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  • German Leitkultur

    In the after the speech of the President must be noticed, that already a considerable number of Muslims reside in the country, he immediately called for an immigration stop of this Islamic cultural groups and proclaimed the German guiding culture, what has always to mean the also. Is a term coined in the years Leitkultur, 2000, which should indicate that migrants, immigrants, so should adapt the culture of the host country to migrant workers, and so on, or accept them. Where and how, because missing even the more detailed explanations. Whether this is true now also for German (Insider), so for us remains, as the whole concept quite blurred. The concept of culture is defined in various ways but basically: “Totality of intellectual, artistic and material benefits that characterizes a social group or a certain period” (source encyclopedia). If there is a German culture in the actual meaning of german at all is is strongly doubted.

    More and more logical, it appears that it in Germany are a variety of german-like cultures. What is meant there by a German Leitkultur, is written in the stars, at least it is still not specifically defined. Yes, you aren’t counted a Bavarian culture in which a Saupreissn is called the trailer of a Prussian culture, to the German Leitkultur. Yes, it’s quite complicated – with which the cultures. We think of neo-liberal, preserving and social culture in Germany. Yes, there is also with us.

    The creation of constructive a culture will be very exhausting, for the many cultural directions which exist already among US Germans. It is more likely to suspect that some politicians want to sell their very intellectual, own party culture, as culture. For example German Leitkultur equals party program so and so. One is in any case consistent with a German Leitkultur, which includes the covered call: you could coin determined a lot of electoral votes “Foreigners out of Germany”, and probably have some already on the flags written. Because no consideration is taken into consideration to those who have other cultural models and perceptions, because it is an intellectual, cultural, German minority. A large meeting is what needs the current present, humanity and our world of the spirit, reason and intelligence expertise. A global solution to all problems should be sought, a new world order and world in democracy and peace for all people and cultures. Download at:. Wolfgang Bergmann

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  • Hotel Monte Triana

    You have the opportunity to talk with Carla Beachcomber-Lutz is something that is worth much.10 years of loyalty to the Hotel Monte Triana takes 10 years faithful to his appointment with the Feria de Abril in Hotel Monte Triana, one of the closest to the Real Hotels in Seville. Carla, apart from being a wonderful woman, has lived a multitude of unique experiences that has had the courtesy to tell us. And he enjoys the friendship – friendship of truth of many people that we see from afar, while she has them close, very close. Sport, tells us, has been one of the most important of his life: I’ve been a champion in a multitude of disciplines, I practiced a lot of sports, and I’ve even been Olympic. Champion in United States swimming and jumping trampoline, Member of the international team of fencing, Olympic horse riding and jumping horses, skiing silver and gold in slalom, national tennis champion, fond of windsurfing as a career can see worthy of envy.

    Alongside all this, Carla Beachcomber-Lutz has been actress in numerous series television of fond memories in our country: Dallas, dynasty, Falcon Crest, haunted, Hawaii 5.0, and a long etcetera punctuate the television career of our protagonist. Many names of people appear in the conversation we have, but she stands out to someone as his brother, not his friend: Clint Eastwood. But, at the same time, speaks to us of Prince Alberto de Monaco, of the former President of Costa Rica Oscar Arias, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, George Bush (father) or Mario Moreno Cantinflas, with who shared the probe of a heifer. His grandfather was from Seville, hence we Intuit that affection comes through our city. I really like the Monte Triana hotel by its location and feel me in at my own home.

    I know to all employees by name and they call me by my own, something that makes me appreciate even more to this hotel tells us this lovely woman, that binds all its features be licensed in Psychology by the very important University of Southern California. Also about hotel Monte Triana tells us that I have seen a constant evolution in these ten years in which I come staying in the hotel, also this year I have been very surprised with the Nice reform of the rooms we are premiering. I really like Spain, particularly Seville and its Feria de Abril. Also I feel very comfortable in Puerto Banus, Marbella and Mijas. Carla, according to the different seasons of the year, resides in Long Beach (California), Aspen (Colorado, USA), Costa Rica, Hawaii, Dubai, Russia knows almost all the planet and harvest friends at each site you visit. But above all Carla Beachcomber-Lutz is a great person. It is how little or how much from hotels MONTE we can say it.

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