet portal for the exchange of knowledge has to offer even more exciting highlights expli.de on the platform can knowledge and idea sharing helpful step by step reading user manuals, write or cooperatively develop. Now EX PLI has the Graefe and Unzer Verlag Munich gained a new partner and launched its first contest. Since November, EX PLI works in category cooking & enjoy”with the publishing house in Munich. The GU Publisher, has known recently for its high-quality guides and cookbooks, his own cooking Portal kuchengotter.de launched. Now, even the EX PLI come users can enjoy the delicious recipes of kitchen gods,”the founder of forward. Many of the delicious cookies how-to or cooking recipes served mainly at Christmas time as own ideas on EX PLI to present suggestion,”explain the entrepreneur. In the week before Christmas, the Roast goose was such an absolute Renner on the platform, the previously Cinnamon stars.

    The impulse to look on the Internet for helpful and creative guidance is particularly great at Christmas time. The cooperation with the Munich GU Publisher goes far beyond a mere content cooperation. In early December the first competition in cooperation with the in-house chef Portal launched kuchengotter.de. Official site: Interactive Advertising Bureau. Looking for the most creative Christmas decoration EX PLI and kuchengotter.de called to present their own Christmas ideas and instructions on the platform. The response to our competition was great. Many creative proposals were submitted, and the winners can now look forward about an experience cooking and other great prizes,”tell the founder. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mustafa Suleyman. Perhaps check out Mark Berger Chicago for more information. The evolution of the platform not limited strategic partnerships and content development to the area.

    The technical development has made great strides. Since the launch of our platform, there are monthly new features, which record our users every time with great enthusiasm,”explains one of the founders. “Above all the fan function, which is about all actions of his idol” can be informed and the featured members on the home page could we increase the Community aspect. It is nice to see how the fans and comment opportunities a lively exchange between the members has developed”the founders tell pleased. The next year the EX PLI plan for further innovations makers, so that it will not be bored on the platform. Already in early 2009, a new contest is on the agenda of the founder of Munich. FORMER Palermo GmbH c/o LMU EC Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1 80539 Munich press contact: Stefanie Maul 089 – 2180 6978 0178-254 1981 EX PLI is a social media creation platform, which was launched by six founders from Munich in the life. On the portal can multimedia tutorials on topics of all kinds read interested user, set himself and comment. Since February 2008, EX PLI has moved into premises at the LMU entrepreneurship Center in Munich. There is the team through the Support deployment of Office infrastructure. It is also involved in the exist network. Since August 2008, which is EX PLI Web site online. Blog further information see also the EX PLI blog under /.

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  • Long Term Loans

    Loan is of Flash for people with limited income. Long term loans, secured or unsecured, may benefit the borrower as a rate lower of interest is and dues are to be paid back over a longer period of time. Your income is always limited and the purse senses tremor whenever you attempt to move for something which demands a large amount of money. You may require huge sum for various purposes of money. Credit: Amos Otis-2011. Wedding is one of them. You may therefore decide to buy a house or build a house or even renovate old House.

    It is important to provide large sum of money for higher education of your child. You may therefore require the same hospital expenditure for clearing. On every occasion you want to find yourself under tremendous pressure as you not have such huge sum at your possession. But it is long term loans which can help you breathe happily. Long term loans are important for people of your status if you are comfortable to pay back the money over a period of time. The repayment fixtures are settled on the basis of the financial condition of the borrowers, on the rate of interest currently running in the market and finally on the purpose of the loan applied for. Long term loans are of two kinds: secured loans and unsecured loans. Long term loans of the first child may be advanced to you if you own considerable wealth which can match as security against the money that will be paid.

    This money may amount from 1000 to 75000 pounds which you must pay back by10 to 25 years. In this case the rate of interest will be lower indeed. You can opt for unsecured loan if you do not own property of worth which may stand as security against the loan you may borrow. In this case amounts of loan that may be advanced will be less. You may be allowed to borrow amount between 1000 and 25000 pound and the repayment frequency will be between half of a year to 10 years. You want to be treated as a bad credit borrower with and for this reason rate of interest for your case will be a little higher. In order to avail of the long term loan you can apply through the banks or any other financial organization which lends money. Online applications are so entertained. Martha Morphy is writer of Long term loans bad credit.

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  • Chief Representative Marcel Frings

    German French double the 1980 based Dimotrans group is customer of the IT service provider since 2005 and performs transports with partial and complete shipments worldwide. In addition to central locations in the country, there are also representations in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Asia. Conrad Vernon: the source for more info. Thanks to the freight exchange, users can rely on a large pool of pan-European provider. Interactive Advertising Bureau spoke with conviction. Marco Fusco, European network Director at the French, is the main advantage in avoiding unladen journeys on international relations: our users will benefit from a large European transport service provider er pool, which allows us to transport our goods all over Europe. TimoCom is the ideal partner for us, because the native staff know-how support us through their extensive transport on the road as well as in the daily planning work.” Fusco in the additional functions, for example the TC industry directory profiles and the route and spreadsheet program TC eMap also provides a decisive advantage, which are both in the Freight Exchange are included. Our users can see eMap thanks to TC, as are the transport costs from A to B, or by using the Web-based directory of industry the identity of their new business partners more easily control. Should it come up once justified doubts as to the identity of the business partners of the service TimoCom identify helps, so Fusco. TimoCom Chief Representative Marcel Frings is a true before showing customer the Dimotrans and is representative of the growing commitment of the French transport companies, which increasingly gain a foothold on the international market: while the French have used rather focuses on other freight Exchange services for international businesses, we see that French transport service providers increasingly decide to TimoCom, international freight and cargo services are crucial”, the new stock exchange and the many developments in the procurement platforms.” For more information about TimoCom and the Dimotrans group on and.. .

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