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  • 19Th Place At The Sales Awards 2012 For Autohaus Heidenreich

    The family-owned company from Witzenhausen says no blame is more urgent than that to say thanks. thank you” (Cicero) has thought up also the dealership Heidenreich: the sympathetic family business with branches in Eschwege, Witzenhausen and thanked currently with many attractive automotive offers its customers for their longstanding loyalty and the award for the year’s sales award. “As one of nationwide 350 participating car dealers of all brands and sizes the innovative dealership 19 could rank in the struggle for the popular sector price, with the most popular car magazine” annually 20 companies for the use of the sales staff, vehicle presentations, marketing for new and used cars as well as the interfaces to the service awards. Read more from Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA to gain a more clear picture of the situation. I not expected this success by far, especially not in front of the background of the strong competition”, Managing Director Jorg Heidenreich, delighted with his car dealerships in Witzenhausen and Eschwege in this year to the first time has participated in the recognized competition. The jury consisting of journalists and car market experts from our professional customer events was particularly fond. “So our customers as part of our development Mule hunting were allowed to ‘ earlier this year on a test track to test-drive some models such as for example the new Opel Ampera before launch”, proudly declares the 44-year old and wish to give a piece of the successful cakes of the company as contractor lovers of the brands Opel and Hyundai: as top 20 among sales professionals, my staff and I thank under Hamada/top-20 action / with many great deals for our customers for their trust. Without such an award would have been impossible”, as Heidenreich.

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  • Managing Director

    Audi delivers new touring car model Audi R8 LMS ultra on luximo holding UHC speed from Wurzburg/Neckarsulm March 2012. On time at the beginning of this year’s season gets luximo holding UHC speed two of the new Audi R8 LMS ultra. The 570PS-starke successor to the successful model Audi R8 LMS is characterised by an advanced aerodynamics and an optimized chassis. Just two weeks ago, succeeded Christopher Mies and Christer Jons along with Darryl O’young, the Ingolstadt GT3 cars 12 hours of Bathurst to win. This month the ADAC GT masters with the all-new touring car will compete in the race team sponsored by luximo holding from Roth the first race in the frame. For the racing team of luximo holding UHC speed everything according to plan is currently running.

    A few days ago, the new luximo holding and ZDC energy received sponsored racing team is one of the first copies of the Audi R8 LMS ultra, the successor of proven Audi R8 LMS. Pittsburgh Steelers often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Udo Zink, Managing Director of luximo holding UHC speed, it did not take, the new cars personally at the Audi plant in Neckarsulm in reception to take. Overall, Audi will deliver 20 units of exclusive sports car to customers in Japan and other Nations that racing enthusiasts. In addition to luximo holding UHC, speed the new top automotive receives only another German touring car team. Like its predecessor the current bolide characterized by a multitude of technical refinements that were refined again by the Audi engineers for the new model. Audi powered by a V10 Engine with 570 HP R8 LMS ultra has an optimized aerodynamics, a more efficient cooling and security package, has also to some advances in chassis. “The long inspection intervals remain a rennsportlicher advantage as the first model introduced in 2008 for the first time: after approximately 20,000 kilometres of racing R8 LMS is a major overhaul at the Audi ultra usually” due.

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  • Catering

    Alexander Herrmann opened Germany’s latest show kitchen at the Olympic Stadium of Berlin celebrity restaurateur Alexander Herrmann has opened the cooking lounge in Berlin. Germany’s latest show-cooking is a highlight of the event at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. There product presentations and catering training or theme nights to sports and healthy nutrition held in the future in addition to football matches, athletics competitions, concerts, conferences and weddings also cooking and kitchen parties. The five-star Stadium, underscoring his claim to leadership as a multifunctional venue of industry. First student in the cooking lounge was actor Axel Pape (alarm for Cobra 11, Soko”Coast Guard”).

    Herrmann showed him how a steak is cooked to perfection by it cook after the roast at one hundred degrees top and bottom heat for 35 minutes in the oven. I learned this really what”Pape was thrilled. He enjoyed visually, on the side of Stadium chief Joachim E. Thomas a steak after the others to prepare much to the delight of the guests of at the cooking lounge opening party, who came to enjoy of the food. Delighted by the enthusiasm with which the cooking lounge was adopted, was also the partner of the Olympic Stadium of Berlin; above all Miele. The device manufacturer has the show kitchen for the first time including a salamander for budding chefs (for Gratin and Caramelize) equipped with 41 devices. Also uniform fronts were developed together with the furniture specialist hackers three millimeters thick, brilliant white safety glass for furniture and appliances out. Go to Robert Wickner for more information.

    And Cosentino, manufacturers of particularly hard-wearing surface material contributed to the existing 90 percent natural quartz countertops, that have exceptional hygienic properties. The latter is a show kitchen, where up to forty participants at the same time can prepare menus for nearly two hundred guests, of particular importance. Also professional chef Alexander proved similarly thrilled Hammond: The cooking lounge leaves no wish unfulfilled for professionals as well as for ambitious amateurs; the concept convinced me.” Of the Berlin Olympic Stadium will delight now both the event scene, companies and private individuals. Because the cooking lounge is open to all people. Who is not a star chef such as Alexander Herrmann, can try out there on the stove. Then chefs by Stadium caterer ARAMARK to the side stand. Crucial to stadium head Joachim E. Thomas, argued, that would equally happy cooked in the cooking lounge, played enthusiastically in the stadium and fought. Overall the cooking lounge is a valuable addition to the already varied offer in the stadium,”said Joachim E. Thomas. The Managing Director of the company stressed that the Berlin Olympic Stadium is more than a football stadium, more than an arena for sporting excellence or major events at world level. So, how have felt comfortable here on the one hand the Pope and thousands believers, take advantage of companies with only two hundred or twenty employees our seminar rooms for meetings or product presentations. With the cooking lounge we offer an attractive reason to come to our Stadium all now.” This, said Thomas, the partners, their products and services are an excellent basis for the success of our cooking lounge.

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  • Cooperation Between Produkte

    Herisau, March 8, 2010 cooperation between Produkte24.com and sport travel Teltow. Sabine and Michael Teltow Organizer industry for fishing trips are known for over 15 years. Their name stands for experience, usability, reliability, competence and good service. This year the two have ventured the step to independence and want to offer the maximum quality, service and performance. Sports travel Teltow offers tours in the following regions: Southern Norway the Norwegian Riviera. The mild climate ensures that southern Norway is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The South is accessible with the fast ferries of the color line from Denmark in just three hours. See World Cup for more details and insights. Between the archipelago on sloping edges and plateaus is successfully fished for cod, saithe and Pollack.

    In the familiar and close to the rivers is successfully fished for salmon and trout. The provinces belong to Western Norway’s Rogaland, Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane and More og Romsdal. In Rogaland, you can choose between very good and excellent sea fishing Choose fjord fishing. Who would like to fish better sheltered from the wind, can experience great moments in the Ryfylke fjords, while Kvitsoy offers a varied sea fishing. The provinces of Sor-Trondelag and Nord-Trondelag are the most popular fishing areas. The warm Gulf stream makes for an incredible wealth of fish and excellent fishing each year attracts many Petri disciples after Central Norway. North Norway provides the optimum for all sea anglers, the raging sea salmon beyond the 1 m-class, kapitalste catfish, cod giant over the 20 kg mark and the King of the plates on the planks of the boat want to heave.

    North Norway offers arguably the best sea fishing around the world! Press contact: A. Zuberbuhler Produkte24.com P.o. box 1544 9102 Herisau / Switzerland + 41 (0) 44 586 59 69 cy/sports travel teltow-4840 / about Produkte24.com: Produkte24.com is a search engine for product catalogues. Currently use the Katalogsuchmaschine monthly over 1,500,000 visitors and consider nearly 13,000,000 Catalog pages. In the German-speaking Internet, Produkte24.com is one of the 1000 most visited websites (source: Alexa.com). The catalog index and catalog archives include approximately 20,000 catalogues, which were found on the Internet or manually submitted.

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  • Motorsport-Total.com Exclusive Online Media Partner Of The Race Of Champions

    Now in Germany this year the world’s best racers occur for the first time the race of champions – the race of champions in a direct duel German soil to Motorsport-Total.com is as exclusive online media partner with at the start. Which driver is the fastest in the world independent of technology and bolide? This matter will be clarified for the first time this year on German soil. On the weekend of the 27th and 28th November 2010 arena rises in the Dusseldorf ESPRIT the race of champions. In the arena of 50,000 people, the world’s best riders of different racing series of the motor sports meet at the end of the season: among the seven formula one Champion Michael Schumacher, formula 1 shooting star Sebastian Vettel, former champion Alain Prost and Sebastien Loeb rally legend. Add to your understanding with Simone Biles. If the driver under identical conditions, Motorsport-Total.com as exclusive online media partner with a brand identity at the event will be represented. In each race, the racers are drive exactly identical cars and deliver is thrilling head-to-head on a parallel course. In the framework of the Event promotion giving away Motorsport-Total.com, roc an exclusive price: A Motorsport-Total.com readers may take place during the competition in addition to one of the pilots in the car. The action is extensively advertised the leading motorsport portal in Germany to Motorsport-Total.com and settled as a viral campaign on the platform of Facebook.. Connect with other leaders such as Sean Rad here.

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  • Lake Constance

    Poverty flows through the whole country is an action of the Cafee with heart invitation to the cycling tour of the 5.8 19.8.2011 of the village Eriskirch on Lake Constance to Hamburg / 14 days – 14 stages – 1300 km across Germany and maybe in your area / start on August 5 in water at 8:00, meeting point are ancient wooden bridge / the go-ahead Mayor Markus Spieth. (ddp-tp) On August 5, it has finally come. After months of preparation, a cycle of very special articles starts 10 homeless people in village Eriskirch on Lake Constance or people in poverty passing 1300 km by bicycle across Germany and the participants of the tour set a sign against poverty and exclusion are unemployed and even homeless in part several years. Among the cyclists means hard training, a total transformation of their daily structure, discipline and reliability for the newbies”and as individuals in a team find their place. Filed under: Michael Phelps. This nationwide tour to draw attention to the example of the fate of many people and indicate to which performance, people living in poverty are able, if you only leaves and gives them a chance. The tour schedule at a glance: start on August 05, 2011, 8:00 old wooden bridge water/Lake Constance at the Schussen (launched by the Mayor of the village Eriskirch, Mr Markus Spieth-> cycle path: Schussen, cycle path, regional maps to Erbach an der Donau 120 km further departures-> then 8:00 at the Town Hall of the following cities: 6.8 Erbach – Donauradweg 2 stage Donauworth 7.8. Donauworth – cycle romantic road to Rothenburg/Tauber in stage 3 8.8 Rothenburg/Tauber – cycle lovely Tauber Valley (classic) to Tauberbischofsheim 9.8 Tauber Bishop home – cycle lovely deaf Valley), Taintalradweg to Gemunden 10.8. Gemunden – Rhon-Sinntal-Radweg cycle, regional bike paths to Fulda 11.8 Fulda – Fulda bicycle path to Bad Hersfeld 12.8.

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  • With The Dakine Luggage In The Ski Holiday

    Travel luggage for any occasion in the Dakine online shop. Munich, 29.11.2010 which are winter holiday shortly before, and so the possibility of everyday life for a while to escape. Whether for a short break in the Sun or a longer ski trip Dakine has the right luggage for that! The bags and luggage collection by Dakine presents itself in new colors and versatile models. The quality brand is known for rugged and practical Travelbags. Extensive luggage can be easily transported with spacious trolleys.

    These can be easily moved thanks to the retractable telescopic handles, or worn when needed stable carrying handles. The split convertible trolley is a highlight among the rolling suitcases. A few handles the functional case can be separated easily into two parts. Both parts of the case can be used separately depending on the need. The Dakine travel bags in various sizes are perfect for shorter trips. Read more from Drew Brees to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

    The selection ranges from compact shoulder bags over practical sports and Freizeitbags up to spacious Reisetrolleys. Whether with or without wheels, laptop compartment or ventilated wet compartment for wet ski stuff in this selection every what is for. The Dakine developed for overhead trolley the Re-Gen who value sets in the luggage on environmentally responsible materials. The wheeled bags consists completely from 100% recycled PET bottles. That makes him not only an environmentally friendly travel companion, he’s also super light and spacious at the same time. All-in-one offers the travel set the Dakine jet setters collection. Available in various designs specifically for boys and girls all accommodate necessary travel accessories trolley bag, dufflebag and wash bag. The spacious wheeled bags is easy to move thanks to the sturdy polyurethane wheels and approved with the practical size for most travel companies as hand luggage. The handy sports – and Freizeitbag can be easily attached to the telescopic rods of the trolleys and the matching bags can all cosmetics and Care appliances are stowed. Whether for the weekend in the nearest ski slopes or the Christmas holidays in the Caribbean in the Dakine online shop, everyone can find the perfect piece of luggage for your next trip! The current article and offers a customer via the Dakine shop, see I ordered last week a bike backpack with the Dakine shop me and was very surprised that this and many other things are cheaper there than at some other branches. So bought and shipped email received on Friday evening. And although I really don’t expect it the package was there then on Saturday, the next day with me! Great, because I could use the backpack well on the weekend. I can recommend the shop really only looking for things that style and have very good quality.

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  • Bandanatuchern Hats

    To achieve this, it has become promising j. reinforced, among other things with the two Americans, the Playmaker Timothy Smith and the power forward Rahshon Clark, who could quickly become audience favorites with their athleticism. This is not enough: In the medium term the rise in the second Basketball League ProB the ambitious objective. For the Anthec GmbH and their project, Hut.de means the sponsoring of the UBC Munster, however, entering new territory. The conclusively drawn up campaign aims to be better known in Munster and surroundings and to raise the profile of the company at the regional level.

    Although the main focus remains the online mail order, but would like to you on-site to draw attention and gain new customers. The prerequisites for this are given: the premium web shop Hut.de offers a broad and balanced range of headwear of renowned Hat manufacturers and selected trend brands. There are classically timeless Hutformen as well as elegant occasion hats, before wind and Outdoormodelle protective weather. So are in Germany manufactured cylinder and melons to the standard collection as bridal hats or functional rain hats. Fashionable knitted hats, sports caps, trendy caps and functional head – Bandanatuchern extends the varied for men, women and children. Also matching accessories such as combinable scarves and gloves may lack at this point nor as useful Hat care products.

    The online shop of Hut.de is modern and clearly structured design, so that each one can navigate with ease through the range. Towards the new hat is simplified by the menu divided into occasion, style and brand. Hut.de offers free shipping within Germany, a 100-tagiges right of return and a toll-free telephone hotline with expert advice, to make ordering as convenient as possible. Can Hat lovers from Munster and surroundings, which are not as Internet-affine and spot like a hat would look for, Monday to Friday visit the Vienna Castle Road, is advice and consider the various models of hat from nearby and try on. A showroom in which presented a balanced selection of current collection items, waiting for interested customers. Of course, here also all fans of the UBC Munster are particularly welcome. by Ralph Hofting

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  • Dubai Shopping Festival

    “Shopping and entertainment extravaganza the annual Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), in Arabic Layali Dubai” called, started this year on January 20th and ends on February 20. The motto of One World One Family One Festival”. The original reason for the introduction of the Festival in 1996 was by the Government to promote trade in Dubai. Since then, the Festival has evolved into a huge tourist attraction. 2009 the number of visitors rose to more than 3.35 million people. Customers have a wide variety of goods such as gold, jewelry, perfume, clothing as well as the chance to purchase rugs and art with discounts of up to 70 percent also have the opportunity to experience a rich cultural program for the whole family. The Festival begins and ends each year with a spectacular fireworks display on the Burj Khalifa Boulevard and the Dubai Creek Park. The Festival site itself offers room for many events such as an international fashion shows, street performances, laser shows, Aqua Fantasia shows and the ‘ children of the World Olympics ‘.

    In the global village, a major part of the Festival, for visitors some of the main attractions of the series of events. Many different exhibitors from all over the world meet there and give an insight into their culture. Live accompany performances by national and international artists like Tamer Housni (February 3), Amy Winehouse (February 11), Pharrell Williams and N.E.R.D. (10 February) and Fadel Shaker and Haifa Wehbe (February 18) the Festival musical. For children, there are cartoon shows with characters like Tarzan, Spiderman, Casper or some Pokemons.

    In addition, dolphin shows are offered. Sport enthusiasts can participate in various competitions and sports such as tennis, hockey, ice hockey, soccer and rowing. You should not miss this unique atmosphere and visit the town and the Festival, which opened a few days. The German intermediary Dubai holiday dreams in all Dubai offers cheap hotel rooms or apartments during the Festival. In addition you have also the possibility, versatile excursions in the city book.

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  • Material Flow Congress: Centiveo GmbH Presents RFID-based Solutions

    New warehouse management system is presented as of one of the leading systems integrators for development, planning, implementation and operation of primarily RFID-based identification solutions presents the Centiveo GmbH on the material flow Congress in Munich, on the 15th and 16th April 2010, booth 22 central theme is the use of RFID technology. Centiveo presents current projects the trade visitors and informs about RFID potentials and trends. Centiveo offers its customers no island solutions but all RFID processes votes so that they can be integrated easily into the existing software solutions environment. In addition, the usage of RFID applications Centiveo is integrable type and version of the possibly existing ERP system regardless. RFID-based solutions are individual and industry can be used.

    The range of offered services is therefore very complex. It is offered a comprehensive consultation around the topic of the transparent process chain and process optimization. The innovative labelling by Products and materials (RFID, barcode, matrix code, stamping or laser procedures) with the aim of automatic identification is means to an end. Various solutions to the use of information systems on production and distribution level to improve the transparency and turnaround time in the value chain, as well as the support of quality management and traceability can be broken down on the basis of a detailed analysis of the process. Its core expertise in warehouse management systems will prove centiSTORE Centiveo on the material flow Congress in Munich with the proprietary software. The warehouse management software covers the entire supply chain via the warehouse management and control and dispatch.

    For the application, the aspects of cost reduction and time savings are in the first place, the error prevention provides immediate assistance within the process optimization in this context. For even more opinions, read materials from Tony Ford. The warehouse management software is a software that is modular and industry-independent. Special customer wishes can therefore be achieved without high implementation costs. The constant optimization of all solutions using innovative RFID components are the focus of research and development work. Centiveo cooperates closely with Siemens AG and other leading solution partners in the realization of projects. Centiveo is different from others you find out twenty Nadja Kaul

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