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  • Social Networks

    Definitely should be on social networks the most common question that people around me do, is, once I sign in these sites to be?… and I tell them that definitely should be on social networks! That benefit can provide me a place where only he says, believes, are uploaded photos, videos, talk to people., rather than so that everybody can quietly snooping on your life. Seen this way, it has its point of reason, since most of the time thats what happens. We spent a lot of time in front of Twitter and Facebook and we learned everything that make our friends, even a number of people that we would have never imagined, because we have new friends with whom to share interests. That means being in social networks?, is changing the way we socialize?, reflections which encounter over and over again, with the same approach. This leads me to believe that the category of acquaintances, acquire social networking friends list colleagues or simply people who found us, since we have similar tastes.

    In a lifestyle of hard work and lack of time, where some friends go far and co-workers do not have the same tastes, networks are an alternative to complement the link with those friends. Spend much time in them, would make us ask ourselves the question of whether they help socialize or us isolated, and again came to the conclusion that complement our way to link us, since we are still making links to face, moreover, who ultimately share with most networks, sooner or later seeks physical contact. Returning to the initial issue of the article and trying to respond to the purpose of our presence in social networks, it is clear that defined as a community, always have existed, and what you need to find out is the type of link established between the persons that form it. The main attraction for companies, and here is where we need to be alert, is the very definition of their existence: people who are together under a same tastes and interests, and will have to learn how to reach out to those communities. People is not on these sites to come loose advertising pamphlets that bored him and overdriving, but go to socialize, is therefore suitable to be very clear about this concept.

    We must flee mass publication in your profiles in the style of classified ads and focus on talk, comment, contribute and share, because people already know what you do and if you relate you well, businesses will come in addition. Finally, why not more important, you can not forget us to empower our community on social networks, it will be crucial to position in the network website, blog or online business. And the secret to achieve this is not another that generate content of value to our community, and that this associate to your brand and reputation. Finally, be in social networks has to be a priority for our.

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  • Electric E-Motion Bicycles

    Electric E-Motion electric bicycles E-motion bicycles have the latest technology, they provide a convenient, fast and safe walk which allows these users to enjoy a unique experience in terms of walking refers. These bikes have a pedal system assisted by engine which gives the driver a fluidity, power, and agility in driving never before experienced, all systems of electric bicycles so far provided assistance power in some of the wheels but this electric bicycle provides a real and immediate impulse with each ride. Despite having a new technology these bikes do not cease to be a bicycle, for such reason to drive an electric bicycle is not necessary to have driving licence, nor civil liability insurance, not having a certain age. Another competitive advantage that have those technological wonders is that it is a totally ecological system, so what does not pollute the environment, so the It makes an ideal product to move into urban areas where there are no spaces for parking, do sport with friends or strolling. Some of the advantages of this bike are: Torque Sensor, which is instantly activated to exert a force on the pedal, also reads all the movements that the user performs and adjusts the level of assistance according to the selected mode, it stops when you stop pedaling. Engine, which is very quiet attends shaped gradually and gently driver, which prevents the sensation of jumping or empty and it does not generate friction when turns off assistance.

    It has three modes of assistance for every need of the user. Minimum deterioration of the battery after an intensive use. Maximum of 105 kilometers range. It has security and error checking programs.

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