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  • Massage Benefits

    I think you will agree with me that today, people with active lifestyles, fewer than a few years ago. Partly to blame for the progress that has taught people to comfort, entertainment 'on the couch' and the possibility of communicate without leaving home. And partly to blame ourselves, because allow ourselves to be lazy, and often sit on the debt at the computer or watching television, many sedentary office work. In addition to that we all hate such a thing as a 'cork' on the road (where we were sitting without any movement.) All this is tiring and unnerving us, is not it? A similar surge of holiday, we believe a long lie-in on weekends or, again, prosizhivanie the computer on the Internet. Diane Keaton will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Why all this sad prelude? In addition, it is very much in the state of our health depends on the activity of our way of life. 'Absolutely! – You will say, but what can you do, life has changed. Have to sit a lot computer, drive a car and so on. " Right.

    But your body, your muscles can not explain why we can not regularly go to the gym, jogging in the morning and stuff. Our muscles are tired, kosteneyut, imprisons. We quickly tired, nervous, sick. Go to bed exhausted, but in the morning does not feel rested. And so on again and again … And the funny thing in all this is that the cause of something we know but do not want to help themselves! Yes, it does not want to! Even much too lazy to do physical exercises can help themselves. How? About massage, and we forget …

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  • Chinese Medicine

    'The Chinese doctor is known as a popularizer of Shen an effective system of psycho-physiological regulation for older people, whose origins are lost in the mists of time. Exercising the system combines the motion of Schoen and deep concentration on the exercise, breathing exercises and self massage. This gym is useful to learn not only the elderly but also weakened from illness, a recovery period, virtually gymnastics Schoen has no contraindications, but suffering from chronic diseases still advisable to consult with your doctor … ' – That I quote excerpts from the recommendations of the gym. Needs to be done very important caveat, all written about the usefulness of exercises Dr. Schoen may be true precisely in those times, when it created the system. If you speak more accurately, this time gymnastics Dr. Schoen.

    Even if we now compare the health status of older people in different countries, we can see that big razlichiya.I many reasons. In every country and every people has its own peculiarities and habits that impact on health, not to mention the fact that the local climate and imposes its own additional prints. The newspapers mentioned Geno Smith not as a source, but as a related topic. Taken together, these features determine not only the health of a nation, but also affect life expectancy. We must not forget that any medical system created 100-200 years ago, were created specifically for a particular nation, given its national characteristics and culture as well as the health of older people at that time. We do not must not forget that to recommend any treatment facilities or recreational gymnastics for older people of our time that have been created or 200-300 500 years ago, is not only dangerous but also unacceptable.

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  • Existence Injury

    For the authors of this study clearly head produces symptoms of concussion. (7) CONCLUSIONS reading the different papers, one is surprised to see that while some evidence of the existence of repetitive traumatic brain injury due to head the ball in football, there are others that show no brain injury in that sport players . If those who play football are millions of people, a statistically significant scientific study should take a population of several hundred players. This study has not yet made. But if you look closely you will notice that the work can be grouped into: those who show an injury and attributed to pitch two which are attributed to injuries but the other head trauma than the pitch occurring during football matches.

    3 Those who do not find any neurological impairment. 4 Those who sought and found alterations or injury after pitching sessions. 5 They tried to measure the force of the blow to the head considering the possibility of brain damage .. In the first two groups show the existence of chronic brain injury is as if two opposing sides throwing the blame from fighting each other. The injuries are but the fault of the other sequels are actually brain and today there is no way to tell if it slumbered many times or because they hit so many other players off guard posts or balls. Could it be that there are actually a bit of everything and possibly its consequences were added? In the third group where no injuries found, we can say that being the small sample should not be surprising lack of cos pathological findings.

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  • Rules

    Some rules of behavior become so common that they do not even occur to them to doubt. Now, all interested in psychology, and because they know that they should not make important decisions in times when emotions get out of hand control or even just perceptibly manifest themselves. And if this is true? If the decisions made in an emotional rush – the only true? Why have they pulled out at will, despite the fact that a person tries hard self-control. For example, in your life is constantly repeating a situation where you have to tolerate what you do not like. You are somehow trying to adapt to this situation, because he believes that to avoid it will not succeed. And the emotional discomfort manifests itself over and over again. When the store is nowhere negative emotional, the body reacts – dumps excess energy in the form of emotional affect. Occurs so blast when you’re most fragile, sick or just tired.

    At this point, you feel all your strength to endure no more and his head knocks one thought – “Well it all to hell.” Because you go into yourself, relax, and mind starts the song again – trying to persuade you to suffer. It also adds that this failure was simply due to fatigue and stress. Randall Rothenberg may not feel the same. Ie begins a new round, during which time you’ll save over emotional film, which eventually transformed into a new passion. Should I? Maybe there is a decision to quit, who drew in a crisis – it was the right one? I urge you to solutions. But I want to draw attention to the fact that if the disruption happen – then you should definitely pay attention to their desires, which, together with anger and pain at such moments are torn from the depths of the soul.

    These are the true desires, which you in good faith trampled and tried to forget. Because they have you marked classified as “impossible” or “not in this life.” But the soul asks – and because you occasionally fails. If you begin to analyze these desires, you can see a pattern – and find cause that leads to failure. Because the main stress is not on the outside – he in his heart. And if you find the courage to allow yourself at least once a decision is not by reason, but “in the hearts” – in real life may come a turning point. And is not it wonderful? Another observation. People inclined to make decisions under the influence of strong emotions – often very strong personality. Who are aware of the possible consequences of such decisions and are ready for them. They know that if the decision is made – There’s no turning back. This is the strength is not for everyone. Because many are simply afraid of making decisions, or they lack the spirit to follow the decisions taken. This is neither bad nor good – it’s just a way of life. And if you know of such a property, it is best simply to draw attention to the feelings and desires that are manifested in a time of emotional disruption and gradually decide when you are in it know for sure. You may have a generally good and all failures are not happens. But if they do occur, there is no need to isolate itself from the information that they will have – because it’s incredibly valuable information.

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  • Make Food Your Friend

    If you feel hungry, or having a bad time, lose weight, I say at once that is in great error. Then the opposite happens, since the metabolism becomes slower, and you have to do is accelerate, and usually happens when we started a strict diet did not last more than three days, returning to eat much more than before. For this does not happen, you have to do is be more conscious about what you eat: taste, enjoy the food, so eat slower, and you will be filled before finishing his portion of food, so bring as therefore you eat less than before. Now, if people can not do this, you are advised to remove all food harmful to the body, all those that are good for nothing, such as chips, candy, etc.., This way you will not be tempted . After that, you should include in your diet: green leafy vegetables, fruits, white meat, fiber (found in the peels of fruits, grains and vegetables) in large amount (not much), drink plenty of water. I suggest that if you suffer from anxiety when you feel like eating, drink a glass of water, we usually confuse thirst with hunger, and if you still feel hungry eat a fruit. Your day should start with a diet rich in essential nutrients, drink milk (preferably skim), 2 slices whole wheat bread or no bread to eat a half of regular bread or 4 crackers, the avocado may accompany fresh or fresh cheeses and fruit. You see, after breakfast you will be satisfied, but this is very important to start the activities to come, also will burn those calories during the day.

    During the half day is advisable to eat a medium fruit (your choice). For lunch eat white meat with plenty of salads. For dessert you can eat jelly or fruit. When eleven Eat half a loaf (if normal) with tea or coffee (decaffeinated better) and the last meal (two hours before bedtime), make a habit of eating too little to choose between only salads, soup, fruit, etc. In this way you will go to bed with the stomach not so full, so you do not accumulate fat. I assure you that if my advice, you will not suffer from hunger, and forget that you are on a diet, quit, do sports, laugh, read a good book, watching TV, do what he likes and make food your friend.

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  • Understanding Women

    Not all women become women, as well, not all men become men. But not left to appreciate that desire to achieve and more to see this coming and going and turning and turning of all those that are still within the attractive hiding roads leading out of the labyrinth. Hence, the women feel it is not just a matter of "rules" of the ministry in power, by what you say to one that runs the risk of becoming pregnant, nor is it a question of surgery or distort the meaning of the word family, so that one or more like a one or a few, but still be one and nails. That is, what to create "image" still can not pass through the strainer, but at first glance some or leave them some eyes. Perhaps this is why a friend of mine reminds me of what you mean by the "image": "… he created his own image," and I think male and female "and if I understand correctly, I again emphasize, but this time with words poetry: "They were both naked, the man and his wife, not ashamed," and "and they become the one flesh" … With these memories, perhaps should not allow legislation to make me feel like I'm like a women.

    And is that being a woman!, Woman! and not others … As my friend … Not that I'm going to be difficult if not impossible. Is it because I am a man?. While in the maze is still keeping the hope, as Queen of relativity, and can be heard: that the power of procreation will give birth in pain "is now put to sleep and that the children go like hotcakes … Or that" browsing with burning … "now there's no master …

    Once we get economic independence, one or a life can continue searching. But … "He who hurts it hurts" and however much they do not want to accept and by many law or regulation that impose … I want to go against the nature of women and men … It has no future (not the maze). Of Hence, we see that one of the things women innate, or that take ties or that seek to burning, will result in the maze, a repeated breaking the ephemeral ties to the first break. Disclaimer: "Mastering": those who are within the domain of power, to those who are outside the domain of love. "Lazos de mujer": for those who are inside break at any time, for those outside are resistant, not to say, forever.

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  • Why Am I Fat? How Should I Eat ?

    Women usually start with chubby on the sides and the front or the popular "wheel" and the little men "beer belly." Gradually the body mass continues to grow and women and men are getting fatter. One of the reasons why fat is usually the way of eating. We got used to eating a lot and sometimes we are forced to eat it all simply by not throwing away food or finish what is on the plate but still full. Also eat three times a day in huge amounts by saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day then we eat bread, eggs, cereal and a number of things that usually the body fails to digest until lunchtime in which get used to eating soup, dry and dessert. Not satisfied with what we've eaten during the day, we came home tired and the first thing we do is eat, or what was left of lunch or prepare a big meal. Think that the body needs time to digest and eliminate food. That's why many people become very fat and they say they are eating "Only" three times a day.

    Now the idea is not to "diet" as they call it all, the diet of pineapple, tuna and even the diet of glasses of water because these diets are the only thing that is bad to the body. What you need to do is eat well and exercise. By eating well I mean that the food must be divided into several portions.

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  • Cure Osteoarthritis

    Osteoarthritis of the hip (Koxarthrose) According to the directives of the German Society of Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery (NOOH) and the Professional Association of Orthopedic Specialists (PAO), the main causes of osteoarthritis hip joints are: 1.Posledstviya injury: the destruction of cartilage, acetabular sustavnoyvpadiny, hip dislocation, fracture, contusion of the femoral head, femoral neck fractures, poor circulation vessels, supplying the femoral head, the axial deviation of bones after fractures. 2. Congenital anomalies of the hip: the deformation of the acetabulum – dysplasia, strains of hip-Coxavalga, Coxavara, Coxaantetorta head and strain hip. 3.Priobretennye deformation, Perthes disease, epiphysiolysis. Inflammatory hip: bacterial, rheumatic, metabolic diseases, necrosis of the femoral head due to injury, the use of drugs, alcoholism, renal disease, decompression sickness.

    4. Consequence of other diseases: osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders and cancer. Unclear idiomatic reasons. Important facts that may affect the development of osteoarthritis: previously conducted operations on the hip joints and blood vessels, intra-articular injection, tumors, or metastases in the affected limb, thrombosis and embolism medications: blood thinners (eg, hormone and aspirin), metformin, drugs, contributing to an increase in bone metabolism (eg, cortisone) allergies, obesity, different leg length, change the axis of the legs, recurrent urinary tract infections, dialysis. Prevention and prevention of hip osteoarthritis: the restoration of joint congruency after injury, adequate treatment of hip fractures, prompt treatment of injuries, necrosis, dysplasia, to avoid overburdening in sporting activities, corrective osteotomies, reconstructive surgery on the femoral head and acetabular osteochondral reconstructive surgery. Characteristic symptoms of osteoarthritis of hip joints: pain in the joints when getting up from bed at the beginning of movement (walking, running), knee pain, pain in the hip joint during exercise and movement limitation and difficulty in moving sideways, rotation and flexion, pain while reducing the muscle, lameness, muscle atrophy, pain at rest, pain in the back.

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  • Athlete

    So, if you sweat heavily, often wash with cool water and wipe dry. Against Athlete's Foot will also help correct hygiene, the use of powders, frequent changes of socks. Learn more at this site: NBA. In order not to avoid unnecessary contact with them, 2. not to get new growth on the genitals, it is advisable to use a condom – especially if you have a new partner, the state of health is not aware of 3. not so large that you probably choose the one that will fit your needs 2. as stated, warts often appear in people with weakened immune systems. So try to normalize the power is more fresh fruits, vegetables, and spend more time outdoors, take a trip to relax on the sea or the forest. A number of cases it is advisable to take multivitamin preparations, of course, after consultation with the doctor.

    For strengthen the immune system will also be useful in moderate exercise, sun and air baths, hardening, and 3. Warts can appear after a person has severe mental disturbances. It is therefore advisable to learn cope with stress, how strong it may be 4. if you touch the warts, their or someone else, wash your hands thoroughly with hot soapy water, then wipe dry skin with a towel. Removal of warts There are many people means getting rid of warts. But at best they are ineffective, at worst – self-removal of tumors may lead to their degeneration. Therefore, if the skin you find yourself kind of neoplasm, contact dermatologist. It was a doctor, not a beauty salon, as only a dermatologist can determine if this is really a wart, and advise how best to remove it. Cryolysis This method is known for a long time, and it is based on the use of low temperatures. Namely – to use nitrogen, which is cooled to a temperature of -196 C and thus converted from gas to liquid.

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  • Ekaterinburg Water

    In the advanced sections of veins injected a chemical that causes the formation of the scar. As a result, these sites are filled with fibrous tissue and stop bleeding. Sometimes the nodes to be removed surgically. In this vein at the place of the node density ligated and excised node. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy As mentioned above, it is often found in piles of pregnant women. It can be caused by intra-abdominal pressure, which lasted for several months of pregnancy and increased during childbirth. Hemorrhoids can be internal or external. External nodes can be felt.

    Domestic same – not visible and thus more dangerous. They can cause heavy bleeding, consequence of which could be anemia, pregnancy is not desired. Prevention of hemorrhoids hemorrhoid appearance contributes to poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, misuse of alcoholic drinks, frequent use of laxatives and enemas, weight lifting, as well as birth defects of the structure of veins. Disease prevention should begin early, when manifestations of hemorrhoids yet. Need to keep moving lifestyles often make walking. Recipes of traditional medicine 1). Squeeze the juice of fruits of mountain ash. Take 3 times a day for cup.

    2). You can make the collection for the bath and poultices. Mix 50 oz. oak bark, 30 oz. horsetail grass, 20 oz. root field harrow. The broth is prepared as follows: 1-2 tablespoons of the collection pour 1 cup of hot boiling water and heat in a water bath for 30 minutes. Then cooled at room temperature for 10 minutes. Strain the resulting broth and bring to boiling water 200 ml. All of the above recipes but will remove the pain. At the first sign of illness is strongly advised to consult a doctor. In Ekaterinburg there is a great clinic "Uro-Pro" (), where all of your sensitive issues will decide by qualified doctors, proctology. Hundreds of grateful patients – that is our pride! We will be happy to assist you!

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