Drink Water And Grow Thin !

  • We have already mentioned that often the root cause of obesity is an elementary dehydration. Confuse thirst with hunger, we eat more often and longer than necessary. How can this be avoided? Drinking two glasses of clean water for half an hour before and after two and a half hours after eating. This is a simple and effective way to avoid overeating and to change their diets without any violence against the body. And now – the next step.

    Reset already stored fat. Without dieting and grueling exercise. First, the increased water intake by itself will help reduce excess weight. Approximately 3 – 6 kg, you can reset in less than three weeks. How does this happen? At the expense of removing edema fluid, contained in the tissues. Water is the main source of clean energy is good because all the excess excreted in the urine, perspiration, breathing.

    Of course, not all that simple, otherwise we would have already all the polls would be orderly and no less importantly, healthy. Let’s start with the fact that food tastes better elementary water! And Frankly, drink two cups of water (especially when I want a chicken leg!) Is not so simple. So that without discipline, alas, can not do – however, as and subject to absolutely any diet. In addition, all without physical activity is also not certain. But we are not talking about lifting weights or daily shaping. But for regular outings will have to think. Better two times a day. Of course, with the pace of modern life, at first it seems unreal: “I so did not have time! When I was still walking? “. Do not rush to be indignant! Believe me the experience of the author (a rare lazy in regard to sport and physical education), it’s not so scary. To the subway – on foot. If it is very far away – then walk at least two stops! For lunch – always somewhere to go, look for a new cafe! And if you’re behind the wheel – do not put the car under home, and the parking lot – it is unlikely you have a right at the entrance. Of course, everyone has different circumstances, and perhaps you really hard to find time for walks. And you live on the first floor. But think about it. After all, to accustom themselves drinking “excessive” at least 1.5 liters of water, too easy. And, finally, a little optimistic facts: few people could lose weight by 10-20 kg in a short period of time due to increased water intake and volume regular exercise, one man dropped 45 kilos and a half years only due to “water treatment”, another dropped over 131 kg per year, and a third – 138 kg in 16 months, Star television series “All My Children,” Finola Hughes got rid of 18 extra pounds without any diet and significantly improve their health (according to American doctors have long engaged in this issue). Unfortunately, we do not have such an impressive statistic.