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    Therefore, it is a backbone in the proper functioning of the company.A company In what, without further preamble, follows that the vital role of a court, in this case, the entity shaping the Judiciary of the Federation, is to administer justice in matters that the scope of its jurisdiction, whether federal nature. But then a question is so obvious and apparently frivolous, which usually we tend to ignore it, regardless of the consequences this will have, this question is so important yque may be for the owner of a court, as vital role for quality of court, is to deliver justice in their areas of competence, properly manage the resources and procedures that influence and shape the life processes of its objects? I currently serve as clerk of the court responsible for the table in professional matters pending in a district court, therefore, I will do my present statement based on my personal experience, referring mainly to the body I work for the court and cited the penalty area. We must not confuse the word administraciona in the sense that we are now concerned, namely the role that a certain person or body made with the intention of running a business or institution, or what the dictionary of the Real Academia de la Lengua Spanish defined as: a (Del lat. administers.) tr. Govern, to exercise authority or control over a territory and the people who inhabit it. / / Tr. Graduate or dispensing the use of something, to get more performance from it or to produce better effect. .

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