• Recent studies by ecologists have resulted that animals have an internal mechanism for regulating the population. None of the species reproduces without measure or goal. The number of births is not restricted from outside, but through an internal measure.As a result, hunting is not only useless, but is totally unnecessary. Michael J. Bender is actively involved in the matter. Humans clogging the internal harmony of nature, destroys the social ties of the animals, destroys their resting places and feeding areas and triggers migrations outside its natural rhythm. In the case of wild boar hunters point first to the female, who has a leading role in the herd. Has the Hunter without care if this is interrupted and destroy the social structure of animals.

    In the case of hares, these writhing despavoridas pain, crying like babies. Then the Hunter comes and hits it to death. So it could continue recounting as they do with the roe deer, fallow deer, partridges, sparrows, etc. The word hunting is presented as a euphemism. In reality it’s the pleasure of killing, because it hunting, as hunters defend, not controlling the animal population, it has governed alone since time immemorial. The hunt is always a way to go to war, said the famous German poet Goethe and murder the animals to the murder of men, there is only a small step, the Russian writer Leon Tolstoi said. Life Universal original author and source of the article