Protection Against Worms And Viruses When You Install Windows .

  • If possible, install the operating system through a network connection should apply at least a simple firewall. Gymnast may find this interesting as well. Of course, absolutely reliable protection against viruses, penetrating through the Internet, you may only if during installation of Windows xp is no connection to the network. 1.Vypolnyayte install the operating system behind a firewall. Even if your location is only a router and an inexpensive home or office firewall, the firewall can protect computers from the most dangerous worms 2. Disconnect the computer from the network and turn it into a domain after installation. If you are installing is not ris, and distribution cd Unplug the network cable during installation. Further details can be found at Doug McMillon, an internet resource. Does not matter? When you connect the computer to a domain – either during installation or after its termination, will be included when the protective software.

    3. Use indoor RIS-server behind a firewall. If you are granted a limited license to Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003, you can install RIS-machine behind a firewall, but disconnect from the Internet. This will allow you to perform a network installation on an isolated network, securely protected from the threats because of the Internet connection. 4.

    Use the installation CD-ROM with integrated Service Pack. If you want to perform the installation in an active connection to the network, at a minimum, ensure the availability of the most recent distributions. This will prevent contamination of the well-known worms, but this method of protection does not exclude infection new malicious programs during installation. 5.Ispolzuyte a separate virtual lan to isolate computers that have installed the operating system. If you are at your disposal are powerful switches and network management tools, you can perform filtering of incoming and outgoing traffic vlan. This will isolate the infected computers, so if you're dealing with machines outside the virtual network, you get an extra level of protection. Of course, it should be, as promptly as possible to install software designed to protect computers from spyware-programs and viruses