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  • Mediterranean Sea

    Lucky baby cane – so called Cubans your favorite beverage. The name itself – 'rum' – comes from a variety of sources – and here the Latin saccharum, and West India rumbillion, English rummage ('search vessel'), rummer ('cup'), even rumney ('alcohol' – for Marine jargon). Sugar cane is grown in Asia since ancient times, Ancient India and Ancient China. Soldiers of Alexander of Macedon brought this miracle to Europe. Was it for 350 years before Christ. All appreciate the sweet – young and old, and patrician and plebeian. Sugar cane was one of the most popular crops in the Mediterranean Sea. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ted Elliott by clicking through. Enough for several decades, so that he settled down in the New World, has spread to nearby countries and became the king tropics.

    Even the first Spanish settlers noticed that the syrup remaining during sugar production, the heat beautifully haunting. However, from this wash headache and cramp cheekbones, but the ultimate distillation of much of its improved. So there was – a favorite comfort of African slaves. Refined – is, in essence, is rum. The first mention of rum we find in the book "General History of the Antilles, French habitable '1697 year of publication, the composition of a French missionary Father du Tertre. 'In the native life – witness the venerable preacher – Alcohol occupies a central place. A single holiday is not complete without intoxicating drink '. At the time of Central America to Europe, there was only one way – on a sailboat across the Atlantic.

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  • Tokaj – The Best Wine In Eastern Europe

    Legend has it that the first real Tokay was a targeted chaplain Rakoczi family in 1650 that Polish knights in 1683 Tokay was brought to Poland, where he immediately fell in love gentry, which in 1703 Magyar patriot Prince Rakoczy, trying to get the support of French King Louis xiv in the war with Austria, sent a batch of Tokay, that the Russian Emperor Peter I and Catherine the Great to accompany the wines to Russia was held in Tokayev Cossacks that wonderful healing properties of Tokai forced European monarchs to keep the wine in their bedrooms. Among the famous wines from botritizirovannogo, that is a little touched by the noble grape mildew, Tokay holds the first place. Check with Aron Warner to learn more. In this climate Tokaj, where warm winds blow the plains, mountains act as a defense, and the mists that rise from the rivers, helping to form a noble mold, which in turn leads to the concentration in grape sugars, acids and aromatic substances. Production Tokay – a complex process that consists of two stages. The vineyard area, with the development of mold, gradually gather moldy grape, while as a berry, not a defeat mold hanging on the vine almost to winter. Then neplesnevely grapes are pressed in order to prepare for next year from his base wine used for year. And at this time Mouldy berries piled in a heap, expire juice with a huge concentration of sugar. After harvest the grapes of the piles is added to the base wine last year, at a ratio of one kilo of grapes on liter base wine starts secondary , while being monitored constantly sugar level and temperature.

    Best Tokaj wine at the maximum amount of natural sugar in the wine contains minimum amount of alcohol. History Tokai brings both good and bad. In 1949, when the authorities in Hungary, the communists came, the wine, which is considered the best in Eastern Europe, has been compromised. After the fall of communism in 1990 the state began the privatization of vineyards and wine cellars, which resulted in the revival of the vineyards and the renewal of equipment were made very large investments and, finally, Tokay bottled again appeared on the wine market. Originally all that in one way or another connected with the Tokaj: vineyards themselves, the soil, the winemaking process. In the wine cellar, located in the surrounding limestone cliffs, rich mold allows the yeast to a long and slow fermentation. In these areas, wine is stored in traditional technology and all the conditions for aging Tokaj.

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