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  • Performance Metrics Serving Systems

    Performance Indicators service systems, effectiveness Servicing System understand the characteristics of the level of implementation of the system functions for which it prednaznachena.Pokazateli effectiveness depend on three factors: 1) the characteristics of quality and reliability of the system, 2) economic indicators, and 3) the conditions under which the system operates (the complex internal and external factors, the parameters of the flow requirements, etc.). Efficiency service systems can be characterized by a diverse range of quantitative indicators. The most widely used are the following: 1) The probability of loss requirements in the cfr. You may find that Marc Lore can contribute to your knowledge.

    For systems maintenance This value is the probability that all channels are busy serving, and 2) The probability that k channels are busy servicing (Pk). P0 – the probability that all channels are free, and 3) The average number of busy channels. This index characterizes the degree of system loading. Bobby Sharma Bluestone wanted to know more. 4) The average number of channels, free service. 5) Coefficient of idle channels. 6) The load factor of channels. For systems with the expectation of using additional Features: 1) The average waiting time requirements (waiting requirements themselves) 2) The probability that the time spent in the queue will not exceed a certain size, and 3) The average queue length, and 4) Average number of applications in the field service, 5) The likelihood that the requirements in the queue awaiting the beginning of service is greater than some specified value, and 6) Cost indicators: cost of service for each requirement in the system, the cost of losses unit of time associated with waiting requests in the queue, the cost of losses associated with the care requirements of the system cost per unit of downtime.

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  • Samsung Galaxy

    Smart mobile phone Korean brand star is about to disembark and with him the fever to get one of these terminals. His departure on sale will occur on May 29 and more than 100 operators of half the world already prepare the avalanche of sales. We are referring to the new Samsung galaxy s3, this being the mobile phone more reserved in the history of the company, which would justify the high numbers of orders. You can book the two versions, both white and dark blue. In the case of Spain, Movistar and Orange have already announced that the new Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available in a few days ensuring that same Tuesday, may 29, from 19: 00 hours, they filled the shelves with the logo of the Korean firm smartphone. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of NBA on most websites. According to Samsung, today already has been formalized over nine million of reserves of this phone around the world.

    The launch of the Samsung galaxy S3 has surprised everyone. And is that, while we all expected a device able to give the very best in the physical section, not suspected that Samsung would install in the same such advanced features as the Assistant by voice recognition and other multimedia features that have left us with an open mouth. the matter here. So it is not strange that almost ten million of reserves have been achieved in so few days. In addition to a very careful design and a muscular technical configuration, from Samsung have wanted bet by the presence of important solutions in the software section to make your smartphone of reference more smart than ever. It integrates intelligent functions in the management of your camera, allowing, for example, run a scan mode that allows us to capture up to 20 images at a speed of 3.3 frames per second, or start a smart record running eight photographs that the system itself will select which interpret that you have better results. The Samsung S3 was presented on 3 may, exposing a terminal that has taken very seriously the responsibility of integrating some of the more advanced features of the smart phones market, it boasts four core processor.

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