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  • Abkhazia Today And Tomorrow

    Around Abkhazia is now a lot of controversy. In the news now and then there are news about the impending invasion of the armed forces of Georgia, a Georgian reconnaissance aircraft were shot down. Why Georgia so restless pumps situation around the country? The answer is obvious. Nearing the holiday season and travel. Connect with other leaders such as Joe Stillman here. The influx of Russian tourists in Abkhazia last year broke all records, as well as the president of the republic, Sergei Bagapsh, almost 100% investment in the country make investments in Russia and an important role is played by the money of tourists. Calculation of Georgia is obvious.

    Pressure situation around the Republic and at times open aggression against Abkhazia is to reduce the flow of tourists, wishing to relax on the beaches of Abkhazia, and thus in some measure to reduce the inflow of money into the country. Abkhazia too tasty morsel for Georgia. 120 kilometers of the Black Sea coast at the present rate of development of tourism is a huge potential for investment and profit. In 2014 in Sochi will host the Olympics, which will visit the tens of thousands of tourists. To broaden your perception, visit Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA. Surely some of them will go and Abkhazia, and certainly will appreciate the beauty of the republic. That is why Georgians do not want to lose the territory. Abkhazians – people deserved independence. The war of the early nineties claimed the lives of thousands of Abkhazians and these people just suffered a right to self-determination.

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  • Regulations

    The result is better regulations for disabled people! The Fulda FIS Integration Foundation is committed as well as the Association of GL – GL to better living conditions and opportunities for people with disabilities! Noah’s Ark wants to achieve the Foundation with the housing project that people can maintain their social life covers in their place of residence. As at the Government Press Conference on 18th February was announced, so the Cabinet decided new law to civil law protection of home rule after the federalism reform. This involves better rules and safeguards for dependent older persons or disabled adults. You should be protected from discrimination. It goes to people who live in homes or in-patient nursing facilities, as well as persons living in assisted living housing. It is governed by this law. So she hopes more support for the future for their actions to get the FIS looks like these new features? The Fulda Integration Foundation FIS endeavours as well as the Association of GL – GL to better living conditions and opportunities for people with disabilities. c. As the name together learning for a political program and at the same time a job is life together, the Foundation makes, the supplement and the Foundation for the common goal of the integration of disabled people.

    In addition, the Foundation against a club can operate more flexible and has more stability. In 1990, Foundation of the Association, it was still usual that disabled children attended the special and there were no common lessons. Today go all disabled children in the local kindergarten and 10% of primary school children go to primary school in the framework of joint instruction. Assisted living in Noah’s Ark with the aging of children arises the question as they can remain independent integrated from their parents in the predominantly rural environment as adults. “With the housing project Noah’s Ark” will reach the Foundation, that the people in their Residence can continue to maintain their social life covers. The current housing project in the East-Hessian Bimbach is a home for six people with disabilities.

    It must be funded with many modules. Who wants to help with that this project becomes reality, can participate like with a donation. Donations Fulda Integration Foundation FIS Sparkasse Fulda BLZ: 530-501 80 KTO: 13 000 145 FIS background: in the city and in the District of Fulda parents of people with disabilities working life 19 years for better education and living conditions of the Association together together learning. in 2004, they founded the FULDA Integration Foundation. Heinrich-von-Bibra-Platz 1 d put Tel: 0661 901 65 34 Web: press contact: Helmut Blum E-Mail:

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  • Close To The People, As The CSU Is The Bavarian State Government Of Less?

    Or the consequences of decades of remoteness. To broaden your perception, visit Kris Pearn. Election time is and a flood of how strong and fantastic unsustainable campaign promises waft through the various talk shows such as the smoke through the (vanishing?) Bliss of Bavarian beer tent culture. Especially gripping and intentionally populist this country father and CSU Chairman Horst Seehofer is. Even though he recently decreed to life on the spirit of FJS, the question arises, whether this should this period also apply to the Ungeister, or rather a striking tidy up that would lead to new voters favor? Forstl brothers can sing a song of hoteliers from Kirchheim bei Munchen, because for over 30 years will they stand by all levels of the Bavarian political landscape buchstablichst in the rain. All with an illegal building permit of the community of Kirchheim started. There are some comparable buildings where the owner as time municipality Council Member learned at least no disadvantages, but it seems as would you want to set an example here now more or less. Although the time Governor saw no sufficient reasons and highest courts confirmed the illegality, the Bavarian State just as he wants to bring it over the lifetime of the victims and evade its responsibility so deported the procedure from year to year.

    Payments payable according to the Court decision be avoided due to lack of budgetary resources and damage originally approximately TDM 300 to regulatory has rocked on to end long not yet in sight in the meantime to over 3 million this. At times of empty coffers and mannigfaltigster reserve parachutes for the great finally also constructively and preventively tell a bid of the protection of citizens interests bsw. Supreme Bayersicher court or federal of taxpayers despite previous silence to was questions about the destruction of this money really? to approach credibility among evidence to this vexing issue! Highest personal emergency has in the summer with Toni Forstl (56) Protest as call for help to public attention resolutely and chained for several hours at a dizzy height of the local Maypole. In the Boulevard, still no reason to move closer to the people registered for the Bavarian policy! The citizens in the State of Bavaria will know to evaluate it on September 27.

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  • Simone Schwarz

    01803 – SOS FGM (767-346) for safe and practical protection of girls of Hamburg, the April 11, 2010. With SOS FGM has the task force now a child protection project started, which is unique in Germany and Europe. It focuses on the tangible protection of girls from a very specific violence: female genital mutilation. In Germany alone, up to 50,000 underage girls at risk must be classified. Up to 80% of these girls are actually subjected to female genital mutilation.

    Protection they could not count on so far with a few exceptions. The experience of the past years have shown that people who have attained concrete information about planned or already committed female genital mutilation, often do not know to whom they can turn. Also authorities and youth offices respond to often uncertain and hesitant, if vulnerable girls need to be protected. SOS FGM reacts exactly this circumstance and offers the knowledge of female genital mutilation now a focal point for people, gained have: for them the emergency number 01803 available SOS FGM (767-326). We make sure that quick and competent assistance is initiated and each individual case will be accompanied by consistent follow up. Authorities, youth offices and specialists: SOS FGM individual consultation in specific cases as well as subject-related training in the entire Federal territory offers.

    Aim is a safe, prudent and protection-oriented approach to cases which have the aim of genital mutilation. Women and girls are victims of female genital mutilation: The least victims know that usually are entitled to compensation from the German State (under the victims compensation law, OEG). SOS FGM informing victims of their rights and help them to assert their claims. This project is a milestone for the specific protection of children against serious violence and abuse, and contributes to the realization of their fundamental rights to life, dignity and integrity. More info on SOS FGM: contact: Simone Schwarz, Board member and spokeswoman of task force e.V. i.g.

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  • EU Commissioner Javier Solana

    It is not clear why waste Railways, "Rosneft" and "Gazprom" are referred to as simply "corporations", even "foreign commercial entities." Do yourself Mr. Butba and his advisors (we dare suggested – among them may well be representatives of business circles of Georgia, USA and Turkey) do not know what data structure is largely controlled by the Russian state, not some phony force issued on "Nationals of third countries"? So, perhaps, the threat of anti-Russian sentiments in Abkhazia – it's just blackmail with a specific business purpose? In a statement of opposition structures is another type of charge. "The government urges people to that achieving the independence of Abkhazia and Russia release the Kodori Gorge is its exceptional merit. However, it is well known that prior to these events, the Abkhaz leadership was negotiating with Georgia on the transfer of the Kodori Gorge under the supervision of international forces. During a secret visit to Abkhazia of Georgian representative Alasania prepared a document. Further work on it was continued in Stockholm.

    These meetings were held with the assistance of U.S. and EU, which itself led to the expansion of the format of negotiations and reduce Russia's role in the settlement. It is no coincidence in this period, Abkhazia, visited the Foreign Ministers of Denmark and Germany and the EU Commissioner Javier Solana. However, these plans are, fortunately, have been violated. " This is more than serious. Although the note – not the charges were brought to the center of criticism and questions about communications and the boundary agreement.

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  • Memorial Notaufnahmelager Marienfelde

    Momper is reminiscent of August 13, 1961, the Division of Berlin, and the helplessness of the people. The wall separated a city of millions. Countless connections were cut. There are always the individuals who have to suffer the consequences of political actions.” Momper continues in his commemorative address; A result of the second world war, the war, which was started by Germany was the Division of Europe, Germany and Berlin. The allies pretended the directives in their respective occupation zones in accordance with their own political idea. With the onset of the cold war, the world is divided more and more into an Eastern and a Western sphere of influence.

    That was manifest by the construction of the wall. u0085On the fall of the wall the German people was the happiest nation in the world.” Momper also indicates how many people had to pay for their curse tests with life: with the unveiling of the Memorial steles we want to commemorate the victims, who were shot in this area of the border to escape. Against this historical background, a GDR nostalgia, which is today sometimes visible, is not enough and I would say incomprehensible for me! It is good that at each individual fate on every single person and every single victim thought reminds and being, you can learn something of it! That memorials are for!” After the speeches were unveiled the steles, wreaths laid down and thought the wall victims. The steles are an important and correct memory of the wall dead at this point, on the former death strip Lichtenrade, and not only in the Centre of Berlin! Report and photos by Thomas Moser – Baird-press-(www.berli-press.de) for LINK to the Memorial Notaufnahmelager Marienfelde (Stiftung Berlin Wall) inscription of the stele of information: Horst Kullack was born on November 20, 1948 shot on December 31, 1971 died on January 21 at the consequences of gunshot wound on the eve 1971 Horst Kullack from Grossziethen in under cover of darkness on the way to the border made himself. Probably he wanted to his relatives in West Berlin.

    Although the border guards had already an indication of the refugee, he succeeded, to exceed the hinterland security fence and to penetrate up to the separation barrier. Suddenly, he stood in the blazing spotlight and border guards fired aimed shots at him. Hit in the abdomen, Horst Kullack collapsed badly injured. Despite severe bleeding he was in a Trabant bucket”in the hinterland transports and only here medical supplies. As his father was going to visit him in the hospital, he was admitted only after loud protests at the bedside of his son. In five operations, the doctors tried in vain to save the life of the young man. Horst Kullack died on January 21, 1972 at the age of 23. 1995, the Potsdam District Court sentenced the two death protecting community manslaughter to youth ever fifteen months on probation. On the West Berlin side since 1988, a Memorial Cross recalls Horst Kullack.

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  • Olympic Munich

    We therefore support the electric mobility as a climate-friendly way of transportation with all our strength in our cities. The Greens have proven to be, however, party”especially for large transport projects made a name: Stuttgart 21, Olympic Munich 2018 or generally new highways and roads. Can you fashion so future? The transport infrastructure is the backbone of our economy. Therefore, we need a for this mentality. For growth. For jobs. For mobility.

    For reliability and continuity especially in large projects, which require huge investment and a long delay. For Stuttgart 21: the Greens have put itself at the forefront of the protest movement. The SPD has always endorsed the project. I’m curious, waiters will be on this issue of cooking and who. The German transport projects have to be implemented as soon as possible? We must take care in the next few years mainly to the receipt of our streets. Here is the need for action because too little into obtaining invested over the past decade has been enormous. Roads may not be driven on wear and tear. We have therefore increased funds for the maintenance of the motorways and federal highways to around 2.2 billion euros this year.

    of course, we, if possible, even necessary education and construction projects will tackle. All costs however money. That’s why I fighting for to get the investment in the transport infrastructure at a high level. In addition, we break new ground with our public private partnerships. 10 everywhere great uncertainty prevails. What can you do to get here a little clarity in the thicket of information? 10, petroleum industry and car manufacturers are duty continue to enlighten and to give security. Only in this way, you can take motorists their legitimate concerns. When it comes to introduce new high performance materials, the petroleum industry invests money for campaigns. The introduction of 10 she does This is not, as one can be surprised actually only. They’ve been over one and a half years in Office. What was your most intense experience? The volcanic ash cloud was my most intense experience exactly one year ago. Never been there one challenge and a precedent requiring difficult decisions in a very short time. Continuous phone calls and tough negotiations with my European counterparts, which still persists. Since the ash crisis I am at European level for uniform, internationally binding limit values, up to which aircraft safe fl Ying can. Here the Commission has done too little.

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  • German Leitkultur

    In the after the speech of the President must be noticed, that already a considerable number of Muslims reside in the country, he immediately called for an immigration stop of this Islamic cultural groups and proclaimed the German guiding culture, what has always to mean the also. Is a term coined in the years Leitkultur, 2000, which should indicate that migrants, immigrants, so should adapt the culture of the host country to migrant workers, and so on, or accept them. Where and how, because missing even the more detailed explanations. Whether this is true now also for German (Insider), so for us remains, as the whole concept quite blurred. The concept of culture is defined in various ways but basically: “Totality of intellectual, artistic and material benefits that characterizes a social group or a certain period” (source encyclopedia). If there is a German culture in the actual meaning of german at all is is strongly doubted.

    More and more logical, it appears that it in Germany are a variety of german-like cultures. What is meant there by a German Leitkultur, is written in the stars, at least it is still not specifically defined. Yes, you aren’t counted a Bavarian culture in which a Saupreissn is called the trailer of a Prussian culture, to the German Leitkultur. Yes, it’s quite complicated – with which the cultures. We think of neo-liberal, preserving and social culture in Germany. Yes, there is also with us.

    The creation of constructive a culture will be very exhausting, for the many cultural directions which exist already among US Germans. It is more likely to suspect that some politicians want to sell their very intellectual, own party culture, as culture. For example German Leitkultur equals party program so and so. One is in any case consistent with a German Leitkultur, which includes the covered call: you could coin determined a lot of electoral votes “Foreigners out of Germany”, and probably have some already on the flags written. Because no consideration is taken into consideration to those who have other cultural models and perceptions, because it is an intellectual, cultural, German minority. A large meeting is what needs the current present, humanity and our world of the spirit, reason and intelligence expertise. A global solution to all problems should be sought, a new world order and world in democracy and peace for all people and cultures. Download at:. Wolfgang Bergmann

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  • Hotel Monte Triana

    You have the opportunity to talk with Carla Beachcomber-Lutz is something that is worth much.10 years of loyalty to the Hotel Monte Triana takes 10 years faithful to his appointment with the Feria de Abril in Hotel Monte Triana, one of the closest to the Real Hotels in Seville. Carla, apart from being a wonderful woman, has lived a multitude of unique experiences that has had the courtesy to tell us. And he enjoys the friendship – friendship of truth of many people that we see from afar, while she has them close, very close. Sport, tells us, has been one of the most important of his life: I’ve been a champion in a multitude of disciplines, I practiced a lot of sports, and I’ve even been Olympic. Champion in United States swimming and jumping trampoline, Member of the international team of fencing, Olympic horse riding and jumping horses, skiing silver and gold in slalom, national tennis champion, fond of windsurfing as a career can see worthy of envy.

    Alongside all this, Carla Beachcomber-Lutz has been actress in numerous series television of fond memories in our country: Dallas, dynasty, Falcon Crest, haunted, Hawaii 5.0, and a long etcetera punctuate the television career of our protagonist. Many names of people appear in the conversation we have, but she stands out to someone as his brother, not his friend: Clint Eastwood. But, at the same time, speaks to us of Prince Alberto de Monaco, of the former President of Costa Rica Oscar Arias, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, George Bush (father) or Mario Moreno Cantinflas, with who shared the probe of a heifer. His grandfather was from Seville, hence we Intuit that affection comes through our city. I really like the Monte Triana hotel by its location and feel me in at my own home.

    I know to all employees by name and they call me by my own, something that makes me appreciate even more to this hotel tells us this lovely woman, that binds all its features be licensed in Psychology by the very important University of Southern California. Also about hotel Monte Triana tells us that I have seen a constant evolution in these ten years in which I come staying in the hotel, also this year I have been very surprised with the Nice reform of the rooms we are premiering. I really like Spain, particularly Seville and its Feria de Abril. Also I feel very comfortable in Puerto Banus, Marbella and Mijas. Carla, according to the different seasons of the year, resides in Long Beach (California), Aspen (Colorado, USA), Costa Rica, Hawaii, Dubai, Russia knows almost all the planet and harvest friends at each site you visit. But above all Carla Beachcomber-Lutz is a great person. It is how little or how much from hotels MONTE we can say it.

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