Choosing Gates

  • The gate width of more than 4500 mm set omega profiles (rigid profiles in the joints of panels), which eliminates the deflection of sandwich panels. And finally: ordering the gates, pay attention to the quality of packaging. Hear other arguments on the topic with Marc Lore. This is, believe me, no small thing. In high-quality products must be factory packaging, or potential damage to the gate, or loss of components during transportation is very high. In short, to paraphrase a classic, we can say that the gate everything should be fine: and veneer, and automation, and packaging. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak is a great source of information.

    What to choose? Automatic gates are different. Today has been a steady demand for sectional Gates, that is made of interconnected horizontal paneley.No someone can choose whole (panel): the opening is closed one solid, usually steel, with a shield. Gates may pull off to the side, climb up, swing open. Which is preferable, to solve the customer, ie you. Additional equipment: device management, security and accessories Controls Control gates can be carried out on the wire or by radio. There is an ordinary radio control, and security, ie with rolling code. Key rings come in two-and four-button. They can be, respectively, to control two or four devices. Wire management can be performed with the following devices: – key-switch to the protection of the cylinder (English key, as an ordinary lock, turn in one direction – to open in another – close) – keypad or simply button (installed inside the house or garage) – the code panel (kodonabornik) when dialing code opens or closes – any other device access control (card reader Touch Memory tablet, proximity or smart card reader, etc.).