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  • To Take Control, We Must Have Courage

    After much work and coming home late, I stand behind my door there for a second, to see how an obscure solitude invade the place in a silence that only sighs my continuous product denotes the fatigue of a long workday. Climbing up onto the bedroom, turn on the light in my room and I lean on the edge of the bed to get me my already tight shoes. But then, I see you standing there, proud as ever, with that arrogant attitude and your mission as expected, determined to get my attention. Since you do not escape a second, once I'm at home, deliberately seeking astray in my view, taking advantage that I move my shoes to the closet, there also pull my tie and stripping off the sweaty clothes. But even so, amid all, I make the grave error to make you a regular bow. That with which you manage to always select the action you need to express what is happening in your world ominous.

    And the truth is acting without thinking. It was an awkward drive from me that I make always inexplicably. There is, however, as when someone comes to any site and say hello to everyone here not knowing who is who, as a courtesy or a tiny flash of attention. Then, in view of my error, I begin to hear your hackneyed speech, that that little by little and that trapping is more I want, I can never to divert my attention, not even enough not to realize and see how invade my life with the same references as always.

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