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  • European Dog

    In many European countries, there are cottages where pets are allowed. They are on the new homepage of Cofman.de with an own search function makes it easy to find. Herning, January 27, 2011: Dogs are the most popular pets in Germany after cats. And the majority of all dog owners want to have their four-legged friend also on holiday with him. Holiday House portal Cofman.de can be found with a special search Europe holiday houses, where dogs are allowed. Denmark is a particularly suitable destination for a holiday with dog. It is easy to reach by car not only from Germany out, but generally considered to be particularly dog-friendly.

    Dogs are allowed on almost all beaches. In the low season between October and April in many places even without a leash. /’>Cushman and Wakefield recognizes the significance of this. In addition, there are over 250 dog forests in Denmark. These are blocked off areas where dogs in the high season without a leash can play. But also in other European countries, there are dog-friendly vacation homes. In approximately 50,000 total 200,000 Pets are allowed with cottages, which can compare tourists via the online portal Cofman.de, book.

    Most of the time without additional costs. Who would like to specifically looking for such holiday homes, can choose to simply the equivalent field in the search mask. The criterion pets”allows you to take one, two or multiple pets and can be combined with a variety of other search criteria. So it is possible to find a holiday home that matches the own needs. For example the cozy cottage No. 34394 in Danish West Jutland. A sauna and Jacuzzi allow holidaymakers of wellness in your own four walls. The living room is equipped with a fireplace. Ideal for intimate evenings for two holidays with dog. A week in the 55-square-foot House is available in low season from 290 euro. For families who prefer with their four-legged friends in the South, there are, for example, the apartment No. 332280 in Tuscany. This is of four flats, are the former barn built in 1900 in one year to one. The apartment facilities include a fireplace in the large living room, satellite TV, dishwasher and washing machine, as well as a pool with panoramic views. The 103-square-foot apartment in the vicinity of Florence is available during the high season from 834 euros for a week. In the tenth anniversary of the fast-growing Portal Cofman, already half a million holiday-makers from Germany have found their cottage. A quarter of them with domestic animals. Cofman.de: Cofman.de is the most commonly used House portal for Scandinavia and is established for ten years on the market. More than 200,000 accommodations in the core markets of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, as well as 14 other European countries are online books on German and eight additional languages available. As one of the fastest online portals on the Web, Cofman.de provides quotes from reputable vendors such as Interhome, Novasol and inter Chalet as well as private holiday home owners and local Special party on an Internet site with direct comparison function.

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  • Sunday Hurtigruten

    The story of the most beautiful sea voyage in the world that more than 2,400-kilometer coast between Bergen and Kirkenes was one of the richest fishing grounds in Norway in the 19th century. The charts were inaccurate, but especially in the North, there were only a few lighthouses. Treacherous reefs, narrow sounds, small islands and Skerries made this important by sea very dangerous. Therefore, the search for a safe trade route was crucial for the connection between the northern and southern Norway. It was the ship Advisor August Kriegsmann Gran who first brought up the idea of a regular and fast ship connection to transport mail and goods between Trondheim and Hammerfest.

    A meeting brought him his dream with the merchant and Captain Richard With closer. Gran, with Director of the shipping company, Vesteraalens Dampskibsselskap, in a four-year contract, agreed that his ship line will take weekly trips between Trondheim and Hammerfest in the summer and between Trondheim and Tromso in the winter. The Government promoted the project with 70,000 Norwegian kroner. Together with the pilot Anders Holte with took over the careful mapping of the waters along the coast of Norway once. On Sunday, July 2, 1893 it was time: completed the steam boat DS Vesteraalen from the Quay in Trondheim at 8:30 and headed on Hammerfest for the first time.

    There, the ship made 67 hours later, on July 5, 1893 at 3:30 a.m., 30 minutes before schedule. The Hurtigruten (“too German: the fast route”) were in the business. This event marked the beginning of what many consider to be a revolution of communication in Norway call. For the first time was possible for coastal residents together in connection to occur, even in the winter. Transferring mail from Trondheim to Hammerfest had been to date about five months in the winter, now it took only a few days with the Hurtigruten. The route became the lifeline to coastal populations. The Hurtigruten ships brought food and goods to far-away places and also news and news from sorely missing relatives and friends from a distance. Many shipping companies joined and expanded the route with more stops and more frequent departures. Bergen later became the southernmost port, While Kirkenes marked the northernmost port and turning point of the route. Since 1936, there are daily Hurtigruten runs between Bergen and Kirkenes, only interrupted by the second world war. Tourism has played a role in the development of the Hurtigruten from the very beginning, because the ships make available the unique coastal culture and unspoilt natural guests. Since the 1980s, the Hurtigruten ships with a focus on comfort for guests, as well as the modern cargo handling are designed. Between 1993 and 2003 nine were exchanged ships in the wake of the biggest wave of modernisation of the Hurtigruten to date eleven Hurtigruten. Good restaurants, fitness and wellness areas with sauna and Jacuzzi are now key elements of the Hurtigruten and increase the comfort of the guests on board. A total of 70 ships have the Hurtigruten

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  • Italy

    Italy’s most beautiful island has it all: top beaches, mountain villages, ancient site, no silence and yet quiet and infinity the feeling of happiness when you are looking for a beach holiday, be it your dreams in Sardinia. There are landscapes, which is known only from the television. Perhaps check out Martin Feldstein for more information. Goat bells ringing. Bright laughter sounds from the bar on the corner. Otherwise there is silence – the morning is so on the most beautiful island in Italy: top beaches and mountain villages, ancient sites and scents of happiness.

    The coast of Sardinia is indescribable. After someone there for the first time, almost breathing stops him when he discovered this wonderful, pure and true nature for themselves. The backpackers are here. It is recommended to rent a car, because the link between different regions is not as good in Sardinia has many treasures to discover. It takes not much to bring: swimsuit or bikini, a pair of shorts and two T-Shirts, sunglasses and Flip-Flops, sunscreen and a good book. If someone a small apartment Bay, expected mostly a pretty cottage that is small and intimate, completely hiding him among plants.

    It is especially nice in the countryside: almond trees, olives, fennel and Mint, no people on the streets. If you’re lucky, you might meet a few sheep or goats, which run across the road and some tourists who ride with their expensive mountain bikes through the natural Idyll. Sardinia is perfect for an active holiday, no matter whether you prefer surfers, biking, hiking or jogging. If you go down to the beach, there are now dozens of sailboats, surfboards and kayaks in the white sand. If someone but after doing nothing, they are also right. Nowhere you can relax better and simply just enjoy the nature, in the water and soak up the Sun. The scent of Sardinia, spicy herbal nuances and sweet fragrance of the fig trees, which are available here in sun-kissed bodies by the roadside and smell of the sea, unique flavour of Sardinia is indescribable.

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  • The May Summer In The Passauer Land In Bavaria

    Lust on natural spring in the Bavarian Forest – tips on the blue power who knows it not, the dropouts, the beautiful blue Danube. About 55 kilometers meanders the Danube by the Passauer land and conjures up a fascinating river landscape. The may Sun makes waves in the coolest shades of blue shimmer and seduced to tours on the land and water. Mustafa Suleyman has compatible beliefs. Entering the pedals and start in the spring on the Danube cycle path. Across the narrow valley of the Danube and the Danube guide – nature reserve on along the blue electricity.

    (Inclusive tours and cycling maps). And after the tour: with a freshly caught fish of Danube gather new forces. Event tips for the start of spring: bike totally in the Danube valley – Sunday, may 03, 2009. The left and right bank of the Danube heard all the cyclists, from Passau Wesenufer. 70 km road are for closed.

    Here for the cycling season on the Donauradweg kicks off traditionally. The highlight in the 2009 shipping season: An adventure tour with the Crystal ship. Can be on the exlusiven with Swarovski Kistallen crafted ship, enchanted by the magic of the water. From 11 April from Passau in the Bavarian Austrian Danube valley several times a day. It’s the mix – spring smell in the Bavarian Forest Grunbunter carpet from buds, leaves and flowers: exciting farm experience for children, culture and shopping in the flowers colorful Tri-River City of Passau for MOM and dad – but also for Grandma and Grandpa. During the spring holiday on a farm in the Passauer land, are you in the midst of nature and experience the Spring Awakening live! Smell the spring in the forest. With go on a guided adventure hikes through the National Park Bavarian Forest. You can taste the spring: daily fresh milk from the cows on your farm. It couldn’t be fresher. Discover tips to the Bavaria: Bavarian customs experience: located on the market square of Buchlberg, the maypole is raised on 1 May. It is entertaining and exciting around the Maypole on May 23. Then there’s the may Festival with Maypole dough. Spectacle as in the middle ages: Schloss Ortenburg Castle is the perfect setting for the impressive Knights games which will be held from June 11 to 14 in Ortenburg. New this year: opposites pull the Knight Festival of the children on the 6th and 7th June on meadow scent and city air, silence and Festival crowds, natural cuisine and hearty – enjoy it in your nature holiday in the Passauer land. Test how exciting and relaxing are opposites. Animated nose, eyes and ears: a hike on the trail sense a guided tour of the baroque city of Passau, with Dreiflusserundfahrt, a visit of the SteinWelten in the Centre of granite Bavarian Forest and a white sausage breakfast with Brez n and wheat beer.

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  • Norway Schengen Visa

    Why for me and all the tourists, the Russians who went to tour in Scandinavia in the travel tour group from the tour operator's Neva River, was decorated Norwegian Schengen visa. And why Schengen visa gives permission to visit the country within the entire Schengen area, refer to a particular country. Why does it depend? This combined tour (fly by plane to Norway) envisaged to visit 4 countries in Scandinavia. Add to your understanding with Chris Miller. Norway, was the first country in which we find ourselves, and there we spent almost 4 days, but in other countries, we were only 1-2 days. (Source: David Delrahim). Since within the Norwegian the state we were longer than in other countries we visited (separately) during this trip, then Norway is the main place of our prebyvaniya.Stalo be its consulate (or embassy) engaged issue a Schengen visa for tourists, respectively, and the visa was Norwegian.

    Nevertheless, the very origins of the visa (which country issued it) does not have any effect on the right of priority of stay Russian citizen in one country or another Schengen. However, if you ask asylum in one of those Schengen countries, the question of whether to provide you with a shelter or not, will be treated in a country whose visa you have. For example, If you have a visa Norwegian, then the question will be resolved in Norway. If Swedish, then, respectively, in Sweden. And, if you have a Norwegian visa, and surrendered (turned into a police station as asylum seekers) in Sweden, then you sent to Norway and there will solve the problem. Though there are exceptions. I recommend to read the article yet Schengen visa-history of both. As is clear from this article, the presence of a Schengen visa issued by a You can not required to ensure unimpeded passage of your border. In other words, even with a visa you can wrap the back.

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  • Summer Ease On The Swedish Riviera

    “With TT-line on the Swedish West Coast the most popular seaside resorts on the Swedish West Coast: TYLoSAND, Varberg, Mellbystrand Hamburg/Travemunde, June 2013 Sommaren ar kort” (the summer is short) reminds the Swedish hit from the 80s that is celebrated every day in Sweden. And the Sweden to do that! With fondness on the West Coast in the southern province of Halland. Most popular the Sun bathing and relaxing in the in resort of TYLoSAND is called the Swedish Riviera, affectionately. Who wants to experience the lightness of summer on the Swedish Riviera, travels very relaxed to the TT-Line ferry port of Travemunde and Rostock to Trelleborg. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Walt Dohrn. 79 Euros, the easy ferry ride for five people including car TYLoSAND costs Sweden’s most fashionable Beach scene of the rich and famous can be reached from Trelleborg in less than two hours by car. In the summer, the Swedish celebrities who have their summer villas cavort in TYLoSAND and with a little luck also an international star like Richard Gere. In addition to the seven kilometre long sandy beach with magnificent dunes and water quality, the seaside resort for the most exclusive Golf Club of the country stem town Golfklubb is known. Also for the hotel TYLoSAND, located in the possession of the Swedish pop of Roxette star per Gessle. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Joe Stillman.

    Varberg stronghold of wind surfers North of TYLoSAND in Apelviken in Varberg, is a paradise for windsurfers, some say it is the best in Northern Europe. The waves come directly from the Kattegat and build high up in shallow water. But in the summer, the bright nights, providing water sports happiness until late in the night are the highlight. Non-surfers can visit the seaside resort of Varberg with the Afar and imbued with five onion Kallbadhuset beneath the fortress of Varberg. The charming seaside resort is one of the most popular bathing and spas in Sweden.

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  • Small Escapes – Great Effect

    Exclusive photo travel in the autumn of 2012 in the fantastic landscapes of Provence, and Lanzarote, as well as individual photo tours Paris France / Provence – from September 22 until October 13, 2012 photo Flaneur France offers three exciting photo tours in small groups through different areas of Provence. Dedicated Amateurfotografinnen and photographers, like SudfrankReich and are looking for individual support for the development of their fotografischen abilities, trips with photo Flaneur France provide optimal conditions: each a week long the maximum of four participants on the lasting several hours, daily excursions are in the environment a diploma Bildjournalistin and France expert professionally and personally advise and support. The participants learn to trust their views and to employ its own creative strengths. At a joint meeting of the photo you receive valuable tips to your own images every day. The extraordinary photo tours in Provence are in the autumn of 2012 under the three mottos: “” Bergfrieden and declines “, winding and haunting” as well as durchblicke and spaces. From 22nd to September 29, 2012, the first photo tour, titled leads Bergfrieden and declines”in the hinterland of Nice. “Among other things a Lokomotivfahrt train pignes de await” the pine cone train “through wild mountain landscapes in the mountains up.

    It is offered an all-day photo excursion to Antibes and a photo walk through the perfume town of Grasse. Winding under the name and haunting”are from 29 September to 6 October 2012 in the lovely area around Avignon and St. Remy de Provence. An excursion is one of the highlights of the second photo tour to a street art festival, and in the medieval of Avignon of city of Pope. In addition the visit of one of the most beautiful Provencal markets in Carpentras. The third trip from 6 to October 13, 2012 has spaces and vistas”motto. It leads in the Luberon of surroundings of Bonnieux, Apt and Roussillon.

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  • Marrakech Planning

    Fabulous Hostel in Marrakech are the most hostels in Marrakech riads: this is a traditional name for ancient, ornately furnished houses with a garden. Marrakech’s hostels can really be described as quiet oases in the city’s vibrant, chaotic and exotic streets and they deserve this name. Marrakech is a city with thousands of faces, alive, fast and incredibly beautiful. Morocco to yourself has much to offer for tourists: the famous desert from the Marrakech easily or Atlas mountains reach, but don’t forget to spend a few days in the Medina, in the old town. If you are not convinced, visit Joe Stillman. Here you can find a nice selection of spices, ceramics, furniture and jewelry on the souks (traditional markets).

    The selection of goods is endless and it is really fun to trade with sellers! You spend one of the most popular places in Morocco, known for its restaurants and bras with dancing, music, attractions with snakes one evening in Djemaa el Fna, and Story-tellers. If you want to take a closer look at culture of Marrakech, you can visit the landmark – Koutoubia mosque, Dar SI said Museum and the Saadian tombs. Also always visit Hammam (a traditional bath) and enjoy a relaxing massage. Then, a cup of sweet mint tea on the roof of the hostel is particularly good taste you! I’m looking for a still a hostel in Marakesh. Here for a list of our favourites! Riad Rahba hostel Riad Rahba hostel is located in the Centre of the city, close to the famous souks. This is a great hostel with a long tradition.

    This family-run, enchants its guests with the traditional Moroccan hospitality and has cheap prices. There are no dorms, hostel offers single, double and triple rooms, all with private bathrooms. Of the hostels roof terrace you have views of the city and the Atlas mountains. The traditional Moroccan mint tea (Nana Mint) there are free, continental breakfast is also included in the price.

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  • Autumn Travel

    Active Arlaub – active in the Golden autumn in North Germany – holiday, far away from city traffic. In the autumn it is much quieter in the most popular destinations in Northern Germany. Widespread the low season begins in September, so it is quite worthwhile to keep an eye out for hidden treasure in the area of accommodation or offers. Who has the opportunity to take a short vacation in the autumn, should consider himself lucky, mostly it saves the purse strings and the recreational value is at least as high as in the summer. Who stays in North Germany has the possibility to rediscover whole tracts of land that would have you possibly hidden in the high season.

    To make active holiday, use the autumn time. The necessary tools for a hike, a bike ride or a terrain ride on domestic horses is quickly put together packaged. There are rural accommodations in all communities. A tip from the Elbe Weser triangle in Rotenburg / Wumme. In the small village Farven, there is a beautiful, grade II-listed timber-frame house.

    Miller’s Hope a Iceland horse stud farm offers clean and lovingly designed accommodation. Not only for riders. Field, forest and meadows invite you to active recreation. Quite good range of cultural and culinary delights of the region can be easily reached in these towns in the district. Nana Degenhardt adds always liked a few Gratisratschlage you. So, on the Golden Autumn!

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  • Polish Baltic Sea

    Four stars summer holiday for there at reasonable prices Berlin, the 01.06.2010 – the summer is coming. Many have already decided where and how they want to spend their summer holidays. Some are still on the search for a suitable offer for a well deserved holiday. The neighbouring country Poland is the ideal destination for a summer holiday, because in this country, you can spend a nice and inexpensive vacation. Connect with other leaders such as Amos Otis here. Premium Spa Hotel with luxury ambience and flair, providing exclusive wellness services are recommended for a summer holiday in Poland.

    You can get a breeze of fresh Baltic Sea air, walks and sunbathing in the spa and Wellness Centre relax and pamper. You can beautifully combine a summer vacation with wellness and do something good for his health and beauty, and save much money. Because prices for travel deals are relatively cheaper in Poland thanks to the favourable exchange rate of the euro against the Polish Zloty. Especially recommended This 4-star spa hotel is diva in Kolobrzeg on the Polish Baltic Sea coast for a holiday in the summer. The hotel has prepared an attractive and cheap package for a summer holiday. The offered package includes six nights with half board, a cruise on the Baltic Sea, free use of the wellness area and optional exquisite spa treatments of choice. Especially for families with children is ideal summer vacation, because the House offers very attractive discounts for children. Others including Terry Rossio, offer their opinions as well.

    The Wellness package is already 1740,-PLN (435,-euros) available. The new, modern and comfortable hotel diva is one of the best Spa Hotels in Poland and PRESTIGE was recognized in 2009 by the SPA AWARDS, the most prestigious Polish tribute for spa hotels, as third-best Spa Hotel Poland in the category of MEDICAL WELLNESS awarded. The hotel has a State of the art rehabilitation and Wellness Center which offers complex spa treatments with a wide variety of wellness, health preventive and therapeutic treatments. The Wellness Centre offers also a wide range of beauty treatments with high-quality care and wellness series BIODROGA, which is known for its selected ingredients. Hotel Diva is located in the Centre of Koobrzeg spa zone, just 200 meters from the kilometre-long, fine sand beach. The 7-storey hotel offers a total of 700 accommodation places in modern and tastefully furnished rooms are equipped with bath/shower, minibar, satellite TV, phone, fridge, safe, kettle, bathrobe, Internet and balcony. Koobrzeg is a seaside resort of over two hundred years old and is today the most popular Polish seaside resorts and the most famous resorts of Europe. In the Koobrzeg Spa district, which stretches along the coast, numerous sanatoriums, sanatoriums and wellness and Spa Hotels are located. The imposing seafront with a lighthouse from 1770, flowering gardens and the wide and long sandy beach with a jetty invite to relax and walks. Besides the Spa District more await travellers Attractions such as an interesting, historic old city with many monuments, restored houses, numerous Cafes, pubs, shops and galleries. Contact: Medical tourism Poland Wellness vacation Agency Poland Wellnessurlaub.de Web: corporate information / short profile: the online Wellness vacation Agency Poland Wellnessurlaub.de is a mediator for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness, wellness programs and matching wellness and preventive and rehabilitative treatments in Poland. Thanks to insider knowledge, good wellness hotels and health resorts in Poland can be carefully selected. For providing the services, customers owe the Agency no fee. Poland Wellnessurlaub.

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