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  • Healthy Ways To Transport Pets

    Nowadays, almost every family has a four-legged friend. Someone one animal, someone has slightly different species. There are cases where we need to take a cat or a dog somewhere with them, for example, to give or veterinaries. But Not all animals are adequately and safely tolerate transportation, and be sure to take into account the weather! Before the trip in the car is better not to feed an animal for a few hours that there was no vomiting, give water possible. Cats and small dogs are best transported in a carry.

    Animals need to pre-train to the car, take it seriously. First, you need to get used to the animal in the car with the engine shut off, let your cat or dog how to explore a new place. It is important at this time does not frighten your pet. When the first stage is passed, introduce your pet with a running but not moving vehicle. If the animal is accustomed and no fear, You can also try to brief trip. The travel time is better to increase gradually. If this method does not lead to a positive result, the animal will be prepared in advance for the trip, giving him a veterinary drug ("cat Bayun>> apply for instructions). For large and medium-sized dogs can use a specially designed hammocks (they are sold in major pet stores). Do not let a trip to freely move around inside the vehicle animals, as well as put out head through the open windows.

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  • Hypothermia And Sunstroke

    Hypothermia and sunstroke – two enemies that can really kill you. They pursue the rights to all his way in the wilderness, from the southern hot deserts of the south, to the chilling cold of the steppes north. Hypothermia should be note that the risk of hypothermia is very large in the harsh winter conditions, but there is a certain percentage likelihood that hypothermia can comprehend a man in northern and southern latitudes at dusk. At low temperatures, the body tries to warm up, depositing blood in internal organs. This leads to a cooling in the first limb, there is a risk of multiple frostbite. Supercooling of the organism entails a number of irreversible processes.

    Due to the deposit of blood in the organs, it is not so much in the bloodstream. This phenomenon causes oxygen starvation and, hence, loss of consciousness, a high probability of pathological processes until death. At the first sign of hypothermia – numbness of limbs, trying to move, to kindle a fire, jump into a natural hot springs, wrapped in skin killed earlier animal, drink hot water with fire, in a word do everything to keep warm. The case of sunstroke in warm climates with high temperature, humidity, scorching heat of the sun. During the day most likely to get overheated body. The first signs of sunstroke is a headache, dizziness, weakness. When you see these signs immediately seek shade, cool head tying her white water-soaked (in extreme cases the urine), tissue (piece of T-shirts, shirts, t-shirts). Sunstroke can cause vomiting, which leads to dehydration, and if the traveler is no water reserves, his life is placed under threat.

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  • North Atlantic Water

    The question arises: what? The answer to this question: fresh water. If you just add a lot of freshwater into the North Atlantic, its waters become less salty and dense. They stop falling. Gulf Stream will slow its course or change direction to the south. You may find Sam Mikulak to be a useful source of information. Winters in the North Atlantic area will be significantly colder. In 2003, oceanographers studying the state of water in the North Atlantic, came to the conclusion that it was strongly desalination, especially in the last ten years. foc brings fresh water from the surface down into the depths. They can absorb like a sponge, lots of fresh water.

    But since 1970, intake of fresh water has increased, its volume can be compared with an additional layer of 65 meters, spilled over the entire North Atlantic. The best part was keen Conveyor belt in the deep ocean since 1990. Sponge filled three-quarters can still absorb water. But when it is filled with fresh water as a whole, more than it did not come. The same thing will happen with the North Atlantic. Soon she stop to absorb fresh water, and she begins to accumulate on the surface, and then conveyor will stop working. Desalination began in the North Atlantic, and which are a consequence of melting ice due to high temperature the planet's atmosphere – is a signal to start the big changes in the physical properties of the ocean. Already, the surface water in the Greenland Sea sinks to the 2O% slower than, for example, in 1970.

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