• Jonath, 1986, defines the special resistance such as; The capacity of adaptation to the structures in charge of a sport, modality of resistance in competitive situation, being determined by the peculiarities of the sport and the level of performance. Whereas the criteria outlined above we create a methodological system with some of the methods shown in diagram 1, according to the contribution they may have in the assimilation of skills and effects of adaptation to resistance in correspondence to the needs specific of Taekwondo. Here we provide a brief review and explain the contents, dosage, organization, as well as the psychological and biological objectives of each method selected in the proposed system. Continuous Invariable review Los methods continuous invariant method are characterized by being exercises continued long duration moderate intensity, uniform pace, they can run both by cyclical exercises as acyclic, and the energy system that responds is aerobic. Content: Make all the technical elements which the athlete domine and want to improve. These executions can be isolated or combined according to their level of assimilation, we recommend first running the putt to air and subsequently to the auxiliary means like the palchaguis. Dosage: The exercise is performed continuously, by changing the technical elements from 1 to 3 minutes, depending on the level of assimilation of the group. The total time must be greater than 10 minutes and less than 30 minutes, interlacing the technical elements assigned by the classic saltillo or one to another displacement, the intensity should be between 65 80% of the reserve of heart rate (RFC) and 70% of the mean frequency heart (XRFC) Organization: Individual, scattered throughout the area, in the event that you use auxiliary means the Organization will be scattered in couples. Continuous method of Fartlek leader review the Fartlek, which means game speeds, has as a premise that the Professor must dispense the amount of changes of pace and total exercise time, but individuals are it when they want it, some call it running or kicking for joy.