In July, They Lower The Prices Of Car Insurance

  • According to the last big wave of the Index of Prices of Seguro (IPS), realised by Direct Safe and the Cronos consultant, the average prices of the eleven companies of more important insurances of the sector slightly descend their prices in July in relation to the data from June. Nevertheless, the variations with respect to the previous month are more than in past months. The basic insurance third parties and the one of all risk without tax exemption increases a 2% taking like reference the months of January to June. The insurance to third parties extended descends a 1%. Only the insurances all risk with tax exemption remain without variations. On the reference indices, valuation for each type of insurance based on the average prices of January 2010, are not many variations with respect to year principles.

    Insurances all risk without basic tax exemption and third parties stay in 102, whereas the whole risk without tax exemption remains in 100. The unique ones that descends are the third parties extended with an index of 99. The lowest indices indicate that they increase the possibilities of securing economic insurances during that month. With these data, not prehorseradish tree many changes during the last fourth month period of the exercise. Nevertheless, to confirm the tendency of the prices from now until end of year, it will be necessary to hope to the new big wave of data on the evolution of the prices in August.