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  • Swimming Pool Construction

    Fiberglass pools are becoming more popular / so cheap, cause our own wellness area (leanpress) WETTERSCHEIDT. The construction of a swimming pool turned out to be so far relatively expensive and consisted of many steps. That is now history. Advanced plastic technology now enables the uncomplicated structure of large swimming pools in one piece. The highlight here: Who want to fully fund his dream of swimming pool by Uncle Sam, the combined swimming pool construction sent with solar technology. Competent consulting and sales can be found in the Internet under:. Glass fibre reinforced composite basin structures enable the simple construction of the suitable swimming pool.

    The basic materials have been produced specifically for the swimming pool technical application and are constantly checked for the quality characteristics in series production. The Fiberglass basin by swimming pool equipment Hirschfeld are completely hand laminated, which makes the pool body extremely solid, flexible and completely tight. The shell structure of the basin consists of seven individual layers, where the floor construction even with the simplest version is always thermally insulated. A specially developed polyurethane core material serves as insulation here. Twice protected by a double layer of gelcoat surfaces that come directly into contact with the water. The outer, transparent layer is a hard protective coating, which protects the speaker color pigments, inner layer of harmful chemical and physical impacts. In this way, the pool against osmosis and fading is well protected and meets the highest quality requirements. The mechanical properties be increased by a steel square profile wreath mounted under the edge of the pool swimming pool, which facilitates the crane one hub of the basin except the reinforcement. To further increase the strength of the wall, the wall structures with periodically repeating stiffening ribs in the vertical direction are provided. Each pool has so, with elegant design, a carefully built structure that ensures the easy installation and long life.

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