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  • Proprietor Community

    This it is first of a series of articles on the personal data processing in the proprietor communities. Christopher Knights has plenty of information regarding this issue. The obligations that impose the LOPD and their norms of development raise the necessity that the proprietor communities adapt and fulfill the norm of protection of data scrupulously. The organization and management of the proprietor community suppose the existence of at least a file or personal data processing: the one of the own members of the community. Habitual facts of the life of a proprietor community exist who entails the existence and obligatory nature to adapt these communities to the arranged thing by the LOPD, thus we could speak of hiring with third parties of served to the community like the contract with external administrators to the proprietors of the houses of the community, security, repairs, cleaning ; collection of quotas of community and consequently management of unpaid debts. According to Art. 3 of the LOPD he is Responsible for the file or treatment the physical or legal person, of public or deprived nature, or administrative agency, that decides on the purpose, content and use of the treatment.

    Putting in relation this definition with those of the Law of Horizontal Property the person in charge of the File would be the own Proprietor Community like person legal and composed therefore by the Proprietor Meeting. This distinction is important since it indicates to us that any data processing must be agreed by the totality of the proprietors according to the rules of the formation of the will of the organs of the Community. Consequently the person in charge of the file, will be the one that suffers of the consequences of a breach of the arranged thing in the legislation of protection of data. This affirmation is corroborated by the AEPD in its report 2000 of date 23-04-2.010.

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  • Philosophy

    Today, a new day ahead. To show us by the window to see the sky, to look for in what point today the Moon will be, to absorb the first air, to wait for to the Sun or necessary rain in the morning, to arrange to us to begin the daily Life. The worker, the student, the pensioner, the unemployed person, the one that a commerce has, the enamored one, the one that leaves stroll and the one that goes of visit. Details can be found by clicking Kris Pearn or emailing the administrator. All with dreams, preoccupations, joys and grief, but following ahead the way of the Life with all obstacles, hopeful or hoping. And in the middle of a trip, or crossing the street, or seated in a coffee talking, or the hospital waiting its turn, or in the kindergarten playing, feels by unique time a tremendous noise moves away that it of there, it breaks which it, that interrupts definitively its Life. How it will be the morning of the terrorist-pump the day in which is to explode itself? And of what element the tears of their relatives are compound? And at the most close its defeat? And how many big heads illuminated directing the masses? Better never applied this word. Add to your understanding with Austan Goolsbee. And like offering of unit between the bands that generate a war fratricidal, it is thrown to the abyss by a booty, not by a Mother country. And from our path, single, a few, almost like lost, left, looking for La Paz, speaking on La Paz in the middle of as much pain, as much madness, as much injustice. Still thinking that La Paz is possible.. Speaking candidly David Delrahim told us the story.

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  • The Other

    people this eager one to commit with a cause. If you do not ask the commitment to him his people anybody will do plus it, but for another different cause. The people have the necessity to contribute with something superior to they themselves: this necessity this in the heart of the people. When we fomented the property sense we are not making another thing that to identify and to remove what already one is in the heart of the other person, as well as to develop in this person the principles and values to fortify and to encourage its actions. 3. To create one atmosphere a culture that promotes the participation and the commitment of the people.

    The leader is responsible to promote an atmosphere where the people feel motivated to participate, where people feel that their preoccupations are taken care of, that their ideas are taken in it tells, that their contributions are appreciated. An atmosphere that promotes the participation and the commitment. 4. To realise a pursuit to the management of the people, being provided feedback throughout the process. It is required of a effort of constant realignment. The alignment is not only one precise action or event; it is a process and it never finishes. To align an equipment has been time.

    To communicate the vision and the values associated to her, to create a culture of us, to connect processes of work of the organization with people, to cause a organizational climate of harmony, requires a effort and a constant adaptation, dice the money changer of the reality and the surroundings. Now since the circumstances frequently can remove to the organization from the way of the profit of the vision and the goals, a effort of constant realignment is required to return to focus in which it is important. A way to assure to return to the way than is important is to have a constant feedback than it is happening in the surroundings and within the organization. That feedback as much provides us the formal systems (financial information, control of the management, the evolution of the market, etc.) as well as the informal systems of the organization and, essentially, the contact with people, appreciating the human side of the management. Original author and source of the article.

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