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    With the travel dictionary iSayHello and the iPhone you can learn languages very relaxed for the holiday. Happily landed at the resort, and now through the passport and customs control. Who knows, the gravel-feeling now about right do that, hopefully you understand me, just trouble now. Then you did it, and the next issue is already. To understand the taxi driver? Everything went with the hotel reservation smooth? Everything no problem, if you with his iPhone or iPod touch the corresponding course of iSayHello from the app store has available for download. Offline and completely relaxed, you can at the latest on the plane out of 10 lessons audition word phrases of his holiday country itself and learn a few important words to address typical situations. The courses of iSayHello suitable in particular for users that are only a few or no language skills have.

    All words and set phrases were set to music with professional native speakers and can be spoken to. One advantage is that one iSayHello “on the can iPhone always have and also in difficult situations the travel dictionary to speak. Also whole packages of important sentences can you create with the Favorites feature “, informed Peter Heinz, Managing Director of Admovi GmbH, which specialises in the development of language software. With the lessons of arrival, welcome, hotel, shopping, food, and emergency travel dictionary to get a sufficient basic vocabulary for the spontaneous communication at the holiday destination and comes therefore relaxed by the country. Flirt was even thinking about the lesson. iSayHello there already as a course for English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Polish and Chinese. The reading and speaking is supported even by viewing the Phonetics in the Chinese course.

    This makes easy even here really learning. The awards, best’ of iPhone apps plus’ for some travel dictionaries such as our Spanish or Italian course, validate our claim, to realize high-quality language software for the iPhone and iPod touch, so users anytime, anywhere can use this communication solutions in a globalized world”, commented Peter Heinz. Also available for other smartphones, the courses of iSayHello are already in preparation. Who owns an iPhone and any iPod touch, language on the page on his MP3 player download already but the travel dictionary as MP3 or use the course directly on the Internet. Well then, timely iSayHello download at the iTunes app store and is never speechless”in the holiday. Nothing can go wrong more.

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