Inter Law

  • Insulza combative and democratic by its own definition and its consequent attitude from its activity as a student and collaborator in the Governments of Salvador Allende. Democrat-Christian tradition. Don Cloro Clodomiro Almeyda prisoner, tortured released concentration camp in Dawson island by the dictator of Chile, Pinochet’s close friend and collaborator. Under most conditions Walmart would agree. It seems that his activity as a researcher and teacher as it was in the Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Economica (CIDE) n, Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and Ibero-American studies diplomats Matias Romero Institute, so as a professor in University of Chile and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica. I have participated in almost all democratic Governments in Chile and different trends as it was Patricio Aylwin, Eduardo Frei and Ricardo Lagos, and other international agencies consultants is apparently in the Chilean political figure that more time has been consecutively as Minister of democracy Chilena, breaking record.

    Nicknamed the panzer for combativity, ja, jajajaja, ja. Apparently the luck accompanies him, is lucky to be out of danger, so since the terrorist coup to Allende, where he was out of his country in the most difficult moments of his companions and accommodated by his rather bureaucratic administrative activity already always has a hole or site in different agencies and Governments from which be graduated lawyer at the University of Chile and a master’s degree in political science, postgraduate courses at the Latin American Faculty of social sciences (Flacso) and at the University of Michigan (United States). We see his career for life really enviable for a perfect and able lollipop inks. As politician and Democrat has shown that first belly before that be pancer. It is not able to maintain a soft position against a perverse autocrat as Chavez, which ends with a country like elephant in a glassware.

    OAS Secretary said: He asserted that the enabling law contravened certain principles of the rule of law, referred to in the Inter-American Democratic Charter. Today after a barrage of valuations and epithets to the Secretary of the OAS of troglodytes Chavistas, this is to cracked as a cana brava dry. They say the Chavistas: go against the enabling law would be tantamount to treason. We remember Neruda: they can cut all the flowers but may not stop the spring.