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  • Bela Teglas Category

    Recommended category of the 2WiD-Jury named Weiterstadt, January 19, 2010 – although they now no longer as in the focus of interest are, as to their flowering times at the end of the 1990s, they are often still a solid source, when it comes to promote its own Internet presence just for Web site operators. Resourceful readers already know that there is talk of Web catalogs. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Greg Mankiw. It is due around that link lists have lost attention and supply the breakthrough of search engines around the turn of the Millennium, on the other hand numerous appearances proved as too inflexible, to compete with the growing competition. However, there are some exceptional phenomena, which are already more than a decade and for visitors, as well as Web site operators enjoy a high priority. And at least here webmasters ask themselves: where does it make sense to enter my own page or what opportunities one? Are, however, questions such as where I think related topic links to a whole Special theme, without having to invest too much time doing?”typical for visitors, not efficient enough to sort them on specific topics, search engines. The category of web galleries”offers a diverse overview of the complex subject of corresponding. It is heading to webmasters who want to promote their own presence, alone, nor exclusively to visitors, who are looking especially good and coveted link collections.

    Rather, also dedicated page creator can be found, which would call for example, own catalogues in the life. Thus, preliminary questions as well as additional topics can be covered. Finally, for example, SEOs can benefit from surveys, since recently link lists in CSV format can be exported and processed on 2WiD.net. Not only single, large Web catalogs that exist already for a long time, but also very sophisticated directories are registered the According to the various aspects such as backlink or registration or special topics are pre-sorted. In accordance with the principle of 2WiD-Editoren, much emphasis was placed in this category links from the German-speaking world, because here a special relevance can be assumed.

    The topic overview is rounded off by more helpful addresses around on the Web catalogues, which among other things indicate entry services, service providers, software and other useful overviews. The rubric of web galleries”is Internet / search to a subset of the TOP”. The 2WiD-Pradikat received only very high-quality and useful category. The jury assessed the link selection, page descriptions, and maintenance. This includes, for example, the model collation of catalogs after registration alternatives and topics. In this form the award-winning section as a useful point of contact both serve for visitors who like to browse in web galleries, as well but used by website operators be to find attractive Web catalogs for entries. Is to find the appropriate category under: Internet/Suche/Webkataloge/kt255.php Phoenix IT consultancy limited is the operator of some leading websites and provides, competent consulting, which is also used for own infrastructure. The owner of this company is Bela Teglas.

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  • Trendlocation

    Trendlocation, the video guide for Hamburg and the metropolitan region, is online. Trendlocation produces short Internet videos about places of interest, shops and venues in Hamburg and presents them on an own Web TV portal. Hamburg and tourists will find here the most beautiful places and shopping areas of the city. Like no other medium film allows at the same time information and convey emotions. The short films inspire and encourage to visit the venues and shops.

    Trendlocation is a Web-TV platform and is a cost-effective way of direct and innovative sales approach particularly small businesses, shops and service providers. “Regional companies reach their target groups precisely on Trendlocation and other forms of advertising there is not the normal wastage”, says Andreas Hagen, creator of Trendlocation. “Web TV is the medium of the future and the spread of fast Internet connections has paved the way for this innovative form of advertising. We produce Internet videos for “regional companies and assist them in the distribution of movies on the Internet”, so Andreas Hagen..

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  • RSS Individual

    The motto of the platform is therefore Geizmacher.de: Smart saving to the right place. You may wish to learn more. If so, Martin Neil Baily is the place to go. So, over 1,000 tips have come together. And there are more every day. In hard times, it is not always easy to continue his usual life without any restrictions. The individual must not necessarily renouncing on things.

    Rather many loads can be dampened by a clever households makes sense. Its experienced editorial team has helped along a wealth of tips, as the individual from his budget brings out the maximum. The entire offer for visitors is free. All available content are grouped by topics. A full-text search can be searched selectively certain terms and descriptions. There exist two forms content: tips and advice. Tips are single notes covering a certain situation understandable in short form. Walt Dohrn describes an additional similar source. Much more detail, the various Advisor present the topics covered on several pages.

    Many sophisticated features guarantee the greatest possible success on the issue of finance for the visitors. It is the interactivity at the center of the platform. Registered visitors can leave a comment or a complement to each post. Those who want to contribute tips and advice, can do this. Built-in author functionality to the interested tip author himself under Geizmacher.de of the public available content. In doing so, the author can use a wealth of function. So you can integrate different multimedia elements in every post: Embedding videos: so you can embed individual videos in your text. It can be also a classic YouTube videos. Link to Flash animations: who is technically able, can through a simple user interface for every visitor individual animations in seconds include, to present to such a situation. Adding audio data: with the addition of audio data can personal comments or Interview notes are processed in the own advice and tips. Personalize text: every user is a powerful user interface available that allows for a personal text formatting and design. Integration of photos: you can assign photos in different formats on the part of the author. An integrated solution for integrating various social bookmark providers ensures the networking with other solutions. So a reader can recommend his favorite note or counselor other visitors. A RSS feed function current content on request can be provided also other platforms. In the medium term, further additions and geizmacher.de functions are planned. So the previously usual ad market for the financial sector is online in the next few weeks again. A weblog is also planned.

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  • Web Catalogs & Web Directories

    Why the record of Web pages in Web Galleries – Web directories is important. A Web catalog or Web directory is a collection of links to Web sites that are thematically organized. These are very important for search engine optimization of Web pages, if a Web site or Web page appears in a Web Gallery or Web Directory, this is an external link, which is a recommendation for the Web site or Web page from a search engine’s perspective. Web sites or Web pages that often occur in a Web Gallery or Web Directory are ranked so higher as Internet deals that are not so often represented to a Web catalog or Web directory. Moreover, that in the main GOOGLE search engine about the position in the search results a so-called PageRank is crucial highly fails the web galleries or Web directory.

    Here, the link transmits its PageRank wholly or partly on the linked page on the Web catalog or Web directory. Search engine optimizers strive to be represented so in enables each Web catalog or Web directory. The most famous Web catalog or the most famous Web directory is DMOZ. Here, the Internet resources is stated since the beginning of the Internet by volunteers in the thematically structured directories, which are important for the particular topic or according to the editor should be important. A webmaster who is not listed here, missing the crucial points in the standing of the community. But, you can submit its Web pages to the checking and recording.

    A good description of the offer and a clear indication of which all feature on the site is is helpful. In the times of Web 2.0 Web catalogs or Web directories are important, the rebuilt by normal users and met (= with keywords provided) are. C. Foutsitzidis

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  • Online Shop Opening Trojan & Trojan

    “New online shop opening of the fashion makers Trojan and Trojan Stephanie Veronika Trojan realized their dream of not only her as a little girl had dreamed: they designed their own fashion label Trojan & Trojan’ with which they now on the online market are represented and focus in their self-designed collections on anytime, anywhere, and at any place”. They were inspired by the people they met in their various homes including Zurich, Munich, Paris and Cambridge. The result was a classic women’s fashion for any occasion. Comfort is here combined with timeless femininity. Since dresses and skirts are the epitome of femininity and style has always been, the main selection screen of the online shop is therefore in the form of dresses and skirts.

    What finally matters is the combination suitable to the actual event. Even the novices in the big world of fashion can be the two developers in the lurch. In their descriptions, you will find all sorts of numerous tips about how to combine which you then sure can buttons. Hear other arguments on the topic with Al Bumbry. They help you never more wrong to be attracted. Skillfully while they build a bridge from careful processing of high-quality materials as well as the affordability.

    Also is still the perfect fit due to modern Stretchqualitat. Click Eddie Mio for additional related pages. In her new online store can they even as customer easily decide which look to them and their cause. The unsuccessful shopping trip in search for this particular style have thanks to Trojan & Trojan’ found an end. You can make your concentration on the refinement of the looks now fully. Because again, it will make people clothes significantly”and clothes make the man”. Stephanie and Veronika now belong to the people who make clothes. And also clothes make the man, it is not the time it take more influence, what makes the clothes out of them and even accents? “Exactly this motto the two designers to give you on the way: set accents and they stay in classic”. To make that easier for you follow Stephanie and Veronika Motto in the design and develop themselves. Provided their latest collection was St. Tropez at their online shop with the name”. The port city in the South of France is often associated in thing fashion style with the modern classic in the different looks that is mirrored back form their skirts and dresses. Combine is the outfits depending on the preferences with own accessories, with still the main time of the looks being put on the dress or skirt. So immerse in the world of classic feminine fashion and they can enjoy in the new online shop of Trojan & Trojan’. Vizup PR

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  • Younectde

    Younect extends the capabilities to the professional self representation in Berlin, 03.03.2009 – since this week, the new, extended profiles are available on available. The user can make stages of your CV now even more detailed information. Helper functions, navigation and layout have been adjusted. The candidate profile contains among other things information about education, qualifications, practical experience, abroad, language skills and personal interests of the applicants. The profile will be activated by the user, as soon as he is actively looking for a training or an internship. Jointly with the competency profiles, the profiles form the core of the s matchings developed by Younect.

    To find new employees in times of demographic changes and talent shortage and to bind, in the long term, it is essential as perfectly match the needs of professionals and companies. This refers to the skills required for a job, as well as on the individual career as well as the personal preferences of the new recruits. The e-matching determined automatically matches between the requirements of the employer and the details of the entry level. The software company proposes them matching candidate profiles which are then visible in anonymised form. Data sovereignty lies with the user.

    Only if the applicant unlocks its data, the contact is concluded. Because the new candidate profile allows a more individualised specification of data, the matches between professionals and companies can be found easily. Thus, the expansion of functions represents a win for both sides. Press contact Younect GmbH, Karntener Strasse 8, 10827 Berlin Martin Gaedt, Tel.: 030/76 76 86 72 E-Mail: Web:

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  • Docdata Fashion Blogging

    Informative and entertaining on the subject of corporate fashion to customers and business partners on entertaining and informative way about news from the company to keep abreast is Docdata fashion services with a Corporateblog at the start. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andy Kaufman. In the new blog dedicated employees of the company have their say and report on current projects, personnel changes and new services and products. “As of now is blogged about fashion! And because fashion is an immensely broad field, it will go in our blog mainly to corporate fashion, so fashion and clothing for companies, sports clubs, law firms and authorities. This first post will be my (likely to be) last. I, the blog admin put me back the blue man over and climb back to the engine room to keep the equipment running. Here, Amos Otis expresses very clear opinions on the subject. “After the opening of the blog the admin leaves the field and thus welcome the new readers the newly minted editors. Director Antje Engelmann: “I am delighted that we as a company Docdata” Fashion services finally blogging and hope to many readers and comments in the coming months and years. We have made us to share stories and opinions from our everyday business life and environment.

    We want to be not only serious but also unconventional. Welcome!” Sales Manager Marcus Mohr, who first personally introduces itself as a new employee has a column in the blog: “glad to have found my new home in southern Germany. It’s great to be able to offer the point of view of the corporate fashion manufacturer now holistic concepts and solutions with the Retailerfahrung and the. Fashion world, professional world and wishes come together on one platform. It sounds exciting. The nice thing is, it works to the satisfaction of all.” Under the heading “Snapped”, he reports on his experiences and adventures in the world of fashion: “how often I must listen to, men are fashion ring or not pay attention to the details? Much too often! Can not simply say woman, we had a different kind of understatement? If I now wander through the costs incurred by the boutiques and fashion houses, I am finally seeing this little attention to details (…)” The blog consists not only of corporate messages. New fashion trends, information about relevant trade fairs and events, funny photos and anecdotes, original commercials – everything is in the sector of interest, is presented by the editors of the blog and comments. Docdata fashion services is supported parterremedia from Berlin in administration and editorial staff of the Agency.

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  • Michael Jackson

    A new generation of Web video services enable a comparatively simple production on their own for business purposes so far it was difficult to produce professional videos without the help of professional video productions, camera crews, or advertising agencies for business purposes. That may be changing with the new generation of Web-video editors. Started has everything a few years ago with colorful sites that clearly were tailored to younger target groups – here, the hope of the providers and investors, should can play the “YouTube generation” and inferior to the latest chart music with your own images. The pioneer of this technology called animoto and rockyou (in the United States), stupeflix (in France), or clipgenerator (in Germany). Filed under: Ted Elliott. Clip generator you had even Michael Jackson in the program and currently can be, still his latest party photos featuring the music of Lady Gaga or Rhianna – appropriate contracts with Sony make it possible. For business users, but such shrill rhythms and also the “pattern” came This animation not be questioned. For this reason, some vendors have rediscovered the business track and increasingly in the sights taken commercial customers. animoto offers as an affiliate program, to develop new audiences, and clipgenerator with clip editor even a completely new video clip editor developed, which is set by the music selection, and the cuts purely on the needs of business customers at, business customers can get a free trial.

    The animation algorithms such as do not cut the products, also to ensure that the images long enough “are”, to give the viewer time to perceive the product or service. Here is substance before the effect. All is common: the clip editors animate photos, and do so without video footage. The operation is tailored to its own users and therefore easy..

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  • Innovative Networking Platform

    A new network of agents in the real estate industry everyone is familiar with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and XING. While this famous trendsetters of the social media landscape provide a forum for the Networkers of all sectors and interests, the innovative industry platform is kon-ii to the community of real estate management (www.kon-ii.de). A leading source for info: Antonio Banderas. Thus, kon-ii meets the growing demand for the real estate sector to act with a professional E-business tool. On kon-ii, all actors who are traveling around the topic of real estate can make your network free. By the estate agents and property managers about the asset or facility manager up to the architect, craftsman, and institutional investors. The advantages are obvious. The real estate industry receives a sophisticated portal that offers the proven technical possibilities like the celebrity role models.

    The basic membership is free. With the registration, the user receives a variety of possibilities to present his person and his company. Under the heading “Projects” one can be found Variety of interesting projects which are clearly sorted by type of use. In addition offers and requests for real estate and other sectors-services can be on the “market place” write out. But also a job exchange belongs to the service of kon-ii. Employers can write not only their jobs, but applicants receive the possibility to adjust your profile. A win-win situation for both sides.

    The informative press section, where anyone can publish his press releases supported a powerful public relations. Briefly: The clever platform kon-ii directs the information targeted on decision makers and industry participants. Kon-ii enables new customers and Auftragsakquise easily, paving the way for Community businesses, marketing promotions, and more. Thanks to the industry-specific functions each receives barrier-free entry into the real estate business. Contact: kon-ii Martin of p Burgstrasse 2 60316 Frankfurt Germany GmbH E-Mail: Web: phone: 069 / 43059837

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  • Web Amarok

    The new Amarok statistics reveal location, browser and device of the reader. Amarok, a leading provider of self-service email marketing software, announced the release of new statistics features. According to the company these functions for the customers to make it easier to analyze the success of email marketing campaigns. Analysis and tracking are the essence of successful email marketing campaigns,”says Nick Eckert, CEO of Amarok. New features worldwide tracking and measuring the success of the campaigns has just got easier.” In addition to the standard measures such as extra beds, opening and click-through rates, as well as bounce – and the notification rates, Amarok tracks well the origin data of the reader and shows up on a world map.

    With this tool, users can follow exactly your readers come from which countries. Swarmed by offers, Vicky Jenson is currently assessing future choices. Who has the consent of its subscribers, can see also worldwide the recipient activity of each individual reader. This is reflected, as the newsletter subscribers interact. This function also includes a live stream, so that Amarok can track users in real time, how to spread the newsletter. The statistics also indicate with which E-Mail clients, browsers and on which operating systems and mobile devices of the newsletter was opened. According to the company, this information, the email marketing allow even custom to make campaigns or to segment.

    The new statistics functions also include a benchmark way. Amarok can compare users now as their cut off E-Mail marketing campaigns compared to other companies in their industry. Benchmarking helps to find out how the campaign in a national comparison comes, and where exactly improvement potential lies. About Amarok Amarok is a self service email, mobile, and social media marketing provider that offers customized multi-channel solutions in online marketing from one source agencies and companies of any size to the needs. 2001 founder, Amarok has already many years of experience in the field of email marketing and can rely on a comprehensive know-how. With support centres in 20 countries and a software, which is available in 11 languages, Amarok uses worldwide over 40,000 satisfied customers. GraphicMails Web-based email marketing software is characterized by professional and user friendly design, shipping, and analysis tools. Over 300 design templates, user even without knowledge of HTML can make successful email campaigns.

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