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  • Naturopathy

    Improves patency of nerves, normalizes activity of the autonomic nervous system. Proven good results in treating children who have had polio, viral encephalitis, suffering from cerebral palsy. 13. Turpentine baths as a preventive means to carry out work devoted to the study of turpentine baths on the body of healthy people. It was proved that turpentine takes the body a more efficient mode of operation, that is expended far fewer resources to ensure life. Learn more on the subject from Roger Goodell.

    Accordingly, the major organ systems with age "wear out" much less, and this in turn – a direct way to increase life expectancy. Similar changes occur in humans, are constantly engaged in sports. In fact, you train your body, lying in a bathtub at home. Thus, experimental and clinical data show high effectiveness of turpentine baths with a huge number of diseases. Above is a small part of scientific work carried out in respect of turpentine baths. Now you have the knowledge and your health in your hands! What are the Turpentine baths This part of the article we are risen with a concrete example, turpentine emulsion made 'Institute of Naturopathy. " There are two basic solution Skipofit baths and 10 subsidiary extracts Skipofit. Basic solutions: 1) skipofit white (white emulsion), 2) skipofit yellow (yellow solution). Auxiliary extracts (for baths and rubbing): 1) skipofit "; 2) skipofit" Movement ", and 3) skipofit "Normalization of weight", 4) skipofit "rejuvenating", 5) skipofit "blood-purifying", 6) skipofit "bracing", 7) skipofit "Female", 8) skipofit "Male", 9) skipofit "Tonus", 10) skipofit "Relax." Basic solutions are the foundation of the treatment.

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  • Eternal Youth

    Slimming ‘Eternal Youth’. Ingredients: Flowers hrizontemy Indian, astragalus root, hawthorn peristonareznoy, evening primrose oil, radish seeds , spirulina, berries Dereza China, the rhizome chastuhi plantain, cassia seed torus; fruit ginostemy pyatilistnoy Packaging: 500 mg x 20 pcs. / carton Net weight: 10 g / box 100% natural capsule ‘ youth “- biologically active food supplement. Application: In the morning 30 minutes before breakfast, take a capsule of green color in the evening – 30 minutes before the last meal (dinner) to take a capsule of yellow color. Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components Storage conditions: Store in a dark, dry place. Date of manufacture: see inside the box. Michael J. Bender recognizes the significance of this. Shelf life: 24 months Slimming Capsules “ETERNAL YOUTH” developed byProfessor Academy of Sciences of China in the field Biology, Ph.D.

    Bin Yu. The basis of this drug is combined glucoside displacement of fat produced from natural plants, by their repeated cryogenic treatment. This product contains some glucosides, without which the fat can not be transformed into energy. Under the influence of the above enzymes, the fat is completely removed. Achieved complete splitting of fat, causing it to completely transformed into energy consumption.

    Studies have shown that over 95% of the fat actually formed due to the fact that cells lacking such an “enzyme-tranportera. Using the latest advances in science, Dr. Yu received the glucosides, responsible for the transfer of fat from the cells overcome the problem of insufficient strength of the enzyme, slowing down the withdrawal of fat. It became possible to strengthen and increase ffective subcutaneous enzymes and collagen, increased conversion rate of fats in the body. Number of digestible “glucosides-transporters” adequately meets the needs of the body, which helps normalize the process of regime removal of fat, decreases the amount of fat in problem areas in the waist and buttocks, markedly improving the body proportions. Throughout the course of the drug “enzyme-transporter” is in balance with inferred fats, which ensures stability of the process of losing weight. Capsules “ETERNAL YOUTH” are based on recent advances in science and is unique in its kind. It will ensure the speedy and safe weight loss protects the body from further possible weight gain.

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