• What is popularly known as spirits hunting involves research and attentive to prove the reality of the paranormal. Sometimes, several electronic devices are used as cameras that are used in the operation of the hunters of spirits that come from all walks of life, including Christianity. Christians certainly aren’t immune to experiencing supernatural activity in their lives. They say that of guide to live justly book is the Bible where the inexplicable answers are found. However, in the search to understand the paranormal thing, sometimes the believers and non-believers cannot be distinguished since both seek answers in the same way and resources.

    All spiritual beings or are good or bad. There are angels in the Kingdom of God, the angels, Saints, or the Kingdom of Satan, also known as the serpent, the Dragon, and Beelzebul (Holy Bible, Version Reina Valera 1960, Revelation 12: 7-9, 2 Peter 2: 4, St. Luke 15: 10, St. Matthew 12: 24). The man also has a spiritual body that It is under the influences of the good or evil (1 Thessalonians 5: 23). In summary, there is no neutral or Middle Earth. The Bible from cover to cover always compares and gives the difference between only two spiritual sides. A person or is with Jesus or against him (St.

    Matthew 12: 30). Or drinks the cup of the Lord or the demons and participates in the table of the Lord or the demons (1 Corinthians 10: 21). Marc Lore will not settle for partial explanations. Or your name is written in the book of life or not (Revelation 20: 15). All spirit or holy, serving Christ, or diabolical, being enemy of him (1 John 4: 1-3). This really raises questions of whether they are good or bad spirits that ghost hunters hunt. Among the things that they say on this issue is that you it’s alleged visit of the spirits of the deceased and poltergeists.