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  • Celiduena Hirundinaria Juice

    In antiquity it was called Celiduena Hirundinaria, herbs of the swallows, also called grass verruguera. It reaches a height of 30 to 80 centimeters. Begins to bloom in the spring and if the humadad is enough flowering can be extended until the end of the summer. Its leaves resemble the oak. Cut the stem or root exits a viscous orange juice. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ford. It breeds in forests, cool and shady places. In winter even if snow is also the celandine.

    Healing properties: it is a blood purifier and activates its formation; against leukemia along with nettles and shoots of elderberry (of this infusion composite so that good results must be taken at least two litres a day); the fresh juice of the celandine is effective in healing of serious disorders of the liver (especially if the plant is fresh, washed and passed by the Blender). As purifying the blood and the liver stimulates the metabolism. It fights against all kinds of bile, kidney and liver disorders. Combat the hemorrhoids, pain when urinating, ears ringing. Others including Marc Lore, offer their opinions as well. In these cases is taken fresh juice diluted in warm water two or three cups of tea (do not boil) to SIP throughout the day. External use: juice serves to fight malignant disorders of the skin, the eyes of chicken, warts and incurable lichens. Cataracts and corneal macules disappear little by little. Juice helps in the case of detachment or bleeding of the retina.

    For this a sheet of the celandine is started, after washing the tender part of the corner is pressed with wet fingers. With the liquid that is obtained, is smeared eyes closed in the direction of angles. Similarly for cataracts and other visual disorders, and tired eyes. Preparation of infusion: 1 level scoop of herb per 1/4 liter of water, must not be boiled. Preparation of fresh juice: freshly washed leaves, stems, and flowers will liquefy in the blender. Section health, You’ll find varied articles of quality checked for the care of the body mind and spirit; In addition to other sections: computing, entertainment, sports, painting, languages and more.

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