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  • The Values

    The values obtained at low speeds are greater than those obtained at high speeds which is also interpreted as normal (20). The results of our study differed based on the variable that should be considered since the most significant differences for the torque peak found in the maximum forces peaks have been reached in the bending phase planting and slow speed, which can be interpreted that to greater muscle mass, greater efficiency exerted by the muscle and greater percentage of difference between the use or notsock technified. The average power has been increased from same way as the peak for the muscular drawing stronger at slower speed, i.e. For more information see gary cohn. nowledge. for Flex planting 30 degrees per second while that on the contrary has appreciated a significant difference to the speed of 300 degrees per second in the dorsiflexion. Similarly happens with the results obtained for the total work, where if there are significant differences to 30 degrees of flexion speed planting being able to clearly observe an increase of the extremity of the leg muscle efficiency in the presence of modernized sock; on the contrary, there are no differences in the dorsiflexion. For the speed of 300 degrees per second if found statistically significant differences in the dorsiflexion, what determines that in a group small muscle that exerts force at high speed increases performance in the presence of sock. And for the variable: time it takes to reach the maximum moment of force (SEC to peak), no significant differences for any movement at any of the speeds found analyzed.

    Conclusions the backplane muscle of the leg is more susceptible than the front of leg appreciate degressive compression of a modernized sock. Plantar flexors performance in players handball senior increases if used sock pro-sport, sport Medilast. The use of sock pro-sport, sport Medilast does not influence the time spent by the athlete to reach its maximum peak force during a replay for the ankle flexion.

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  • Madeira Portuguese

    When the thermometers marked below zero, the streets are covered in snow and will yearn for the warmth of a good fireplace it is time travel. But to do it, of course, to warm places, to destinations which, being close to home, raise the temperature and tempers. Escape to five places to little more than two hours by plane and 22 degrees of temperature. Gran Canaria not exaggerate too who define Gran Canaria as a miniature continent. More info: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. In his small circle of less than 1,600 square kilometers moves smoothly from the warm sands of the beaches of South to the white peaks of the Pico de las Nieves, to 1,950 metres in height.

    On the way out to meet majestic volcanic boilers, vertiginous canyons and cliffs, gentle valleys covered with vegetation and small picturesque villages. An amazing landscape that has as a protagonist a tropical sun that shines all year. On these dates there an enormous amount of offers and cheap flights to Gran Canaria, the escape can go fairly cheap. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak might disagree with that approach. Marrakech though it is not the capital, is without a doubt the most vital city of Morocco. Known as the red city, has no great monuments, with the exception of Koutoubia mosque, with its Tower sister la Giralda, and the Medersa ben Youssef, the largest and most important Madrasah throughout Morocco, in which arrived to study up to 900 students. But the soul of Marrakech is in the square of Jamaa el Fna square, that is, according to the hours, zoco and market, giant restaurant or space of wonders there where wizards, magicians, acrobats, fire is this Madeira Portuguese island in the Atlantic not only offers a pleasant climate year-round and a varied wildlife, is also one of the most tranquil and safe world destinations. Worth discovering monuments, squares and corners in the capital, Funchal and do a small tour of the island, passing through lovely gardens, peoples and picturesque villages, amazing landscapes, impressive volcanic caves, steep coasts, beautiful natural beaches and stunning views.

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  • Recycling Of Batteries

    As it is known by all the batteries people are one of the tools most widely used today, since ease of carrying a load of energy to any place is very useful to operate different electrical appliances that could be anywhere, but in today’s world is both consumption making batteries that chemical components that make part of the batteries have become in an environmental problem, that is why in some countries where consumption of the batteries is a level very high has begun to implement the recycling of batteries, in order to reduce the pollution generated batteries. Recycling of batteries is very important since if batteries are cast as do most people, who throw them in the trash a high pollution by batteries, is generated because the chemical components of the batteries, such as mercury which is one of which generates greater pollution – cadmium, nickelmanganese and zinc among others, make the batteries thrown away to become a danger imminent for the environment, since empty batteries to go mixed with garbage, which lead to sanitary landfills, landfill or incinerators, its components are diluted in the ground or mixed with air, hence the great importance of recycling of batteries, since if he is not performed the recycling of battery components of these arriving in media such as the Earth, water and air, very possibly finished by reaching the contact with human beings, it is both so in large urban centers it already begins to see results not to perform the recycling of batteries. Marc Lore often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Therefore the recycling of batteries is a task of great importance, so it is advisable deposited in special containers while it takes a place or center that is responsible for the proper recycling of batteries, already then in battery recycling centres what is done is to separate components highly chemicals such as mercury batteries refers to this componentbecause it is the most dangerous is mercury – and materials that can be recovered are extracted, which with the results of the recycling of batteries, batteries get into a crusher which destilara the useful elements and tooling of the batteries, the vast majority are not achieved remove the many components in a highly pure rate, the downside is that measures of the recycling of batteries with regard to centres which receive them, is very few since the implementation of energy to carry out the treatment of batteries recycling is very high and there is no media economic sufficient to cover such expenses, therefore what you can do in this situation is to keep a control connection do not dispose of the batteries and keep them in containers where no dump or dilute battery components and continue with the tasks of the recycling of batteries. It is worth noting that in some countries has begun to carry out a control on the level of mercury that can be included in the batteries, measure that favours the activity of recycling of batteries and the preservation of a healthy environment..

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